Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


8. Sitting On The Sidelines

Sindel landed on a mountain.
‘This isn’t fair’ she thought ‘Why is everyone treating me like a child. I can do everything they can and more. But there’s no way I could fight androids. Trunks said they killed Vegeta in his world, but no one wanted me to go anywhere near them. Is it because I lose the fight to will I die if I go face the androids. Is that why no one wanted to train me, is it why no one wanted me there today. I could see it written all over Gohan’s face when Vegeta said I could go with him. Why didn’t they tell me? I would have trained harder if I knew, Vegeta always made me train until I couldn’t stand anymore. I trained in more the a-hundred times gravity I’m faster then most of them but am I as strong as Vegeta say’s I am.’
Sindel stood there with her eyes closed as the sun was hidden behind the clouds. She stood there. As she stood there she felt like someone was watching her. She opened her eyes no one was there.
‘Do I stand alone at this moment’ she thought ‘I can get stronger I know I can. If my dad and Vegeta can become Super Saiyan’s I can to. But how can I do that my dad and Vegeta had to train really hard to become Super Saiyan’s how can I do something like that when they have a hard time doing it.’
“I trained her myself” said Vegeta “She has more power then you do boy.”
‘Did he speak the truth’ thought Sindel ‘Am I really that powerful. Vegeta wouldn’t lie to would he. I should continue my training at Bulma’s or maybe I should wait for Vegeta. I don’t know. I should go help them shouldn’t I, I have to try. I can’t stand by and let them die. But something’s telling me I should stay here for right now. So I should stay, right.’
Sindel sat down and crossed her legs and closed her eyes again she let go of everything she sat there training in her mind.
Sindel opened her eyes as rain started to come down.
“I have to help” she said taking off in the direction the others went. ‘I should train some more. I should have to get stronger I have to help them when I can. I won’t stand by and let everyone get hurt. If I train more then maybe that will show them I can do as much as they. I won’t stop until I become a super Saiyan.’
She went faster.
“There’s the fight” she said she stopped above them Tien was in a head lock by one of the androids “Oh no.”
Piccolo was hit hard in the stomach Trunks and Vegeta were down. Vegeta was still a Super Saiyan Trunks looked like he was out cold.
Sindel watched as Vegeta was knocked out.
“Vegeta” She said heading to the ground landing by Vegeta.
“We’ll who’s this” asked a female voice.
“Goku’s little brat” said the boy “She isn’t even worth fighting. That kid has no power. Let’s go 18.”
“Goodbye” said 18 they flew up to the cliff where Krillin was, What was he standing up there for.
“Vegeta wake up” said Sindel shaking him “Come on Vegeta.”
The androids flu off. Krillin came down and started giving everyone a bean.
“Vegeta are you ok” asked Sindel as he got up.
He didn’t answer her.
“Sindel what are you doing here” asked Trunks “Are you trying to get yourself killed. You were supposed to go home.”
“Don’t be so hard on her Trunks” said Krillin “She wanted to help.”
“At least I was I going to help you instead of watching everyone get hurt” said Sindel.
Krillin didn’t look at her.
“I’m sorry guy’s I should have helped” said Krillin “maybe it would have made a difference. But I was just too afraid.”
“No Krillin even if you had joined us we wouldn’t have won today” said Piccolo.
Vegeta powered up and flu off, Trunks started to go after him.
“No Trunks let him go” said Piccolo “Ever since Vegeta became a Super Saiyan his ego’s been out of control he’s very ashamed of his defeat today.”
“So am I” said Tien.
“Listen you guy’s head to Goku’s and move him to Master Roshi’s” said Piccolo “I’ve got some business to handle.”
“What are you going to do Piccolo” asked Krillin.
“Later” said Sindel taking off.
“Hay get back here” yelled Trunks.
“Let her go” said Piccolo “she’s probably headed home or Bulma’s.”
“My guess is Bulma’s” said Krillin.
Sindel was flying at top speed to Bulma’s house. She flu faster then she normally did. She made it there in record time. Bulma’s mom was outside when she landed.
“Oh hi Sindel” said Her mom.
“Is Bulma here yet” asked Sindel.
“No not yet” said Bulma’s mom “Would like something to eat dear.”
“Ah” said Sindel.
“It’s no trouble dear” said Bulma’s mom.
“Ok” said Sindel.
“Oh look” she said looking up.
“Gohan” said Sindel.
“Hi Mom” said Bulma.
Gohan landed.
“Oh Gohan what a handsome boy you’ve become” said Bulma’s mom “Just wait here and I’ll get you some of those cakes and cookies you like so much.”
Gohan was blushing “Wait.”
“It’s no trouble dear” said Bulma’s mom.
“But I wanted to go see how my dad how my dad was doing” said Gohan.
“First we eat then we go” said Yajorobi.
“But” said Gohan “Sorry.”
He flu off.
“Gohan don’t leave me here” yelled Sindel.
“Gohan come back” said Bulma’s mom
“He’s long gone mom” said Bulma “Yeah Bye, bye Gohan.”
“He just left me here” said Sindel.
“It’s ok Sindel” said Bulma “you can fly cant you.”
“I’ve been flying most of the day” said Sindel.
“Then stay here and get your strength back then go home” said Bulma.
“Ok” said Sindel.


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