Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


11. Goku's Return

“I better go help him you guys” said Krillin.
“I’ll come with you” said Sindel.
“What,” yelled Chi-Chi “I don’t think so young lady. Who do you think you are? You’re not going anywhere. You’re not going to be a fighter; oh no you’re going to go inside and start your studies and become a scholar.”

But mom I hate reading” said Sindel “I don’t want to be a scholar.” Krillin snuck away.
“You’re not going” yelled Chi-Chi “Get inside and start reading that book I got you.”
“But mom” said Sindel.
“No buts” said Chi-Chi “A book won’t kill you Sindel.”
“No but something else might” said Sindel lowering her voice “Besides Vegeta says books are for nerds.”
“What” yelled Chi-Chi “How dare you? So it’s Vegeta putting that in your head. Well from now on you’re not going anywhere near Vegeta anymore you understand me.”
“Mom that’s not fair” said Sindel “Books are for people who have nothing else to do. I don’t want to be a scholar.”
“And what do you have to do Sindel” asked Chi-Chi “you’re not going anywhere, you’re not training. So what do you have to do that’s so important Sindel? You’re a kid act like one. You should be playing baseball and everything else that you do when you’re a kid. This is supposed to be the best part of your life and all you want to do is go train or something. We’ll you haven’t been training and you’re not going to be either. Now go inside and do your homework.”
“I’m not doing homework anymore” said Sindel.
“You didn’t do it before” yelled Chi-Chi “You have refused to do homework for I don’t know how long. Goku’s been letting you get away with it but no more. I won’t raise an uneducated child.”
Chi-Chi started to cry.
“Mom” said Gohan.
“All I wanted was my two children to have an education” Chi-Chi “And neither of them will do it. Gohan get started on your homework.”
“Ok” said Gohan.
Gohan started his homework and Sindel sat on the roof watching Gohan part the water with his energy. The two of them pretended to there homework when Chi-Chi came out to give them a snack.
‘Dad please get better soon’ thought Sindel ‘We need you.’
The day went on and Sindel fell asleep next to Goku. Chi-Chi was angry with everyone because all they could think about was how soon Goku could help them. Sindel slept until she felt the ground shake. Chi-Chi screamed down stairs. (Gohan and the others went after cell.)
“Dad” said Sindel.
He wasn’t there. The ground shook again. Sindel ran to the window. There was a huge wave split into two.
“Goku” said Chi-Chi running in the room “What? Goku.”
Sindel was at a loss for words as she climbed out the Window.
“Daddy” she yelled.
“Goku” said Chi-Chi fallowing her right out the window. Goku used an energy wave to split the water again.
“Goku” said Chi-Chi.
“Dad” said Sindel.
“Hay” said Goku.
“Oh Goku” said Chi-Chi hugging Goku.
“I’m sorry I worried you Chi-Chi” said Goku “Everything is going to be all right I’m all better now.”
“Are you sure Goku” asked Chi-Chi.
“Yeah here see for yourself” said Goku lifting Chi-Chi up. He threw her up in the air and let go he caught her when she came back down.
“Daddy” said Sindel hugging his leg.
“Hay Sindel” said Goku lifting her up.
“Goku” said Master Roshi “So your all better now huh.”
“Yeah I feel just fine” said Goku “In my dreams I could hear everything that was going on. We’re in deep trouble aren’t we? But I’m not ready to fight just yet.”
“Goku why not” asked Master Roshi.
“Of course not” said Chi-Chi “You need to rest. So just stay put.”
“Hay I’m all right just relax” said Goku “it’s time to start my training once again. It’s time for me to move to the next level.”
“What” said Master Roshi.
“Vegeta knows it to” said Goku “through my dreams I could hear him speak what I had also felt. That there is a level beyond that of a Super Saiyan. And I will rise to clam it.”
They went inside so Goku could finish getting dressed.
“Yeah I plan on being stronger than a Super Saiyan” said Goku.
“What’s that?” asked Master Roshi Breaking the door knob “Did you say stronger then a Super Saiyan. I don’t think it can be done”
“Can you really do it dad” asked Sindel as he lifted her up.
“I can do it” said Goku “It’s the only way to beat Cell, and I won’t know if I don’t try, will I. A year to know for sure a year is all I’ll need.”
“A year” said Master Roshi “But that’s a long time.”
“Sure it is” said Goku “But we both know a place where it can be done in a day. Hay Chi-Chi I’d like to take Gohan with Me if that’s ok with you.”
“Take me with you” Sindel whispered in his ear when she seen the look on her mothers face.
“That’s a joke right, right” said Chi-Chi “Well what do you think I’ll say Goku. Huh, yeah go ahead. I can’t stop you. But I want you to make sure Gohan Get’s as strong as possible, Kay.”
“Sure” said Goku.
“Now if I let Gohan go and fight those Androids with you” said Chi-Chi “You have to promise to let him study when he get’s back.”
‘She’s lost it’ thought Sindel.
“I want you and Gohan to give it all you got” said Chi-Chi.
“Thanks Chi-Chi” said Goku.
“Goku I don’t know what I’d do without you” said Chi-Chi.
“We’ll see ya” said Goku “I’ll miss you Chi-Chi.”
“I’ll miss you too” said Chi-Chi.
Goku put two fingers to his head and used his instant transmission to go to wherever Gohan was.
Goku put Sindel down on the floor everyone was starring at them.
“That’d be really nice” said Krillin.
“It’s my dad” said Gohan.
“Goku” said Yamcha.
“It sure would be grate if he’d show up” said Krillin.
“It’s Daddy” said Gohan.
“Goku” said Krillin.
“Hay” said Goku.
“Yep I must be losing it” said Krillin “I’m starting to see things… Goku.”
“Hi Krillin” said Goku.
“GOKU” said Krillin running and pushing Goku out of the side of the plane.

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