you can run but you cant hide (punk harry styles fan fic )

you can run but you cant hide cause im the one and only harry styles .

Amy was an average teenage girl but her life was in a cage she wasnt allowed out of the house.

one night she made an huge mistake when she met someone her dad had strictly warned her and that stranger falls for her


7. chapter 7

i woke up with a massive headache  and saw that my hands were cuffed on the board , then i remember what happened and i started to cry thats when i heard foot steps , i quickly layed down and prtended to sleep.then the door opened and someone came but i dont know who ."awwww kitten you dont have to pretened to be sleep i know your awake " he said and thats when his tone changed "get up and make dinner, " he screamed i turned around in disbalief ,he came closer and unlocked me i rubbed my wrist and now i was angry so here goes

"you idiot how dare you take me i wona go back home  " i said he stood up   'mind your language kitten and you are never going back from now on you start your new life with me and listen to a few rules rule no 1 no cursing ,2 no disobaying me ,3 no escaping , 4 you ll do what ever i say to you ,5 and i shouldnt hear  another mans name from your voice , and last no going out , if any of these are brocken then a punishment is coming " he explained " no you dont own me ok  ill do what ever i want and im not a kid that your gona punish me ' i started to yell and cry . his expression hanged he came and i had no choice to just burry my head in his warm shoulder .: now hury up and make dinner " and then he went .

sorry the chapter is small but the next will be long


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