Real Girls Eat Cake

How about this girl? She looks real... and she loves to eat cake.


1. Prologue

           "Come on Luke. you can't sit around, taking selfies all day. You need to get out more. Explore the world; or at least the world where we live." Jai pleaded.

"I go out enough. You can hang out with the rest of the boys, but I'm fine listening to music and 'taking selfies'." Luke replied,  annoyed.

Jai huffed and rolled his eyes.

"Aren't you supposed to be hanging out with Ari or something?" Luke asked.

Immediately an idea sparked in Jai's head.

"No, I already had my date with Ari today, but you gave me a great idea. Pass me your computer."

Luke gave in. "Your ideas are never good."

Jai shrugged his brothers insult off, and opened Luke's MacBook.


Hi! This is a new story that I'm starting :) Hope you'll like it. Now I have to go update my other book.... Bye!




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