Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


1. Birth Of Sindel, The Saiyan's Are Here

This starts with Chi-Chi ok.
“Chi-Chi” said a loud voice.
“Dad” said Chi-Chi.
“Oh my look at you” said Ox King “Are you pregnant?”
“Yes due in one week” said Chi-Chi “I wish Goku was here to see it. Gohan’s five now, I missed his birthday. We’ll celebrate after he comes home.”
“I know you miss him” said Ox King “The Saiyan’s will be arriving in three months, We’ll win Chi-Chi I just know it.”
“OH NO” Chi-Chi yelled.
“What is it?” asked Ox King.
“I need to get to the hospital now” said Chi-Chi “The baby’s coming.”
“Now” said Ox King lifting Chi-Chi in his arms and carrying her to the car.
“Dad go get my suitcase” said Chi-Chi “It’s by the door.”
Ox King grabbed the suitcase and drove at top speed to the hospital. Ox King ran in to get a doctor.
“Try and keep your breathing under control” said A nurse.
“I KNOW” yelled Chi-Chi.
“It looks like the baby’s ready to come out now” said A nurse.
“Ok” said the doctor “Push Chi-Chi.”
‘Goku I wish you were here’ thought Chi-Chi.
“One more time” said the doctor “That’s good.”
The sound of a baby’s cry filled Chi-Chi’s ears.
“Congratulations” said the doctor “It’s a girl.”
He handed Chi-Chi the Baby.
“She’s so beautiful” she cried “Sindel my baby girl.”
Chi-Chi was resting in recovery wile Ox King sat next to her. A few minuets later they moved her to a room.
A half hour later…
“Miss Chi-Chi” said A nurse bringing in Sindel.
Chi-Chi picked her up.
“Wow she looks a lot like Goku” said Ox King.
“Do you want to hold her dad?” asked Chi-Chi.
Ox King cradled the baby in his arms.

Three months later…
Chi-Chi was speeding towards Master Roshi’s.
She knocked on the door with Sindel in her arms.
“Chi-Chi” said Bulma.
“Tell me is Gohan ok” she asked.
“The fight hasn’t started yet” said Master Roshi.
“Who is that” asked Oolong “Are you babysitting?”
“Of course not she’s my baby” said Chi-Chi “I found out I was pregnant the day after you told me Goku was...”
“Hay look it’s Gohan” said Bulma “Wow he looks like Goku did when he was a kid.”
“My baby has to fight that monster” said Chi-Chi looking at the screen. Then she fainted.
The fight started and dragged on Yamcha was the first to die. Then Chiaotzu blew himself up. Tien failed to destroy this Saiyan using the last of his life.
The fight dragged on. Goku finally showed up.
Bulma was holding Sindel.
“Chi-Chi what are you doing?” she asked.
“I’m going to get Gohan” she said.
“But you can’t” said Master Roshi.
“I have to he needs me” said Chi-Chi. She had guns and ammo on her.
“Chi-Chi what about Sindel?” said Oolong.
Ox King grabbed Chi-Chi and she pulled the trigger trying to get out the door. Baba was sitting on her crystal ball. Sindel started to cry at the noise.
“I came to tell you that Goku has returned” she said
“Let’s watch the fight on the crystal ball” said Oolong.
“Grab it” yelled Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi took Sindel from Bulma. “It’s alright, its ok.”
They watch the fight until Bulma hit it across the room Chi-Chi fainted again. Electricity started to come from the ball.
“I think we broke it” said Bulma.
“No” said Baba “Theirs an interference with the earths energy.”
The ball broke.
Baba tried to put it back together.
“Do you have any turbo glue” she asked.
Master Roshi went to find the glue.
“I got the glue” he said.
“But is it Turbo glue?” said A voice from outside.
“Korin” they all said.
“Let’s go I know where they are” he said.
They all got into Bulma’s plane.
“Come on step on it” said Korin.
“Backseat flyer” said Bulma.
“It’s alright Sindel your going to see your dad soon” said Chi-Chi “Don’t you worry I won’t let anything happen to you. And your brother Gohan you’ll get to meet him too.”
“Look their, they are” said Master Roshi. Chi-Chi put Sindel down. When the door opened she ran straight to Gohan ignoring Goku completely.
“I guess I do deserve that” said Goku.
Chi-Chi wouldn’t put Gohan down. Sindel started to cry.
“Huh, what’s that?” asked Goku.
“It’s your daughter” said Chi-Chi putting Gohan down.
“Daughter” said Goku “Really how?”
“I found out after you died” said Chi-Chi “She’s three months. You missed her birth and everything.”
“Wow I have a daughter that’s grate” said Goku “what’s her name?”
“Sindel” said Chi-Chi she was still angry with Goku. But happy he was excited about having a daughter.
“Wow” said Goku again “I wish I could hold her but I can’t move.”
“They called Piccolo a Namick” said Krillin “They were sure that he was the only one who could lead them to the Dragonballs.”
“Really” said Bulma.
“Maybe if we could get to Namick we find the Dragonballs” said Krillin “We could wish our friends back.”
“That’s a grate Idea” Said Master Roshi.
“Hello dose anyone have the sliest clue where it is?” asked Bulma.
“Hay I got an Idea” said Goku “Hay King Kai are you there we could really uses your help.”
“Yes I’m here” said a voice “So you want to get to planet Namick huh, well first let me congratulate you on a battle well fought.”
“Do you know where planet Namick is?” asked Goku.
“Of course I do” said King Kai. King Kai told them about the storm that came upon the planet. Then he looked on the planet to see if their was any life on the planet.
“Now the problem is getting their” said Bulma.
“What if we used a Saiyan spaceship” said Krillin.

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