Fast Mate

Jackson Curtis is one of the most powerful alphas in
America. He had a strong pack and Rouges would think twice before trespassing his theory.
He never really thought much about finding his mate he
would just let fate do what fate does best.
When fate finally showed Jackson couldn't be happier
his mate.
What he didn't know was that his mate wasn't as normal
as she may seem.
Lucy Gold isn't normal. She has secrets that nobody is
allowed to know, a past that nobody wants to have and a build-up wall that is impossible to break. But this doesn't stop Jackson. He wants to know everything about
this girl with gold hair. He wants to know why she is so protective over her little sister. What happened in her past to make it so hard for her to tell? What her secrets are. Why she has
a wall as high as the Mount Everest. Why she doesn't want to shift and how she can run so fast that she out runs his best warriors in human form.

And he won't rest until he knows everything about his
Fast Mate


4. chapter 3

~~It didn't took us long before we were back at the pack house. I walked torwards Leon my 3rd in commant. When the park saw Lucy in my arms I heard a few woman and girls scream her name and cry but more than the woman cry were all the growls from males. I growled at everyone of them and pulled her closer to me. I asked Leon how it went and he told me everybody was just waiting for my mate to comeback. I looked around to see that more than half of the pack was looking at my mate with pain in there eyes, making me think they did really care for her. Of course they will never care about her as much as I do.

"is Casper on his way?" I asked Leon to call Casper and get here with the car to pick Lucy and I up.

"yeah he can be here any minute now"


than I turned to the pack.

"Dylan here is in control"

then I turned around an walked torwards Caper's car. who was waiting for me.When a small voice stopped me
"is she going to be okay?"
I turned around and saw the little girl Rose.

"I promise I won't let anyone or anything hurt her" and I ment it.

My parents thought me that a mate is the best thing that will ever happen to you. They told me that I would do anything to keep her safe. He was never really busy with finding his mate. Ever since he truned alpha when he became 16 he has had his hands full.

I got in the car and Casper drove away. I know he wanted to look at Lucy but he knows how mates are and he very much likes his life.
We had a long drive to go and I woul have run but I'm a bit tired after todays event and I of course got Lucy with me. I will tell Dylan that he has to take some of her stuff with him when he gets back or something. Speaking about Lucy, she got comfterbul in my arms. I would say she looked peacefull but she didn't. I pulled her even closer to me hoping it could calm her down.

When we finally got home it was late and everybody was allready in there rooms or homes. We had a pack house with rooms but we also had homes spread over the theory.
I carried her to my room and put her in my bed. She made herself lay comfertable and my wolf purred at the sight of his mate in out bed. I wanted to lay next to her and hold her as close to me as I could but I don't know if she would be happy with that when she wakes up.
after a long time of walking around and arguing with my wolf I took off my clothes and went to lay next to my mate.
I'll deal with the problems tomorow. right now I'm going to have the best sleep ever, with my mate safely in my arms.
I woke up with someboy cuddeling into my chest, but that was soon over when I hear a really high scream and was pushed of the bed and ended on the ground.

a growl left my lips "good morning to you too"
"what are you doing? what am I doing? what are we doing? how did I get here? when did I get here? how long have I been here? Why am I here? where is Sebastian?OMG where is Rosie!!?"
I have to admit it was queit funny seeing Lucy rembel so much until she start hitting me.

"let me go. Take me back to Rose" I grapped her hands and kept them in place she was struggeling.

"don't worry I'm not going to hurt you. I promised that to you sister and I don't like breaking promises." the mention of her sister had her stop struggeling

"you talked to Rose? how is she? is she okay? please tell me she isn't hurt".

"your sister is fine she's with that Alpha kid"


"don't say his name" I felt my wolf rise. He wanted to mark her right now right here. He wanted to make sure that the Alpha kid had no changes with what is his.

"why not?"

"my wolf doesn't like it so if you want to stay unmarked I wouldn´t say his name" I may have sounded a little harsh but I just couldn't help it.

"you still haven't answerd my other questions"

"you got here with a car. I brought you here after you passed out yesterday" Lucy was giving me a weird look what looked cute.

"when we were running you know chasing, did a really cool stunt put ended wrong on your ankle. You must have fainted because the pain or something. Anyway you have been here since yesterday. You are here because you lost so I won. And I'm here because this is my room."
Her face changed from shock to disbeleave to fear but ended with anger. She walked over to me and start hitting my chest.

She started yealing saying I was a jerk and that she hates me and I have to take her back to her sister.
She might be my mate but I'm stil an Alpha and what she was doing was disrespectfull.

"stop it now" I used my Alpha voice. She first looked shocked than she looked angry but looked at the the ground.

"done?" I asked. She made a fist but nodded.

"good now I'm going to take a shower" with that I turned around and walked to the bathroom. I let my mate alone so she could have some space.

I hope she is not to angry with me but by the look on her face she was.
In the shower I started thinking about Lucy.

How good the MoonGodess love me so much she gave her to me. She is perfect and so beautiful. I know I don't know her so much but I couldn't help thinking like that. I'm blaming my wolf and this mate-pull.
I started picture her first with clothes but soon is was some hot lingerie and before I could stop myself I had to take a cold shower.
When my body and mind were clean again. Well as clean as my mind can get with my mate in the room next door. I put on some sweatpants and looked in the mirror. I could tell you that I forgot my shirt but I didn't. I just wanted to show of my body to Lucy. I mean I'm and Alpha so I know I have a good looking body.

I walked out of the bathroom and looked around for Lucy. When I didn't see her is started to panick. Where is she!!!? she didn´t got kidnapped did she!!!?OH NO she got kidnapped!! I'm the worst mate ever I let my mate get kidnapped the fist day I got her!! I ran downstairs my wouldn't shut up that I had to find her. I sceamed her name. I heard some voices in the kitchen and made my way to it as fast as I could.

I stormed inside and saw Leon and Dexter
"Leon and Dexter Lucy had been kidnapped we have to find her!!!" they didn't move. WTF there  fucture Luna has been taken how can they not be panicking right now. I really need to get a new 3rd in commant.
"what are you talking about Lucy is right over there" Leon pointed at somebody at the end of the table who was talking to Jenna, one of the packs elders. The familiar girl turned around
hey,hey!! that was all she had to say. I ran over to her and picked her up and sat down with her on my lap. Soon my face was burried in her hair. I can't help it I thought I lost her after I just got her, my wolf needed comfort and knowing she was safe in my arms and smelling her scent gave that to him.
"what you doing?" Lucy asked sounding a little freaked out. Really cute if you'd ask me.
you sound like a girl my wolf oh so happelly shared with me.
Shut up I wasn't the one saying that the world was going to end withour our and I quoet 'golden butterfly'
That will never be spoken about ever again.
If you won't call me a girl again
I pulled Lucy closer.
"I thought I lost you."
"I just went downstairs to get breakfast. I was hungry and you took forever and it's not like I was going to wait before your majesty was finish with his shower so he could show me the shower"
Okay so that might not have been my smartest idea. It had totally slipped my mind that she hadn't had anything to eat since we enterd her old packhouse. She must be starving now. I ate something in the car because Casper had brought some food with him.
"sorry about that I just thought I should give you some time"
"it's fine I got my breakfast now" She was holding a plate with some pancakes that looked really good.
She went back to talking to Jenna and when she wasn't looking I stole one of her pancakes.

 “you do now that I saw that right?” Lucy said but she didn’t turn around.
“well it’s not like you did anything about it” now Lucy did turn around
“well maybe I got my reason for that”
“oh yeah what would that be?”
“you own me a pancake”
“can’t see what bad about that”
“it means that I can tell you to make me a pancake whenever I feel like it which could very well be at the middle of the night” with that she turned back to talking with Jenna and eating her pancakes.
I really like this Lucy on my lap, just being totally relaxed. Talking to one of my pack members. Telling me she could wake me up in the middle of the night to make her some pancakes. I however am not so relaxed there are way to many males around this table. I’m trying really hard to not attack them all and just hold Lucy telling my wolf to relax and enjoy his mate in our arms.

I was glaring at every male and eating Lucy’s pancake when Dylan mind linked me.
‘everything is going according to plan  they got some strong people but this pack is mostly women, teens and younger kids that haven’t shifted yet.’
‘okay thank you, do you need more people? How is the Alpha doing’
‘ The Alpha is doing better than I thought he would. actually very happy that we at least didn’t kill his pack. He said that he saw the attack coming. He knows he is not the strongest pack out there and another pack would of attacked sooner or later. Guess he hoped for the later, oh well. His son however is not so happy keeps saying that he demands to see Luna Lucy’
I let out an low growl. How dear he demands to see my mate. She is mine and I don’t do sharing very good. He has to be happy he is still alive. If he wasn’t friends or whatever he is with my Lucy that he would have been dead the minute he disobeyed me.
Lucy and all the other around the table must of heard me because Lucy turned around on my lap and looked at me.
“Are you okay?” that angel like voice of hers said.
“Mine” I growled and pulled her closer to me
Everybody went back to what they were doing probably presuming somebody looked at Lucy or that I was thinking about somebody taking her away from me .
Ha good one I will never let  that happen like ever.
I pulled Lucy even closer to me and put my face in the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent.
She smells so good
I heard Lucy sign “You’re not going to be one of those really possessive mates are you? Because if you are than we are going to have a problem because I like doing my one thing and I hate being told what to do.”
“I can’t  promise that. I mean you’re beautiful and perfect and any guy can see that and would want to take you away from me. Plus I’m an Alpha and Alpha’s are always more possessive . and because I’m like the strongest alpha out there I’m even more possessive” I ended with a cocky smirk on my face I mean can’t deny the truth.
Lucy rolled her eyes. She rolled her eyes at me!!!
“you know you almost had me blush there but then you just had to be cocky”
“I wonder what you would look like blushing”
“guess you’ll never find out if you keep being cocky” with that she stood up and walked away.  Why is she walking away I didn’t know she was finished with breakfast she could have just told me. I followed after her not believing I was following a woman that normally did not happen.
Shut up this is our mate I would follow her to the end of the earth If I had to.
“where are you going?” I asked her she doesn’t know this place how could she know where she was going.
“oh well I was hoping you would let me go outside so I could get some fresh air and explore a little”
The thought of Lucy walking around on my land without anybody with her or any idea of where she might be did not go well with me or my wolf
“I don’t think that’s a good idea
“why not”
“because you’re unfamiliar around here and I haven’t introduced you to the pack so nobody knows who you are and I thought my pack to attack people that aren’t of my pack unless they hear something from me or my beta.”
“oh well what am I supposed to do than, because if I’m going to do nothing I’m going to think and then I’m going to over think and then I’m going to think about all the things that are wrong or can go wrong like with my sister about how she needs me and then I’m going to panic like I am right now.”
Lucy was talking really fast and at the end she was all out of air. Her rambling and mini panic attack was really cute. Everything about her was just really cute.
“calm down. How about you go upstairs take a shower I’ll go find you some clothes and then I’ll show you around. Sound like a good plan to you?”
“you don’t have some important alpha business that you have to do” she looked. To be unist I did had some alpha business. I had to do a lot of paperwork and stuff like that, but I could just do that another time spending time with Lucy was way more important to me
“I got time” she just nodded and I brought her to the stairs. She went up the stairs and I followed her. I couldn’t help myself but look at her ass. It was so perfect. It was round and..
“stop looking at my ass” Lucy stopped my thoughts.
“now why would I stop looking at something so perfect especially if it’s mine anyway” I smirked at her. She rolled her eyes at me. Again.
“there you go again being possessive and cocky. By the way last time I checked this was my ass and not yours. You already got your own ass no need to be so needy” she slapped her ass when she said it was hers. After that she went on with walking the stairs.
“well we are mates so there for my ass belongs to me and to you and that amazing hot ass of yours belongs to you and to me!” I said with a smirk
“oh yeah well if you want it so badly, come and get it” She said playfully
did she just say what I thought she said
I think she did
Well, let’s go get it
 I did as my wolf said. I looked at Lucy. “you better run”
And she did. I went after her she wasn’t so fast as she was yesterday probably because of her ankle. I could catch her in a second if I wanted to, but I didn’t want to because she looked like she was having so much fun. And that made me happier than anything so I didn’t  fasten my speed.  Lucy was laughing so loud it was wonderful and I forced my brains to memories it. 
At some point Lucy suddenly ran into a random room which I thought was Laura’s room. One of the kids that lived in the pack house.
“you can’t hide in there forever” I sang
“I can sure as hell try” I laughed at that
“mgh-mgh” I turned to look at the source of the sound and saw Laura
“oh hello Laura how are you?” I asked her as causal as I could 
“I’m fine thank you Alpha, but if you don’t mind me asking what are you doing in front of my room”
“oh well I can explain that” before I could come up with a logical explanation the door was thrown open and Lucy ran out down the hall. 
“got your room back got to go now” and with that I took off and ran the same way Lucy went. This time it only took me a few seconds before I had caught up with her and the second she was on my reach I grapped her. I spinned her around and she let out a fit of laughter. Our laughter was soon filling the hallway. 
I threw Lucy over my shoulder and slapped her ass. “got it”
Lucy let out another laugh
“very funny now can you put me down. I’m not a big fan of being thrown over somebody’s shoulder” she tried making it sound like a joke but I heard the panic in her voice. I however didn’t understand why I’m her mate doesn’t she know that I would never ever hurt her. Something must of happened to her. I said a quick sorry and put her back on the ground.
“thank you” whit that I brought her back to my room. 
She entered the bathroom and I left to go find her some clothes. I soon found John’s room and as I had hoped Ricky was there. Ricky was John’s mate she was a little older that Lucy but I knew she wouldn’t mind me borrowing  some of her clothes for Lucy.
“morning Alpha, how can I help you?”
“yes you can. Could I borrow some of your clothes?”
“oh yes but of course you can is it for Lucy if you don’t mind me asking?” 
How does she know about Lucy I haven’t told the pack about her yet. I felt my body tens. 
“yes it is how do you know about Lucy?” I know I sounded hostel but she was my mate I will not take any changes when it comes to her safety. 
“john told me about her you know how he can’t keep a secret and I met her at breakfast. You scream her name when you ran in shouting that she had to be found because she thought she was kidnapped or something. She seems really nice” I relaxed a little knowing I was overreacting of course that was how she knew Lucy, not because some dangerous monster had told her to kill her.
“oh yeah well maybe you can go shopping with her or something that way she wouldn’t has to borrow you clothes.”
“sound like a lot of fun” she handed me the clothes and I made my way back to my Lucy. I opened the door and Lucy walked out in nothing but a towel. 
My wolf was howling in my mind. Oh damm I’m wipped, but those legs they don’t seem to have an end to them. Her hair wet her face clean. She took my breath away and I don’t think she even realised it. 
“I brought you some clothes” I quickly laid the clothes on the bed and walked out of the room.
Not because I didn’t want to see her naked because I did I really did, but because if would mark her right on the spot and I wanted to make the moment I marked her special. Before I mark her I would want to kiss her and make her want me just as much as I want her. 
After about 5 minutes she walked out of the room dressed in some jeans that looked a bit tight, a pair of converse and one of my black t-shirt. Which looked very hot on her.
“I thought I laid a shirt there as well”
“you did but it was to small on me” I smirked at that it was probably to small because Ricky had smaller boobs than Lucy. That’s my girl. 
“so are you going to show me around” she looked at me with does beautiful eyes of her that seem to take my breath away every time I looked into them.
“yeah let’s just start with the Packhouse. The Packhouse is lived in by the alpha couple. They own the entire 3rd floor. The second floor is for all the teens that don’t live at home or don’t have a home. We also have an orphan home but that is another old Packhouse.”
“how many Packhouse do you have” Oh goddess how was I going to answer that. I mean we had a lot of Packhouses because we had won a lot of packs.  Now people might think that that is cruel but that’s just how it goes now. There are a few really big packs. The only smalls packs out there try to hide and stay undercover. It’s normal now for packs to attack other packs to make their own bigger. If I wouldn’t of had attacked Lucy her pack somebody else would of have.
“around the 20-30 something like that” I was waiting for Lucy her reaction but I couldn’t see any horror all I saw was awe.
“that many wow how do you lead all of them?”
“I let the Alpha lead there old pack but there pack has to live by my rules. The Alpha has to listen to me and accept he is not the alpha anymore. He has to rapport everything back to me.  If they don’t what I tell them to do I get another alpha to their job and kill him who thinks he could challenge me” up until now that has worked pretty good. I only had to kill 8 alpha’s and 3 of those were because they treated the pack horrible. Like making the omega’s do everything and letting the pack do everything to them without any rules. Or one alpha sexual abused the she-wolfs. Yeah I really enjoyed killing that one.
“guess that’s fair” after that we fell into a somehow comfortable silence. I soon realized I knew nothing about my sweet Lucy. I wanted to ask her why she didn’t shifted yesterday but decided that I would ask her that when she trusted me and had excepted me as her mate. So I asked an easier question.
“so what is your favorite color?” yep that was right that was what I asked. 
“that is what you are asking?”
“well it might not be the most original or deepest question, but it would be really embarrassing if somebody asked and I wouldn’t know the favorite color of my own mate. That’s like they second question anybody would ask if they want to know if you truly know someone”. I said matter of fact.
“oh yeah what’s the first question” She raised her eyebrow at me and looks extremely cute while doing so.
“if you know the persons full name”
“do you know my full name” 
“no” but I wanted to I really wanted to
“why didn’t you ask that first than”
“well if you want me to, what is your full name” a small giggle left Lucy her perfect lips and my wolf was howling with pleasure.
“my full name is Lucy Moon Goddess Gold and before you say something stupid. My parents wanted to thank the Moon Goddess for everything so I got her name as my middle name” It was such perfect name for my perfect mate.
“Lucy Moon Goddess Gold” it felt perfect on my thong. In the corner of my eye I saw Lucy shake when I said her name and it felt good to know that I could get that reaction out of her. Even though I get it out of a lot of females but with Lucy it felt so much better.
“yeah and my favorite color is gold. How about you what is your favorite color and you full name?”.
“My favorite color is blue” I always like the combination gold and blue but now that Lucy her favorite color is gold just makes it that much more perfect.
“okay and you full name?”
“my full name is Alpha Jackson Rubert William Curtis” I always hated the name Rubert it sounded so weird in my opinion I don’t get why my parents would call me that. Dylan knows I hate it so he always teases me with it. He is such a good friend
Note: the sarcasm
“Alpha Jackson Rubert William Curtis. Wow that is a mouth full how does that fit on your passport” There went a weird shock through my body when she said my name. I never thought that Rubert could sound so sexy. Or just my entire name in general.  
“well the Alpha part doesn’t stand on my passport” I chuckled and a  cute giggle left her lip. When she cought herself giggling her reaction was priceless. 
“did I just giggle?” I don’t think I was supposed to hear that but I did. and it made me burst out in laughing. Which made her blush like crazy what lead to me laughing even harder. Her blushing was an extreme turn on but I was laughing too hard to worry about that right now. 
“stop laughing I never giggle it is simply something I do not do.”  She never giggles but I just made her giggle. I was wearing the biggest grin in the world I sweat I but the joker to shame. I made her giggle even though she never giggles. That means I was the first and the only one that hear her giggle. I just couldn’t help myself from stop grinning.
After that we talked a bit more and  I showed her around my territory which soon would be out territory. We had a lot in common she however was a big fan of batman something I did not understand I mean superman is way cooler.
“okay I do not get that you like an alien more than a rich handsome awesome young superhero that can disappear in the dark, but I’m afraid that I’ll have to try and convince you some other time that batman is way cooler that the stupid lost alien. But could you at least agree with me that Batman better is than iron man?” I growled when she called batman handsome. Couldn’t help myself but my wolf howled when she said another time
“yes that I do agree with just like Spiderman is cooler that Captain America”
“I know right. Peter Parker is so cool she saves the world but mostly New York and goes to High school I mean respect for that I barley survive high school. Speaking of high school I still got to graduate this year” I looked at Lucy only to see that she was being serious.
“you don’t have to go to school. You don’t need a diploma you’re going to be Luna soon I rather have you here than in building with hormonal driven teenage boys” The idea of Lucy with some teenage boy made my blood boil and my wolf hungry for blood.
“oh come on I have been going to school for so long now. I want to finish otherwise what prove would I have that I have spent 6 hours 5 days a week in that place studying my butt of. Come on it’s May now it is only the final exams and then I’ll have my diploma and I can stay here and be the best Luna this world has ever seen” I still didn’t like the idea of Lucy in high school a place were I can’t keep an eye on her but I’ll thing of something. 
“I’ll see what I can do” I told her ant that was apparently that right answer because her whole face lightened up. Then she did something I that totally shocked me and had my wolf go crazy. She brought her lips so my cheek and kissed it.
Defiantly the right answer
Sorry it took me this long. I hope the extra-long chapter makes up for it.
Sorry if your name is Rubert I didn’t mean anything with it I actually things it a really cool name. makes me thing about Ron from Harry potter
Question: who do you like more? 
Batman or Superman
Batman or Iron man
Spiderman or Captain America
Don’t forget to vote comment and maybe even share.
Love you guys
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