you can run but you cant hide (punk harry styles fan fic )

you can run but you cant hide cause im the one and only harry styles .

Amy was an average teenage girl but her life was in a cage she wasnt allowed out of the house.

one night she made an huge mistake when she met someone her dad had strictly warned her and that stranger falls for her


6. chapter 6

amy pov

 i didnt realised that i just slept on the floor .i quickly got up and changed into  a tank top and shorts. i applied some make up and went down . i cant let this freak ruin my life i shouldnt stay at home , i should go and live my life.i went out and locked my door ,and made my way to a small shop, it had many girly items ,that means perfect for me. i was looking around the pendents row when i spotted a mope of curls ,no shit not again . wait he cant do any thing ,cause i wont let him .

harry pov

i cant take it any more im gona take her tonight no matter what happens.

amy pov

after a few hours it was dark and too late .so i made my way back to my house.i locked the door and went to watch tv. and guess what my favourite show was on pretty little liers. after a few episodes i got up and went to get my cell and there was a new message "now your mine kitten'  not again with this shit . i made my way down and heard no voice the tv was shut of , what i think i remember not turning of the tv . imade my way down and went to the tv i bend down to pick a new cd when suddenly the lights were out . im seriously scared of dark . i stood up and was about to grab my phone when i felt a hand wrap around my waiste " miss me kitten , boys get her stuff now" harry yelled ' let me go you peice of shit " i screamed " language kitten now we dont wont to punnish you right away ' i started to kick but it was useless and the with my luck i kicked him where the sun dosent shine hehehe. i quickly ran for it and was about to open the door when i felt a hand wrap around me and i saw a white cloth on my face  " yeah just breath in kitten and your gona be fine soon" thats the last words i heard before the smll took me and i passed out.


soooo hi guys what do you think about it soo far

                                                  ariana XD

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