just a crazy obsession ( a justin bieber fanfic)

ou know when you see some one your not allowed to see , you are warned of someone , cause hes not an ordinary kid , no hes the most wanted guy in england. theres a normal girl who wanted to live a normal life but thats not possible cause she caught the eye o the one and only justin beiber , he dosent fell for a irl , they do and he broke their heart but not this one , this ones different and he soon finds out that he loves her but it turned into a crazy obsession . its not the fanfic which you have been reading before its different . come and join sam and justin in their crazy obsession.


6. chapter 5

Sam Pov

i got up near 11 in the morning , i should work on my sleeping routines or i might give grandma a heart attack .i got up and decided to have a bath , i was about to strip down but i suddenly realized that stupid stalker .i quickly went and closed the window .

"not this time , you wont see me " i smirked and felt proud of not forgetting to close it so i could keep that stalkers eyes off of me .

i stripped out of my cloths and went to the bath , i opened the hot water and went inside . i let the hot fresh water cascade down my body relaxing me and taking all the clumsiness away , i took my vanilla scented shampoo and body wash and washed my body .

as soon as i was done i got dressed in a blue shirt along with white skinny jeans , i dried my hair and applied my favorite strawberry lip balm and with one last glance at the mirror i made my way out of the house to the cafe .

i went inside and was greeted by the fresh smell of bakery items and the burned smell of freshly made coffee. i sat down and called the waiter .

a girl came .

"may i take your order Ma'am " she politely asked 

"yes i would have a  chocolate muffin along with a cappuccino " i replied .

" i;ll be right back " she said and vanished , if im not wrong this might be a very good cafe because of the customers here , this place is filled with people.

soon she came back with my order .

" here you go Ma'am " she said and laid my order on the table .

"how much would that be " i asked 

"oh that guy over there already paid for you so don't worry " she said 

i looked at the direction she pointed and found the seat empty , i gave her a strange look .

" no one is there " i said 

" must have left " she said and went away , i looked at the tray and found a folded piece of paper .

it read .

" enjoy your breakfast 'Kitten' don't worry i already paid for you , until next time "

" great " i mumbled 

 i quickly ate my order and indeed it was tasty . i got up and decided to visit the Mall , maybe it would help to calm down .

i made my way to the mall and visited many shops  but bought nothing . at last i ended up at a jewelry store , there were many pendent lined up and were all very beautiful , one caught my eye , it was a small diamond and a circle around it .

"how much for this ' i asked the shop keeper .

after he told me the highly expensive price i quietly settled it back and made my way back to my house .

" everything that is beautiful is supposed to be expensive " i mumbled .

i went inside and decided to bake something . a cake would be nice and me and gran could sit at night and have hot chocolate with it , i smiled at the thought and began preparing for the cake .

i prepared the mold and mixed all the ingredients , after settling it inside the oven i cleaned the mess i made . i looked at the clock and saw it was 7 .

" gran should be back by now ,  where is she ? " 

i called her but no reply .maybe she got busy at work . 

i quickly got changed into my night suit  and waited patiently for the cake to be done .

then soon i heard a Ding that told me my cake was done , i quickly took out the mold trying not to touch the hot part but accidentally my hand touched the ovens ring and a mark was formed on my left arm , i settled the mold on the counter and quickly put it under the water , i applied some paste and waited for the burning sensation to go away and it did feel better . i took the cake out of the mold and settled it on the table and went to sit on the couch , i turned on the T.v and soon i was out like a light .

Justin Pov 

i sneaked inside the house when i saw the whole scene in which she burned her hand . God why is she so careless . i went upto her and took her hand in mine and examined it closely , not that bad . i leaned down and lightly pressed my lips against her and the same taste of strawberry lip balm was there , her lips molded perfectly against mine , i had to stop my self or else she would wake up , i got up and went to see what my  'kitten' had made for me . i took a knife and cut a slice of cake , the smell was indeed mouth watering , i took a bite and i could hold a moan inside it tasted amazing  , i decided to have another slice and another , i ate half the cake . 

i took out a piece of paper and wrote .

" i came but you were sleeping , the cake was amazing i loved it . you were sleeping on the sofa and the tv was turned on so i decided to take you up and turn of the Tv . 

take care of your hand .

J "

i went upto her and cradled her in my arms and took her upstairs to her room , i layed her down on her bed and settled the comforter on her and after tucking her in i went down and settled the gift i bought her along with the note , i turned of the Tv and made my way out in the cold night .


so i hope you guys like it and please tell me how it is and i edited the chapters above and corrected the mistakes . 

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love you guys .



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