just a crazy obsession ( a justin bieber fanfic)

ou know when you see some one your not allowed to see , you are warned of someone , cause hes not an ordinary kid , no hes the most wanted guy in england. theres a normal girl who wanted to live a normal life but thats not possible cause she caught the eye o the one and only justin beiber , he dosent fell for a irl , they do and he broke their heart but not this one , this ones different and he soon finds out that he loves her but it turned into a crazy obsession . its not the fanfic which you have been reading before its different . come and join sam and justin in their crazy obsession.


4. chapter 4

sam pov

after the song ended i decided to go and get a drink ,i reached there and ordered a drink ,the song it wasn't bad ,it was good but the guy singing it was crazy ,i remember the day i met him when i was returning from the airport he was all punk ,swag and drunk ,and now he just went up and sing a song and cool ,i done ,nothing strange and all , .i quickly finished my drink and decided to leave ,i know hes not gona show up ,i grabbed my purse and went out of the door to my home.

i quickly cleaned all the makeup from my face and and changed into a simple t shirt and shorts.i got out and then my phone rang ,i picked it up .

the phone conversation

"hello ,' i said

"so you did came ,you were looking good " a raspy voice said ,shit its him

"who are you ,please just stop all this shit ' i said anger boiling up in me

'uuuhh you see kitten now there's this problem i cant ,btw did you liked the song it was good" he said ,he must be there when the guy was singing.

"where were you "

"oh me don't worry about me , i was there with you the whole time ,you just didn't notice me ,and nice shirt your wearing' he said

,wait he can see me ,i quickly ran towards the window and saw no one just my empty dark streets.

'ah kitten you cant see me ,give up "

"look who ever the fuck you are leave me alone or else i will call the cops on you " i said

i just heard laughter's

"kitten one thing you should know about me is that no cop can capture me ,they are already after me from ,let me guess 4 years and still im free ,bye kitten " he said

End of phone conversation

uhhhh i hate it .i went to my room and decided to take a nap ,it will help me to cool down.and so i did .

justin pov

i was sitting in the bar ,i wasn't drunk but i was too bored ,i don't know why but i feel strange ,something is missing from my routine ,i was disturbed from my thoughts

'oi justin lets get a girl and fuck them " jason said ,

oh now i remember i haven't seen her sleep ,thats what is missing ,i got up

'sorry bro ,i have something to do ,later bro' and stormed out of the bar.

i quickly made my way to her house ,i climbed and opened her window ,and went inside ,she was sleeping ,i went up to her and leaned in and soon my lips crushed against her ,but i quickly leaned back , too hard ,i took off my jacket and boots and joined her in bed ,i wrapped my arms around her and closed my eyes ,

I don't know why but its just a crazy obsession.

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