you can run but you cant hide (punk harry styles fan fic )

you can run but you cant hide cause im the one and only harry styles .

Amy was an average teenage girl but her life was in a cage she wasnt allowed out of the house.

one night she made an huge mistake when she met someone her dad had strictly warned her and that stranger falls for her


1. chapter 1

Amys pov

Im sitting on my bed and crying wona know why cause my dad wont allow me to go to my best friends party.

my life has completely changed after my mom died .im 17 but still im not free cause its not safe a criminal is on the loose so now i cant go but i will im gona sneak out .

i quickly changed in to a black dress and boots i opened the window and went out .the streets were dark and today was a full moon as i was going i felt like some one was behind me stalking me i guess but when i turned he was gone .

after i showed my entrance we all danced and had a lot of fun but its time for me to go i was about to leave when i was pushed against a wall i couldnt see his face but i felt soft curls on my neck "hey you jerk let go , help some one " i started to cry and that stranger was kissing my neck shit he was giving

me a love bite i tried to push away but the person was strong " shut up "he said and backed away "well then now your finaly mine princess whats your name " he demanded i wont tell him my real name. "lizzy ,my names lizzy" I shuttered but his facial expressions changed into anger. "kitten you just failed your first test , now I cant trust you ,you lied" he said "why' he yelled and I tried to get away but was stopped ' I know your real name your address ,number ,size, and any other thing that is there to know about you amy ,surprised that's your name" he said "please let me go im gona be late " I pleaded 'ok kitten ill see you soon " he said and leaned in to kiss me I turned my face which was not a good idea he grabed my chin and forcefully  kissed me ,I could taste his alcohol in my mouth as his toungh entered me I pulled away and ran home. that's the last time im  sneaking out.

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