you can run but you cant hide (punk harry styles fan fic )

you can run but you cant hide cause im the one and only harry styles .

Amy was an average teenage girl but her life was in a cage she wasnt allowed out of the house.

one night she made an huge mistake when she met someone her dad had strictly warned her and that stranger falls for her


2. chapter 2

harry pov

after our small visit I sneaked back to her house .I easily climbed on her balcony and went inside. I took out a piece of paper on which I wrote my small message and placed it on her table with a red rose. I went up to her and kissed her cheek before going outside and back at my place.

Amy pov

I woke up and jumped out of my bed to get dressed for work . yeah I work at a bakery. I went and changed into a simple plain t shirt and jeans and applied some mascara when I noticed a rose attached to a piece of paper .it said "sorry for giving you a scare but don't worry its gona be fine, remember baby I loved you first ,have a nice sleep ,I know you have nightmares love H"

WHAT HOW DID HE GOT IN I WENT AND CLOSED MY WINDOW. I was about  to head out when I recived a text from an unknown number "why the plain shirt ,but don't worry soon when your gona liv with me I pomise you will wear a new cloth every single day ,love h"

when will this all stop . I stood up and went .

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