The joke

Sam isn't popular, Luke Hemmings is, a joke turns into a love story that spirals out of control.


4. yes, its bad

Lukes P.O.V 

"what the fuck is wrong with you Victoria?!?" i was screaming at my half drugged up cousin.

"its...its okaaaay" she slurred her words. 

I had sam's head in my lap and she was out cold. She was breathing but i was still scared something would happen to her. 

"lukeeey, she''ll be okaay thats what happens your....uh...first time" she was hardly standing 

I was almost in tears. why would she do drugs? she was so innocent. Maybe if it weren't for me she would still be home doing homework and not drugs.

"Sam please wake up, please" she wouldn't get up

Her eyes opened slightly and she started moving. she tried standing up but couldn't. she was freaking out. I grabbed her and held her tightly. 

"sam it's okay, it's me luke, i'm not gonna let anything happen to you."

she just wrapped her arm around my neck and tried standing. She must have been hallucinating because she was talking about crazy things and talking to the street light and stuff. I led her to my car and laid her down in the back seat. Tori got in the front seat and i drove to my house. Tori laid down on the couch and i helped Sam to my room. I laid her down on my bed and put the blanket over her. I made sure she was on her side just incase it was heroin she took. Tori wouldn't tell me what she gave Sam and I was starting to worry. I went down stares to check on Tori who was passed out. I walked to my kitchen to get water for sam when my phone went off. It was calum

"hey, how are you and Sammy"

"good i guess why?"

"When are you gonna break it off?"

"I'm not what are you talking about?"

"The bet" he said laughing

"fuck the bet i really like her man"

"Than you owe me twenty bucks" 

"whatever man i don't care" i screamed into the phone and hung up.

I walked up to my room and put the bottled water on the night stand by Sams side of the bed. I laid down and went to sleep

Sam's P.O.V

It was crazy looking everything was wavy and blurred. It was actually pretty cool looking. colors were flying everywhere and it was just awesome looking. I remember laying down and blacking out then i heard Luke screaming. i couldn't open my eyes. I wanted to see him but i couldn't. He was upset at Tori for something. I opened my eyes a little and started freaking out. I was scared about something i just didn't know what. 

"sam it's okay, it's me luke, i'm not gonna let anything happen to you."

i remember putting my arm on his shoulder but thats it. I woke up laying in lukes bed and saw a bottled water next to it. I picked it up and drank it. I felt like shit but it wasn't like a hangover it was like a minor headache. I got up and went downstairs to grab something to eat. I saw Tori laying spread out on the floor so i walked over and woke her up.

"why would you make me do that?" i said lightly hitting her with my foot

"whaaaat?" she said sleepily 

"drugs, why would you suggest i do that?" 

"just thought it would be fun, calm down Sam you don't ever have to do it again." she said putting her head back down on a pillow

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple. I pulled out my phone to see i had a few texts from different people. My mo sent me a message asking how i was doing and that was about 2 hours ago. I texted her back saying i was fine and that i just woke up. I went back to see who else i had messages from and i had some from a unknown number.

" Yo you Tori's friend? sent at 11 A.M (2 hours ago)

"I got some of that stuff you liked wanna get some?" (2 hours ago)

"YO" (1 hours ago)

"why aren't you answering me??" (1 hour ago)

the messages just kept coming in. I went upstairs to luke and woke him up.

"luke?" I asked quietly

"hmm?" he said sleepily

"I'm getting texts from Tori's friends"

He popped up and took my phone. He started reading the messages.

"look this is luke. My girlfriend doesn't want your drugs and never will. Leave her and my cousin the fuck alone got it junkie? good now delete this fucking number" He sent to the guy from last night

I was blushing while reading it and luke looked confused

"you called me your girlfriend" i said smiling

"oh, yeah i guess i did" he said laughing

"soo..." i said

"Sam?" He asked


"would you like to be my girlfriend?" He asked smiling 

"yes" i answered as my phone beeped signalling i had a new message

It was from the guy 

"yo dude you really don't know who you're fucking with. You're gonna regret saying that to your back"

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