The joke

Sam isn't popular, Luke Hemmings is, a joke turns into a love story that spirals out of control.


8. Shit

Luke's P.O.V

I woke up with one of the worst hangovers ever. I didn't want to move too much cause I had a really bad headache. I saw a naked body next to me and started feeling guilty. I put a sheet over Sam and got up to walk downstairs. I can't believe I did that with her when I was drunk. I felt really sympathetic for taking her virginity while she was drunk. I threw pants on and realised there wasn't any blood on the bed. I thought that was really weird considering most virgins bleed their first time. I shrugged it off and walked downstairs. I grabbed a bottled water from the fridge and walked into the living room. I saw Sam laying on the floor with a bucket next to her. I froze. Who was in the bed with me then? I ran upstairs and pulled the covers from over the girls head. Her hair was everywhere and thats when i noticed...She had purple ends. 

"Paisley get up!" I yelled

she popped up looking scared. She looked at me then looked at herself laying in the bed. 

" w-what?....oh no" she said eyes brimming with tears. 

I looked at her and looked down at my feet.


"SHUT UP" I yelled/ Whispered "And put your clothes on" I threw her clothes at her

"where is she?" she said stumbling to get her clothes on without me seeing.

"Downstairs... We can't tell her, she'll become depressed again and i don't want her being upset"

She was dressed and was walking towards the bathroom

"She's my bestfriend..." she said at that point i had a gut feeling she was gonna find out until she said

"Of course i can't tell her" she winked and walked away. 

I went downstairs and sneaked next to Sam. I acted like i was sleeping next to her and woke her up. 

"Baby" I whispered

"Yeah?" she asked sleepily

"Do you need water or do you want some medicine or food?" I asked quietly

" Can i have some water?" she asked 

"Yes babe anything...I love you" I said feeling bad that i had slept with her friend.

"I love you too babe"

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed her a bottled water. I grabbed two advil and slapped together a peanut butter sandwich for her. I walked back out and sat the plate next to her. she sat up and took the medicine. 

"Thank you" she smiled

I got up and ran to Calums room. I knocked on the door but he wouldn't answer

"Dude i know you're awake"

I heard noise but he still wouldn't open the door. I grabbed the key above his door and picked his lock. I walked into his room and saw him and Paisley making out. I turned around and slammed the door shut. I walked back downstairs to check on Sam. I can't tell him now. I saw Sam sitting on the couch on instagram. I sat next to her and put my arm around her.

"Hey, you know where Paisley is?" She asked

"Yeah she's upstairs having a make-out session with Calum" I laughed

she leaned into me and kissed me

"Maybe we should join them" she smiled

We started making out but I couldn't feel anything but guilt. 


Paisley's P.O.V


Okay I feel terrible saying this but, I'm happy i slept with Luke. He's SO attractive and He's good in bed, And i know this because I wasn't really drunk. I was drinking yes, but i sobered up and that's when i saw Sam laying down passed out and Luke was coming on to me and i knew i could say it was because i'm drunk. I feel absolutely terrible She's been my bestfriend for like forever but, He's super sexy and I know i could seduce him. I was walking to the bathroom when i bumped into Calum

"Hey beautiful"

"Hi" I smiled. 

"Where are you off to?" he asked 

"Off to take a shower" I winked

'You're just gonna take a shower in a random guys house" He asked laughing

"Yeah" I said "Maybe this hot random guy would walk in on me" I winked 

He grabbed my and and led me to his room. We started making out when I heard Luke walking up the steps.

"Dude i know you're awake" We heard him say

We tried being quiet so he couldn't her that Calum was awake. I knew he was gonna tell calum we slept together and I don't want that happening. I like Calum and I want to be with him and I don't want Luke ruining that. We heard the door open and then slam shut. Good maybe he'll get the point.

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