The joke

Sam isn't popular, Luke Hemmings is, a joke turns into a love story that spirals out of control.


6. New old friend

Sam's P.O.V


My alarm on my phone started going off for school. I sleepily grabbed my phone and tried shutting it off. I layed in bed for a moment before actually getting up. I got up and walked over to my dresser. I threw on a loose blink 182 shirt and some ripped up skinny jeans. I went into the bathroom to put on some make-up and straighten my hair when i heard my phone go off. I thought it was Luke but it wasn't. It was my best friend Paisley. ( I called her pay for short)

"Hey guess who's being transferred to your school :D" I was really happy.


Paisley has been my friend since we were really little. Our moms went to the same high school and became really close.


"when are you being transferred?!?" I replied

"Today :)"

That just made my day. I hurried and applied mascara and eyeliner. I threw my red chuck's on, Grabbed my bookbag and left.

** At school**

I was in homeroom waiting for paisley to come in. I was shaking my leg vigorously.I just wanted to see my Best friend. I haven't seen her in forever. I miss her so much! I pulled my phone out about tot text her when i heard the door open. I saw her walk in playing with her hair. Thats what she always did when she was nervous. She was wearing a big rubber bracelet that said BEST on it. I realised it was from when we were younger. I always wore mine. I was wearing it right now. It made me feel special knowing she still wore it. The principle was talking to My homeroom teacher while Paisley stood there. She had medium brown hair. It went to about the middle of her back and the bottoms were died purple. She had bright green eyes. she was really skinny and tall but all in all she was very pretty. She turned and saw me and waved very excitedly. The teacher turned to the class as the principle walked out. 

"Class this is Paisley she is a new a student. So give her a warm welcome." 

After she said that i ran up to Paisley and hugged her extra tight.

"well Sam that's not what i meant but thats a warm welcome too"

"Oh Ms. Levet I've known paisley my whole life" I replied happily. 

The whole class starred at Paisley. All the guys were eyeing her up and it seemed like nobody would have a problem with her. I led her to the back table where i sit and she puled up a chair. 

"So why did you transfer?" I asked curiously

She looked down at her feet

"Do you remember Josh?"

"yeah" i said

"well, me and him ended up sleeping together and he told the whole football team and they told their cheerleading girlfriends who would say stuff to me. That wasn't bad or anything i thought it was a good thing but then Josh sent pictures of me to his friend after we got into a fight and the whole school had nudes of me"

"Oh Paisley i'm so sorry" I hugged her

"That's not all though, My mom found out and the police got involved. Everything was settled and about a month later I was talking to this really cute guy that was new to our school named Beau and Josh had to go a ruin it for me and I ended up having a mental breakdown so my mom transferred me, not telling my old school where i was"

"Paisley i am so sorry you didn't deserve any of that"

"It's okay, Any cute guys here?" she laughed

"Plenty" i said

We were walking to lunch and i showed her my usual table. Luke walked over and kissed me on the head.

"Who's this?" he asked

"it's my friend paisley. Paisley this is luke my boyfriend"

Her eyes widened as she looked back to him to back to me. 

"Damnnn you did good for yourself...I approve" she smiled "Got any friends I could talk to luke?"

"Yeah a few"

we all laughed. 

"Babe There's possibly a party this weekend if you want to come. She can come if she wants to" Luke said

"Where is it at?"

"It's a keg party back in the woods behind the old basketball court" He smiled

"Okay I'll be there" Paisley said sipping her soda 

we both laughed as i agreed to go too. 


Lukes P.O.V

I can't lie Paisley is really pretty, but Sam has my heart. I really like Sam and truthfully i want to be her first guy. I'm definitely not using her for that, I just want to be her first and maybe even her last. 

** Night of the party ** 

I couldn't wait to see Sam. Since it was getting warm outside i know she would be wearing something shirt and revealing and she has the body for it. I was drinking a Beer when i saw Sam. She was wearing a red Half top that said "wild" on it in glitter. She had on black tights and her silver uggs. Her hair was down and wavy. She was really stunning. Then i saw Paisley.she was wearing a blue long sleeved half shirt that said "Flawless" on it and boy was she. Her hair was down and wavy and the purple of her hair looked good with the blue of the shirt. she was wearing low waisted skinny jeans with rips in them. She had on blue chucks and she was just wow. Sam came running up to me as Paisley walked behind her. Sam started kissing me. 

"Hey babe, How do i look?"

"Very good beautiful" I replied

"That's cute but wheres the Alcohol?" Paisley said laughing

I pointed her to the table with all the drinks on it. After a while Paisley and sam were wasted. Sam and i were making out and it was getting pretty heated. I glanced over Sams shoulder and saw some guy grabbing her ass and touching on her while she was passed out. I got furious. I pushed Sam off of me and walked over to him. I punched him dead in the face as he fell to the floor. 

'WHAT THE FUCK MAN" the dude yelled

"She's passed out perv" I picked Paisley up and put her in the back seat of my car. We were all sleeping at calum's so Paisley could meet new people but everyone was really drunk including me. I started to not remember anything and everything started going black. Fuck i hope i don't do anything stupid

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