Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


2. Goku and Sindel

At the hospital Goku was yelling in pain. Gohan and Krillin were looking scared.
“Next” said the nurse Krillin took off down the hall. Chi-Chi and Master Roshi ran after them.
“Here you Sindel” said Chi-Chi. Sindel spit it out “What’s wrong? Don’t you like it?”
She tried to give it to her again but Sindel spit it out again. “Why won’t she take it? Why won’t she eat? OH NO IS SHE SICK? DR?” Chi-Chi yelled in to the hall. A Dr. came in to help Chi-Chi.
“When was the last time she ate?” he asked.
“It’s been almost three hours” She said.
“She may not be hungry yet” said the Dr. and he left.
“Not hungry” said Chi-Chi “She always eats a lot.”
“Wow she sure is getting big” said Goku “When can I hold her?”
“Not until your better” she said.
“Hay guys turn on the TV” said Bulma walking in the room.
“Oh it’s Bulma” said Master Roshi “I thought it was a hot new nurse.” She hit him in the head.
“Wow a Saiyan spaceship” said Krillin.
“Hay I can’t see” said Goku.
Sindel took the bottle from Chi-Chi and started to play with it until she fell asleep.
“All I have to do is point the remote at the TV” said Bulma pointing it at the TV “Press in a few cowardliness, these should do and we wait.”
The ship blew up.
“AHH” yelled everyone. Sindel woke up and cried at the noise.
“Shh” said Chi-Chi “She’s’ trying to sleep.”
“How are we going to get their now” said Bulma.
Bulma was pacing the room.
“We could ask Mr. Popo” said Krillin.
“Who?” said Bulma.
“He lives with Kame on the lookout” said Krillin.
“AHH” screamed Bulma wakening up Sindel.
“Bulma” said Chi-Chi “its ok Sindel. Their sweetheart it’s ok.”
“Did I here you were looking for a spaceship” said Mr. Popo.
“You have a spaceship” said Krillin.
“I’m not sure” he said “I think so.”
“Bulma go check it out” said Krillin.
“Why me?” she asked.
“You’re the only spaceship expert here” said Krillin.
“Ok” she said getting on the carpet.
“I hope it is a spaceship” said Krillin “We need to get to Namick.”
“Can I hold her now?” asked Goku.
“Goku you cant even use your arms” said Chi-Chi “How do you expect to hold Sindel?”
“Can you lay her next to me?” asked Goku.
“Fine” said Chi-Chi laying Sindel next to Goku “I’ll be right back.”
“All right” said Goku “Hi Sindel.”
He talked to her until she fell asleep.
“Wow she looks a lot like you dad” said Gohan.
“Me” said Goku “I think she looks like her mother.”
Sindel woke up crying.
“What’s wrong?” asked Goku “Hay Gohan get her bottle.”
“Here it is” said Gohan “Here you go Sindel.”
“Wow she sure can eat” said Krillin “A trait from her dad I’m sure.”
“Wow your right” said Goku “I can’t believe she’s three months old.”
“Yeah” said Gohan. Sindel drank the entire bottle and wanted more.
“Hold on Sindel” said Goku “Your mom will be back soon.”
“Wow dad how did you do that” asked Gohan.
“I don’t know” said Goku as Sindel yawned and closed her eyes.
“She really likes you” said Gohan.
“She’s tiny” said Krillin.
“She’s three months” said Gohan.
“Wow” said Goku “I can’t wait until I get to hold you.”
“Oh she’s a sleep” said Chi-Chi picking her up.
“Hay” said Goku.
“Oh stop it Goku” said Chi-Chi “Sindel needs her rest.”
“I wonder if Bulma found the ship yet” said Gohan.
“If it’s a ship” said Krillin.
No one talked for awhile. Until Bulma called confirming that it was a space ship.
Later Bulma came over.
“It still needs some work but I think it could be ready in five days” she said “We could be their in a month. But I don’t want to go by myself. Can someone go with me?”
“A month a lone with Bulma” said Master Roshi “Count me in.”
“You better watch your self” said Bulma “Krillin how about you?”
“Ok” said Krillin.
Gohan was quite for a minuet.
“Hay” he said.
“What’s the matter Gohan?” asked Chi-Chi “Do you have a tummy ache?”
“I want to go with Bulma and Krillin” he said.
“NO” said Chi-Chi “N o.”
“Come on Chi-Chi let him go” said Goku.
“You shouldn’t be trying to save the world you’re a kid Gohan act like one. You should be playing baseball. Being a kid is the best part of life” she said “So stop trying to be a super hero.”
“I’m going” Gohan yelled waking up Sindel “Theirs no time for those childish things any more. My friends are gone and they’re not coming back unless I do something.”
“How did I raise such a stubborn child?” Chi-Chi yelled back making Sindel cry.
“I won’t let him out of my site Chi-Chi” said Bulma.
Chi-Chi picked up Sindel.
“I’ll be their to Chi-Chi” said Krillin. Sindel yelled something and raised her fist.
“La, la, la” she said she started blowing bubbles with her mouth.
“I think she wants to go to” said Gohan.
“Mama la, la, la” said Sindel.
“Did she just say?” said Goku.
“Da, da, da” said Sindel.
“Isn’t she a little young to be talking?” asked Bulma.
“She talks all the time” said Chi-Chi “I cant understand thou. This is the first time she said something I could understand.”
“Wow” said Goku.
“La, la, la” she yawned and went back to sleep.
“I guess she didn’t like being woke up” said Krillin.
Chi-Chi smiled.
When it was time for Gohan to leave everyone met on master Roshi’s island.
“Bye Sindel I’m going to miss you” said Gohan he hugged her.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Chi-Chi.
He got on the ship and he, Bulma and Krill said goodbye.
The ship flu off and Sindel made the sound she heard. She hadn't said another word since the other day. Now everyone just thought they imagined it. All she made was noises and bubbles.
2 hours later Back at the hospital
“Dr. Brief” said Goku.
“Thought I would visit” he said and looked down at Sindel making a cooing noise “Oh hello.”
“So what brings you here?” asked Goku.
“I thought I would make another ship” said Dr. Brief “You know just in case.”
“Oh” said Goku “The ship Raditz came in could- oh never mind it’s broken after what Gohan did to it. Hay what about the one I came in as a baby.”
“That should work” said Dr Brief “So how are you doing?”
“They won’t let me train” said Goku “That reminds me when you find the ship can you add some stuff to it.”
“Sure can” said Dr Brief “My, she is fascinating.”
“Yeah she likes to make noise” said Goku “She likes it quit when she’s sleeping.”
“She looks a lot like you” said Dr Brief “How old is she?”
“Almost four months I think” said Goku “She crawls everywhere.”
“Sounds like she will be walking in no time” said Dr Brief “Has she said her first word yet.”
“I think so” said Goku “it sounded like mama. But she hasn’t said anything else, so we think we imagined it.”
“She did I’m sure she did” said Dr. Brief “she should be taking soon.”
“Wow really” said Goku.
“Yes” said Dr. Brief “I better be and get started on that ship.”
“Ok see you later” said Goku.
“Goodbye” he said and he left.
A week or so went by then master Roshi came up to tell Goku that there was trouble on Namick. Yajirobe walked in with sensor beans. Goku picked up Sindel after getting dressed.
“Wow your so tiny” he said “Can you guys watch Sindel until Chi-Chi gets back.”
“Yeah” said Roshi.
“I’ll see you soon I’m just going to make sure Gohan’s alright” said Goku “tell her that for me ok”
“Sure thing Goku” said Roshi.
“Bye Sindel I’ll see you soon” he left the room through the window.
Chi-Chi came in five minutes later. She got everything from the room and went to Capsule Corporation.
“Oh my she looks just like Goku” said Bulma’s mom.
“Do you want to hold her?” asked Chi-Chi.
“Oh yes” she said taking her “Oh my she is so light, Would you like something to eat Chi-Chi?”
“I need to what’s going on” said Chi-Chi “Goku just left her with master Roshi.”
“Goku just went to see if Gohan, Bulma and Krillin were all right” said Dr Brief “I’m Starting on another one.”
“Would you like something to eat little one?” asked Bulma’s mom “What’s her name?”
“Sindel” said Chi-Chi “She might be hungry.”
“Ok let’s go Sindel” said Bulma’s mom “Lets go get something to eat.”


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