The joke

Sam isn't popular, Luke Hemmings is, a joke turns into a love story that spirals out of control.


9. Why?

 Sam's P.O.V 

It was latter that night and I ordered pizza. Luke was sitting next to me and Paisley was all the way at the end of the table. It felt really awkward and I didn't know why. Luke was acting really weird and so was Paisley. Calum was all over Paisley and she seemed to be enjoying it, and every few minutes she would look over at us. I guess she was just making sure we didn't feel awkward.  I would try to kiss Luke, but he wouldn't kiss me. I started to feel a little upset. I got up from the table and walked into the upstairs bedrooms bathroom (the room me and luke were staying in). I started the shower and as soon as i was about to take my clothes off Luke knocked on the door

"Sam what's wrong?" He asked

I Didn't answer and took my blouse off. He knocked on the door and i still didn't answer. I was in my underwear and tank-top at this point. I was about to take everything off when he opened the door and walked in. 

" Oh sam, I'm um I.. I'm sorry" He said while covering his eyes. 

"It's fine" I said walking over to him. 

I tried to hug him but he rejected. 

"What is your problem Luke? All night I've been trying to talk to you or even show you love and you reject it. What's wrong?" I

i screamed. 

"Nothing" he mumbled. 

I turned the shower water off. I walked into the room and threw on a pair of sweatpants. I started throwing the clothes I had across the floor into my overnight bag. I put my sneakers on and started to walk out of the room. 

" When you figure it out call me" I said walking out. 

"wait" he said grabbing my hand 

I looked at him gesturing to continue 

"I'm acting weird because...well...' he drifted off

"yeaaah?" I asked confused

"IT AS AN ACCIDENT" he screamed "I don't even remember it happening. I was drunk and i thought it was you but it wasn't"

I looked at him confused "what was an accident?" I felt tears forming in my eyes

" I slept with Paisley" He said 

I pulled my arm and ran downstairs. I ran past paisley and calum. I ran out the front door down the street. i just kept running. I ended up infront of my house. Face bright red from crying eyes puffy, out of breath. I opened the door slowly and peeked my head in to see if anyone was home. I quickly ran to my room. I was trying to figure this out. Why did it hurt so bad? I laid in bed in fetal position. I was crying just non stop crying until i fell asleep. 


Lukes P.O.V 

She pulled her hand out of mine and ran. I tried to stop her but she just ran. I fell to the floor. I've ruined everything. She was the perfect girl and I've ruined it. I put my head in my hand and sobbed. I heard footsteps coming but I couldn't bring myself to look who it was.

"So you told her?" I heard a high voice ask

I looked up to see Paisley arms folded looking at me. I stood up and gripped her up by her arms. 

"YES I TOLD HER! what are you mad or something?"

she looked at me with a frightened look. Tears started to form in her eyes. In seconds she was crying and couldn't stop. 

'Thats my best friend and I've ruined her relationship and I feel terrible" she said crying even harder. 

I pulled her into a hug. "It'll be okay, well make things right' I said. 

*** Later that night***

I texted sam plenty of times, telling her i was sorry or saying i wanted to see her. She never got back to any of my messages. I knew I'd see her tomorrow but that doesn't mean she would talk to me. I heard my phone go off and it was Sam. I answered


" Hi" she was crying

"Sam I'm so sor-" she cut me off

"save it luke, Can you just drop off my charger and my Red hoodie? i left them at your house, and while doing that can you tell my backstabbing best friend that I'm officially done, Thanks Lukey....( she started crying even more) Thanks so much!" she hung up. I ran into my room and grabbed the things she left. I hopped in my car and drove to her house. I ran up her front steps and knocked on the door. Her mom answered the door. 

" Thanks luke, I'll be sure to tell her you were here" she grabbed the belongings and closed the door. I felt so helpless and useless. I've hurt this innocent beautiful girl and it's all my fault...Good going Luke, always fucking thing up 



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