just a crazy obsession ( a justin bieber fanfic)

ou know when you see some one your not allowed to see , you are warned of someone , cause hes not an ordinary kid , no hes the most wanted guy in england. theres a normal girl who wanted to live a normal life but thats not possible cause she caught the eye o the one and only justin beiber , he dosent fell for a irl , they do and he broke their heart but not this one , this ones different and he soon finds out that he loves her but it turned into a crazy obsession . its not the fanfic which you have been reading before its different . come and join sam and justin in their crazy obsession.


2. chapter 2

sam pov

the stranger i met was very strange , but i didnt gave a second thought . i took a deep breath and went up to the door , the bell ranged and out came my sweet granny , i like to call her gran . she came out and hugged me

" oh my , i missed you so much , you must be cold cmon and get settled " she said

i gave her a smile and went inside .i quickly went up to my room and settled my bags on the bed , my room had a single bed with side tables , the room was of violet color and it had a huge window giving the view of the front road.i  was about to go and take a shower when my phone ranged  , i got a text i wonder who that is it was a private number so i couldn't tell i opened the message and was a bit confused

"wow that flight must be boring you look so tired but dont worry lay down on the bed and sleep well take shower just to feel fresh , j"

now who is this j , must be some prank er , i guess and without giving it another thought i i dropped my phone back on the bed and and took off my top and jeans along with my garments and went to my bathroom ,the shower was so relaxing , it helped me too cool down .i was free after a while and went out side and wrapped a gown around me . i stopped dead in my tack when i saw a note on my table , did gran left this , no the doors locked , i picked it up and my eyes were about to pop out of my sockets

" sam please  dont forget to close the window before stripping down , ,btw you have a pretty nice body ,j"

what the fuck , who is this jerk , i quickly went and looked outside the streets were empty , i closed the window and layed down and tried to swallow down the fear , and i was too tired to give another thought so before i knew i was out like a light in my bath gown.

justin pov

i saw her as she slept , i climbed again in her room through her huge window , i dont know why im here , siting on a stool ,looking at her when i could just go and fuck a girl or do drugs, why am i still sitting here doing nothing just looking at her sleep but i feel so calm and relaxed after seeing her i went up to her and stroked her cheek i could feel the warmth passing through her body i carefully lifted her up and lay her on the other side of the bed and covered her body with a blanket , i wrote a small note just for making things interesting , i don't know but im kind a having fun  stalking her and all .then my phone rang and thats my signal to go. i kissed her softly on her lips , they tasted like strawberry hmm i licked my lips and felt the taste of her lips on mine and i climbed out.

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