Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


5. Secret

Sindel was staying at Bulma’s again. Bulma decided to go see the Androids and Sindel wanted to go with her. So Bulma called Chi-Chi and Chi-Chi said she could stay.
Vegeta took off after Sindel was done training. Sindel slept in Bulma’s guest bedroom again.

Sindel got up the next morning and waited for Bulma to get ready to go. Yamcha was going with them.
“You can’t go” said Yamcha.
“Yes I can” said Sindel “Bulma said I could. I won’t be in the way.”
“I say you can’t go” said Yamcha.
“Doesn’t matter what you say” said Sindel “You’re not my boss."
“You’re around Vegeta too much” said Yamcha.
“Am not” said Sindel.
“You guy’s ready” asked Bulma.
“Yeah” said Sindel getting in the plane ahead of Yamcha.
“Hay” he said.
“Get in the back Yamcha” said Bulma handing Trunk’s to Sindel. Bulma flu to the spot the Androids were going to be.
“Wow” said Sindel looking at the city “I didn’t know this was here.”
“Me either” said Bulma.
‘I tried’ thought Yamcha.
Sindel sat on the ground next to Yamcha.
“Why did you come?” asked Yamcha.
“I wanted to see what they look like” said Sindel “I think it was a good idea.”
Yamcha looked at Bulma for a minute.
“What’s with the look” asked Bulma.
“Hay guys” said Tien landing “What’s she doing here.”
“I’m here to see the Androids” said Sindel.
“You shouldn’t be here” said Tien.
“Why not” asked Sindel.
“It’s too dangerous” said Tien.
“I already tired Tien” said Yamcha “Vegeta's been training her.”
“What” said Tien.
“Please don’t tell my dad” said Sindel “I would have asked him to train me but he was too busy training so i asked Vegeta to do it.”
“And he did it” said Tien.
“Cant you tell” asked Yamcha.
“Now that you mention it” said Tien “Yeah I do.”
“I couldn’t convince her to stay behind either” said Yamcha.
“Do you think Goku will notice her power level” asked Tien.
“I don’t know” said Yamcha “She dose a good job keeping it suppressed.”
“Is that Goku” asked Yamcha.
“No” said Tien.
“Yeah it is” said Yamcha “Hay Goku down here. See Tien I told you it was him.”
They landed.
“Your late what took you guy’s so long” asked Yamcha.
“Bulma” said Goku.
“It is Bulma” said Gohan.
“Daddy” said Sindel jumping on him and hugging him.
“Hay guy’s you all have been working out haven’t you” said Bulma.
“Bulma what in the world are you doing here” asked Goku.
“I came to watch you fight silly” said Bulma “Oh don’t worry I’ll just stay for awhile and then I’ll go home.”
“I hope you don’t think I’m nuts for asking” said Krillin “But what’s with the baby Bulma.”
“Is he your son Yamcha I’ll bet he is” said Gohan.
“He’s not my kid” said Yamcha “If you think that’s a shock just wait until she tells you who the father really is.”
“I’ll bet it’s Vegeta right Trunks” said Goku.
“Now who told you that Goku” asked Bulma “I wanted to keep it a secret I wanted to surprise you guys.”
“Well actually I thought i would take a guess i mean he kind of looks like Vegeta” said Goku.
“You guessed his name to” said Bulma.
“Yeah what are the chances of that huh” said Goku “Maybe I’m Physic.”
“Outrageous” said Krillin “Who would have guessed Bulma and Vegeta.”
“Well since we’re on the subject” said Piccolo "Where is Vegeta.”
“I don’t have a clue” said Bulma “I haven’t seen him around lately. I know he was training to come here but with the baby and all i must have lost track of him.”
“He’ll show he wouldn’t miss a fight” said Goku.
“I left Chiaotzu at Roshi’s to be honest with you i didn’t think the little guy would stand much of a chance out here.”
“Bulma what time is it” asked Gohan.
“We’ll it's” said Bulma “According to my watch it’s nine thirty.”
“Bulma you better get out of here before it’s too late” said Goku “Those Androids will be here in half an hour.”
“Don’t worry” said Bulma “I just want to see what these thing’s look like then we’ll go.”

We” said Goku.
“Goku haven’t you notice Sindel is here” asked Yamcha.
“What” said Goku looking down at his leg “Sindel what are you doing here.”
“Relax Goku” said Bulma “She wanted to see the Androids. It’s ok We’ll leave when we see what they look like.”
“Bulma she shouldn’t be here” said Goku “Don’t you remember.”
“Oh gosh i completely forgot Goku I’m sorry” said Bulma.
“Forgot what” asked Sindel.
“Nothing” said Goku lifting her up “Don’t worry about it.”
Sindel hugged him again.
Gohan and Krillin were making Trunks laugh.
“Quite you guy’s” said Piccolo “Someone’s coming.”
“Hay you think it’s them” asked Gohan.
Sindel hid behind Goku’s leg.
“I can’t tell yet” said Krillin.
An air car stopped in front of Goku.
“Hay mister are you all right” said Goku “Hay you came to help us fight the androids.”
“No way” said Yajirobe “I just brought these sensor beans from Korin.”
“Hay thanks” said Goku taking the sensor beans “And give my best to Korin.”
“Yeah, yeah whatever” said Yajirobe “I’m out of here.”
“Hay are you sure you don’t want to stay and help us out” said Goku.
“If you guys want to stay here and get yourselves killed that’s your own business” said Yajirobe “But I’m taking off wile i still can.”
He left.
“Is someone going to die daddy” asked Sindel.
“Of course not” said Goku “Don’t listen to him everything’s going to be fine.”
“Don’t you think it’s a bit strange” said Tien “It’s already after ten o’clock and there isn’t a single sign of those Androids.”
“Yeah I forgot all about the time” said Gohan.
“I can’t believe i actually listened to that kid” said Yamcha “Androids that’s a good one.”
“Don’t be so sure” said Bulma looking at her watch “It’s only ten seventeen; I wouldn’t jump the gun just yet.”
“Excuse me” said Yamcha “But i think we would have sensed there power levels by now. Sorry to disappoint you Bulma but those Android’s just aren’t coming.”
Something blew up in the sky.
“Wow what was that” asked Goku as Sindel grabbed his leg.
“It’s Yajirobe” said Krillin.
“You guy’s it’s the Androids up there i see them” said Piccolo.
“They flu in the city” said Tien.
“But Where they go” asked Yamcha.
“I don’t know Goku did you see them” asked Krillin.
“I’m not sure” said Goku “One second they were up in the sky and then poof they just vanished i didn’t even sense there power levels.”
“We’ll they’re both Androids aren’t they” said Gohan “So maybe we can’t.”
“That’s crazy” said Yamcha “How are we supposed to find these Androids if we can’t even sense where they are.”
“Oh man” said Krillin.
“Well if we can’t sense them we’ll just have to find them the old fashioned way” said Piccolo
“With our eyes.”
“Right let’s spared out you guy’s” said Goku “Bulma hold on to these. Now remember if you find the Androids don’t try to fight them on your own. Waite for the others. Gohan go check on Yajirobe see if he’s ok. Let go Sindel, i have to go. Bulma make sure she stay’s here.”
Bulma took Sindel off of Goku’s leg so they could leave.

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