you can run but you cant hide (punk harry styles fan fic )

you can run but you cant hide cause im the one and only harry styles .

Amy was an average teenage girl but her life was in a cage she wasnt allowed out of the house.

one night she made an huge mistake when she met someone her dad had strictly warned her and that stranger falls for her


8. chapter 8

i had no idea what to make and if i didnt im gona get punished .then i boiled some spagatties and started cutting the vegetables and meat , what have i gotten my self in to .then i heard the door open and come harry i ignoored him and concentrated on my work then i felt two arms wrap around my small waist and i was lifted up "put me down , you jerk " i yelled anger follded me oppps no what have i done then he droped me on the floor and came closer my back hurted " what did you just say to me" he yelled i stayed quite and tried to recover but then i felt an strong pain in my stomach he kicked me ' please stop being hurts" i begged but he didnt  "it should hurt ,how dare you call me that " he was furious then i earned a kick ouch i screamed and cried but he didnt stop KICH,KICK,KICK KICK every time the pain got worse and soon my body went numb and i started to see black spots and before i knew it i passed out.

harry pov

i was so mad at her ,she ruined my mood i was coming to help her but its all her fault , i didnt stop then i couldnt hear her sobs or cries i backed away and looked down she was covered in blood and was unoncious shit shit shit what have i done , what to do , well done now she will never like me. i called our gang docter ,and i carried her upto our room and placed her down ,im a monster and i started to cry ,i took hold on her lifeless hand "please wake up , im sorry i wont punish you like this ever again just wake up " then the bell rang and inside came regg .he quickly cheaked and cleaned her up " harry please dont hurt her like this again , she could have died " i keypt quite and waited for him to he went i sat next to her and started to cry."im sorry kitten"

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