The joke

Sam isn't popular, Luke Hemmings is, a joke turns into a love story that spirals out of control.


3. is it bad?

Sam's P.O.V

 Me and luke have been hanging out alot these past weeks. He'll come and sit with me at lunch or i'll sit with him and his friends. I'm really starting to like him and i've actually been getting attention from some of the 'popular' girls at school. He still hasn't officially asked me out but, he invited me to a party hes having at his house this weekend and i think he might do it then.  Me and his cousin victoria were getting along well. sometimes we go shopping and out to eat. right now i'm at lunch texting her because she gets home schooled.

"hey beautiful" luke said walking over to me

"hi" i said blushing

"Don't let victoria know i told you but she's planning on taking you somewhere tonight since we don't have school tomorrow" he said laughing

"okay, are you going to be there?"

"nah, she doesn't want me to"

we sat there eating lunch talking about classes and his party this weekend until the bell rang splitting us up

"I'll text you later" i said standing up

he gave me a hug and kissed my forehead "text ya later"


**8 P.M**

my parents were going out so i asked to sleep over tori's house for the night and they agreed. Tori was picking me up at 8 to take me to an unknown place where we would have fun. i was wearing a tight red strapless dress that went to about 3 inches over my knee. Tori bought me this dress for a 'special occasion' which i thought would probably be tonight. I was also wearing red wedges and a few bracelets. I heard her honking outside and knew it was time to go. I grabbed my bag with clothes for tomorrow and got in the car.

" ready to be surprised?"

"sure" i said laughing

we arrived to a small house with alot of people inside. we got out of the car and walked inside. there were some people passed out on the floor or just sitting staring into space. some people were talking really fast and sweating even thou it was freezing out. some people were talking about the randomest things they swore they saw. according to one guy i was an apple. I started to realize these people were on drugs and i felt uncomfortable.

"why are we here" i whispered to Tori

"to have fun, follow me"

i followed her into this room with abunch of guys sitting around a table. All of them knew her because as soon as she walked in they all started saying her name. 

"Tori i got some good stuff wanna tr- ohh hey who's your friend" he smirked and stood up walking towards me

"my cousins girlfriend thats who, so what 'good' stuff do you have?"

she pulled me over to the table and we sat down

"it's your favorite"

she grabbed the bag and pulled four colorful pills out. she handed me two and she swallowed the other two. I looked at the pills carefully

"is this molly" i asked with a worried voice

"no, molly isnt good at all, this shit right here is the best just try it" the guy next to me said

"well what is it?"
"its LSD" said the guy who greeted us 

Tori turned to me

"just try it you'l absolutely love it" 

I still looked at the pills in my hand

"you only live once Sam just try it please" tori begged

I looked at the pills 

"I only live once" i repeated and popped the pills in my mouth


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