"Ignore the demons that lurk in the corners of your heart" // another entry for the horror competition, yes, i'm entering a lot bc i want to win the prizes so badly


1. one.


"He crawled into the night, trapping me with all my fright"


I awoke to the sounds of the leaves bustling, the trees swaying and the roosters making their morning call. I writhed in my creaky bed and forced myself to get up for school. I looked out the window and stared at the cornfields that weren’t about a mile away and all I wanted to do was lay down on them and just let the wind take me away. But I knew that wouldn’t happen because today is Monday and I’m dreading another day of school. I got up from my bed, not even bothering to fix it and went straight to the bathroom. I looked at my reflection in the small mirror and forced a smile. My big bushy red hair was all over the place and my blue eyes that were shining bright at me. I touched my pale skin and ran my fingertips over the many freckles that were scattered on my face. I sighed heavily knowing that I will never be beautiful. The boys at school never even took a moment to glance at my direction. No one did.


After taking a quick shower, I put on a white tank top and denim short overalls, not bothering to work hard on my outfit. Not like I ever did. I put on my brown knee length boots and without even bothering to check how I looked like, I walked out the door of my room. I was greeted downstairs by the bright smile of my 70-year-old grandmother. She was sitting on the chair of the dining area, holding a newspaper up to her face. I sat down across her and helped myself to bacon and eggs. Then something caught my eye on the newspaper, I looked up and saw an ad for a band that was coming to have a concert here.


“Incubus,” I murmured, dumbfounded as how the unknown word struck me like lightning.


She lowered the newspaper to face me then she raised her eyebrow. “What was that dear?”


“Incubus” I repeated, staring at the faces of the band members.


She stared at me for a second as her eyes followed to where I was staring at. She turned the newspaper around and read the band ad then she let out an exasperated sigh, like she was expecting something else.


“Oh yes, that band is coming here in a few weeks,” she said quickly as if she was avoiding the subject.


“Incubus, is that a thing?” I asked curiously.


Her eyes widened in fear then suddenly she folded the newspaper and tucked it away. I gave her a confused look as she stared at me with fear in her eyes. What?


“Is everything alright granny?” I asked her a few minutes later.


“An Incubus,” she said, testing out the word. “Such a scary…scary tale”


“What is it?” I asked, leaning onto the table eagerly.


“No, no that’s not the right question for this matter,” she said shaking her head slowly. “The more appropriate question is, who is he?”

“Incubus is a person?” I asked, getting more and more curious as each second passed.


“Incubus is a demon. He feeds of sexual pleasure,” she said slowly with a low voice as if afraid that someone might overhear our conversation. “Don’t ever say that word ever again. You understand? Don’t ever. Don’t even think about it. Don’t even search it on the Internet. It is not good for me and most especially for you. Mention that one word more time and I wont give you allowance for a month, you understand?”


My eyes widened in shock and I nodded slowly. “Yes, granny”


But I knew that was a lie.


The rest of the day swept by quickly and as I walked away from school about to go home I decided to take a small trip to the cemetery. It was a hot day but even though the aching pain on my legs bothered me, I wouldn’t miss a day to visit my parents’ grave. I was about to enter the gates of the cemetery until I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I jumped in shock and whipped around. And I managed to find myself standing in front of a tall man with a pale face. He smiled down at me and that smile sent unknown chills down my spine, I backed away a few steps.


“Who are you?” I snapped.


“Damian Pierce,” he said smugly then gave me a smirk. “I’m in your class, I just happened to see you walking here and I wondered why would you? I mean it’s night time and it’s not safe to go to a cemetery alone”


I was about to shout at him to leave me alone until a whole new feeling swept in through my system. I looked up at him and for some unknown reason; a part of me needed him here. I nodded at him then smiled weakly.


“Of course, accompany me if you must,” I said eagerly then a small voice inside of me told me to snap it out.


I shook out the thought and suddenly the thought of running my hands through his hair appealed to me.


“I’d love to stay, really, I do but duty calls,” he said then winked and before I knew it he left.


I shrugged my shoulders. What was that about? It felt like I wasn’t even in control of my body. I walked slowly deep into the cemetery, looking down at my feet as I stepped on the crunching leaves as I passed. I sighed heavily as the wind brushed through my hair; I’ve always hated windy days. I read each name on each graves in my mind as I walked towards my parents’ grave then I stopped dead in my tracks when the two familiar stones were standing right in front of me.


Richard Waters & Beatrice Waters


1972 – 2009


“Ignore the demons that lurk in the corners of your hearts”


It has been a while since I last cried about my parents, two years ago to be exact. I stopped crying when I realized the fact that they wouldn’t be happy if they saw me sobbing so I sucked it up and told myself to be strong to them. I placed the bouquet of flowers in front of the grave and smiled. I didn’t usually talk whenever I was in the cemetery like what other people do because well, they cant hear me anyways. I stood for a few minutes, staring at the carved names on the graves and that’s when I realized something.


Ignore the demons that lurk in the corners of your hearts.


I couldn’t help but read the statement over and over again, feeling anxiety start to kick in. I was about to turn around once I felt two eyes piercing through me at the back of my head. I recalled seeing Damian walk away when I got here, I knew no one was behind me when I walked inside but now it felt different. Maybe he waited for me then followed me? I’ve always hated that feeling when you know someone is right behind you that make you want to die. I bit my lip as I fought hard not to turn around. I looked back down at the words and wondered what it meant but my thoughts kept drifting away to the burning anxiety that’s rolling around in my stomach. No one is there. No one is behind you. No one.


I took a deep breath and whipped around about to hit whatever comes in my way but fortunately…no one was there. With my breathing ragged, I looked left and right and for sure no one is here but me. But I swear I felt eyes staring into me. Maybe you’re just scared. But I’ve never been afraid. Never.


How are you so sure?


A low voice whispered into my head. I jumped in shock and whipped around, turning 180 degrees. I started breathing heavily and sweat trickled down my spine. What was that? I was sure that wasn’t me talking in my head. Could it mean that someone is able to say thoughts inside of me? I shook my head, dismissing the thought because I knew it was impossible. I was probably just hallucinating, well it’s not like it’s the first time. Ever since my parents died, weird things have been happening to me but I always said to myself that it was just the aftershock of their death. 


The walk home back to the house was nerve wracking. Every now and then I heard movement from behind me and I had to quicken my pace. But I was sure that I was I was alone while walking home since it was already dark and no one would really be out. But the anxiety truly is killing me and every time I hear a small sound behind me all I wanted to do was run away and cry. And finally, I walked up the front door to my house, opened it and stepped inside. And once I entered the small house and smelled the sweet aroma of furnished wood, I felt safe. But the fact that someone whispered into my mind minutes ago and the feeling that someone is following me didn’t help the anxiety.


I walked towards my room, already losing the appetite to eat and jumped on my bed. I looked out the window again and stared at the cornfields yearning so badly for its touch. I thought about the words on the grave again and it left me thinking.






Granny told me not to think about demons ever again but the fact that it has something to do with my parents has left me bothered. I stared at the dark corner of my room and for a fraction of a second I saw a small movement. I screamed in shock and backed away from the corner, moving at the very edge of my bed. I was staring at the corner wide-eyed with my chest heaving up and down. I swear I saw something move. Suddenly, the door whipped open and my grandmother stepped in. First she looked at the corner where I saw the movement then back at me. She was breathing heavily once she did that and a few seconds later she calmed down.


“What is it?” she asked me soothingly.


“I-I saw something,” I said slowly, praying to the gods that she would believe me. “In the corner!” I shouted then pointed a finger at the corner.


Her eyes widened and softened. She sighed heavily then walked towards me, she looked desperately into my eyes and shook her head slowly.


“Listen, dear. It’s been years since your parents’ death. I want you to calm down and take deep breaths and fall asleep, understand?” she said slowly and I stared into her grey eyes.


I nodded then she smiled and without hesitation she left my room but I swear I saw her take a peek at the corner again. I couldn’t ignore the fear that tickled my skin and the goosebumps that ran down my spine. No one is there. I said to myself before drifting into a peaceful sleep, seeing yet again another small movement in the corner of my room.


I woke up and the first thing I saw was the dark corner of my room.


Black eyes.


That was the only thing I have dreamt about tonight. I shook the thought away and got out of my bed. I did the usual morning routine and went down for breakfast. For some odd reason, my grandma wasn’t sitting on the table, which meant that I am alone. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, forcing the thoughts of yesterday out of my head because once I again I knew for a fact that even though my grandma wasn’t here…that doesn’t mean that I’m completely alone.


Once again, the day ended in a flash. I was walking back home with my earplugs on listening to A Match Into Water by Pierce The Veil until an unnatural cold breeze swept past me, making my hair whip back violently. I stopped dead in my tracks and paused the music. A chill ran down my spine and I felt weird. I looked left and right and the place was completely deserted. I looked behind me and to my surprise there was a tall man leaning on one of the lamppost. He was wearing black from head to toe and the hood was over his head. I couldn’t see his face but his dark black eyes caught my attention and it left me immobilized. It was just the two of us in the night and I didn’t like one bit of it. There was something weird about the man, he was too tall maybe around 6’5 and I’ve never seen eyes so black…so dark it’s like you cant even see them anymore.


Hello Anastasia.


There it was again! A low voice whispering on my ear but could it be possible? A man that was standing feet away from me and he could speak through my thoughts. I snapped out my reverie and told myself that I had to get away. I shook my head, turned around and ran down the road, ignoring the unfamiliar pull that made me want to go back to him.


A few minutes later, I ran inside my house and locked the front door. The house was quiet which meant that my grandma wasn’t home yet. I smoothed down my hair and let out a heavy sigh. I was still in shock on what had happened but I chose to ignore it. Luckily, home felt safe.


I walked towards my room, opened the door and stepped inside. I threw my bag on the floor and jumped on my bed, not even bothering to take a shower. The stuff that happened today has just left me in too much disbelief to even care about personal hygiene. I stared at the ceiling and took small deep breaths. I was about to fall asleep until I saw the same small movement in the corner like yesterday. My eyes snapped towards the corner and for sure this time, I knew something moved.


My eyes widened in fear and I backed away in my bed, pulling the sheets up to my chin. My whole body started shaking and I didn’t know what to do. The thing in the corner moved again and I was too much in fear to shout or scream. Actually…I didn’t want to scream or call for help. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. The thing moved and stepped out of the shadows and…dark black eyes.


It was the man again, I was about to let out a scream until a fraction of a second later, he was on top of me. His hands flew to my mouth, muffling my scream and my eyes widened in fear and I stared at my reflection in his glassy dark eyes. Tears started to form on the corner on my eyes and he pushed his weight down on me. His face was inches from mine and I shook myself, trying to get free from his cage.


“Shhhh, my love” he cooed on my ear and it sent chills down my spine. Then his face came in recognition.


“Damian?” I managed to say.


I was interrupted when suddenly I felt all the energy being sucked from me. His lips were cold on mine and I started to cry. He was kissing me and…I don’t know how to explain the other one. But a part of me yearned for this moment, my head started spinning and I kissed him back voluntarily, running my hands through his soft hair. I started breathing heavily when I couldn’t feel any more energy in my system, my eyes widened for a bit and his eyes turned red. He was sucking all the energy from me. My body started shaking as realization dawned on me. Feeds on sexual pleasure. Incubus.


Correct, my love. He whispered in my thoughts before kissing me again.


I don’t know how long it’s been but I felt broken. Weak. I tried to fight him off but he was too strong. His eyes were blaring red and I tried to lift my hand but I didn’t have the energy to do so. My eyes stared straight into his and he was smiling maliciously. He licked his lips as if he had just eaten a wonderful meal.


“W-who are you really?” I asked, then my head started spinning and black dots started to form on the corners of my eyes.


I tried with all my power to keep my eyes open but as each second came by, I was unsuccessful. A wide and evil smile formed on his lips and his eyes were dancing with excitement.


“Your worst nightmare,” he whispered low on my ear before I lost complete consciousness.

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