The joke

Sam isn't popular, Luke Hemmings is, a joke turns into a love story that spirals out of control.


5. Regrets

Lukes P.O.V

It was the day of the party. I had a few beers and vodka's for the party but i wasn't really planning on drinking. I know sam wasn't going to drink either because she had to go home early for a family thing. I was setting up chips and red solo cups when i heard the doorbell ring. I went to answer it and it was Sam and Tori. Sam looked beautiful. I let them in and they helped set up. Everyone started showing up and drinking and playing games and music. Me and Sam had a few beers and were all over eachother. It was all in all a pretty good night. I wasn't wasted but i was sorta buzzed. I led sam to the backyard where people were in the pool having a good time. i pulled her over to my moms garden and held her hand

"Sam I'm really happy i can call you my girlfriend. you are truthfully one of the prettiest girls i've seen and you make me happy"

she started blushing and was slowly bringing her face to my face. I put my Hands on her face and brought her lips up to mine and kissed her passionately. It was perfect we kissed for a little bit before i heard someone screaming

"Where the fuck is Luke?" it was a deep voice 

I got up and ran into the house with sam following behind. There was a guy and a few of his friends looking for me

"I'm Luke what's up?"

"You're the brat who was texting me to leave your girlfriend alone right?"

"Yeah i was got a problem?" I asked 

He walked up to Sam and kissed her right in front of me. She tried pushing away but he held onto her tight. Thats when i lost it. I grabbed a beer bottle and smashed it upside his head making him stumble. His friends came and starting jumping me while he gained balance. Calum, Michael and, Ashton jumped in and started fighting. A big fight broke out between us. In the midst of fighting we heard sirens. People started running cause the police, underage drinking and fighting isn't a good mixture. They came in and broke up the fight. I told them how they came in and started a fight for no reason. They made me call my parents and sam too. Sams Parents came immediately and picked her up. since my parents were out of town my aunt had to come over and watch me. The rest of the boys parents came and got them. i was in so much trouble, but the worst is i got sam in trouble.


Sam's P.O.V


"Dad i swear i wasn't drinking"

He was really angry. 

"Sam don't lie to me it'll just make things worse. Just be truthful" He said sounded agitated 

"Dad i'm not lying. Yes my friends were drinking but not me" I said

"I really can't believe you would do this" My mom said sounding disappointed 

"OH MY GOD IT WAS A PARTY! every teenager goes to one at least ONCE in their live why are you making it such a big deal. I didn't drink I didn't do drugs so whats the big deal."

"THERE WERE DRUG ADDICTS THERE SAM! THERE WAS A HUGE FIGHT YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN HURT" my dad screamed. I started crying and ran into my room

'You're grounded for three weeks sam!" I heard him yell from downstairs.I layed on my bed. I checked my phone to see i had a message from Luke 

'I'm sorry sam :('

'It's okay luke' I responded



'I  love you'

I saw the message and blushed 

'I love you too'

And with that i went to sleep

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