just a crazy obsession ( a justin bieber fanfic)

ou know when you see some one your not allowed to see , you are warned of someone , cause hes not an ordinary kid , no hes the most wanted guy in england. theres a normal girl who wanted to live a normal life but thats not possible cause she caught the eye o the one and only justin beiber , he dosent fell for a irl , they do and he broke their heart but not this one , this ones different and he soon finds out that he loves her but it turned into a crazy obsession . its not the fanfic which you have been reading before its different . come and join sam and justin in their crazy obsession.


7. chapter 6

sam ( pov )

i woke up by the sound of my alarm and in the comfort of my warm bed .

wait what ?

bed ? 

how the hell did i get here , i quickly got up and went down , i remember the tv was turned on and i was on the sofa and the cake . i ran towards the cake and couldn't believe my eyes .

it was half eaten and a note was attached to the dish. i picked it up .

"i came but you were sleeping , the cake was amazing i loved it , you were sleeping on the sofa and the tv was turned on so i decided to take you up and turn of the tv .

take care of your hand 


how dare he ,i cant believe he came inside , and did all this .i could feel the tears forming in my eyes , every time he comes and dose something and im always to late to catch him , it annoys me . i was about to go up and think this through but then i heard the phone ring .

"must be gran " i mumbled 

i ran towards the phone and picked it up .

"hello gran " i said 

the line was silent for a moment but then i heard a deep husky voice .

"im not gran 'kitten' its me " he said 

i stood there not knowing how to respond to the stalker . but then anger took place in me and the next thing i knew is im yelling and taking out all the anger on him on the phone .

" how the hell do you think you are , how dare you enter my house and do all those things .... and how dare you pick me up  and even touch me who the hell do you think you are , and how dare you ate my cake it was for gran not you ? you bastard ! and don't you ever call me kitten again im not a fucking cat so please leave me the hell alone ! " i took a deep breath as i finished  but there was just a laughing sound on the other end 

"oh kitten your so cute when your all mad " he said 

i couldn't believe him , i was annoyed .

"what do you want ?" i asked 

" i want you but not now and before you start with your yelling again one thing you should be aware of that i dont like to be yelled at and if you were with me at the moment you would be punished so i would suggest you to shut up and behave ! " he barked , anger was evident in his tone and it scared me .

" and before i forget i left a small gift for you its besides the dish , take care " he said and the line went dead .

i rushed towards the dish and found a small box . i picked it up and a note was attached to it .

"if you were mine i would give you gifts every day :") " besides my annoyed face i couldn't help but smile at what he wrote , but i snapped out of it as soon as i realized . 

i opened it and found the pendent which i loved at the shop , he bought me a expensive pendent ! .

then my phone blinked , telling that i have received a message .

i opened it 

"it feels good to see you smile and im the reason for it " 

he has my phone number ?

trust me i have to  find a box to put all these letters in it and trust me it would be full in a week . 


so i hope you liked the chapter i will update soon and please do tell me hows it going .

follow me i will follow back :") 

love you 

Ariana .

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