Fast Mate

Jackson Curtis is one of the most powerful alphas in
America. He had a strong pack and Rouges would think twice before trespassing his theory.
He never really thought much about finding his mate he
would just let fate do what fate does best.
When fate finally showed Jackson couldn't be happier
his mate.
What he didn't know was that his mate wasn't as normal
as she may seem.
Lucy Gold isn't normal. She has secrets that nobody is
allowed to know, a past that nobody wants to have and a build-up wall that is impossible to break. But this doesn't stop Jackson. He wants to know everything about
this girl with gold hair. He wants to know why she is so protective over her little sister. What happened in her past to make it so hard for her to tell? What her secrets are. Why she has
a wall as high as the Mount Everest. Why she doesn't want to shift and how she can run so fast that she out runs his best warriors in human form.

And he won't rest until he knows everything about his
Fast Mate


3. chapter 2

~~I turned around to see Lucy walking over to us with a smile, still in her human form. My men were walking behind her end they looked like they were about to pass out anytime now.

"So as fun as that was I did out run those wolves for a reason."

She smiled at that Sebastian guy. The Sebastian guy!!. She should be smiling at me.

I cleared my voice,

"the boy is a loud to live but next time he breaks my rules you won't be able to safe him, is that clear?"


this time she did smile at me but it wasn't like the smile she gave the boy and man was I trying hard to keep my wolf from killing the boy.

just let me get my claws on him

No Lucy just saved him so we can't kill him

Yet, we can't kill him yet. He just has to do one thing wrong and he's six foot under

Just get ready we have to out run our mate remember

With that I ended the conversation and turned around to see Lucy looking at the little girl, with what I could only label as love. I'm not sure all I know is that I would do anything to have her look at me like that. She look in her eyes the smile on her face it was breath taking.

"Our turn" Dylan looked like a little kid on Christmas. To be honest I also wanted to see how fast she was because it looked like she didn't even broke a sweat against my men.

"Okay give me a seconded to say something to my sister" she soon added "please Alpha"

I wanted her to call me by my real name to hear what it might soud like coming out of her mouth but we would discus that some other time.

You won't if she wins.

She won't win.

With that I shut my wolf out again!

"Well hurry I don't have all day"

She ran to her sister and started saying things to her she was talking really low so I couldn't hear her, but soon her sister was crying. She picked her up and walked towards Sebastian dude. I had to do everything in my power not to claw his eyes out for starring at her.

She spoke a little louder now so I could easily hear with my Alpha sense.

"Take care of her if she get's even a little bit hurt I will personally come over here and kick your ass" she looked dead serious.

That’s our girl

I just ignored my wolf and continue eavesdropping.

"Why are you saying that you'll be back in no time and than you can take care of her yourself"

"Look Seb I'm fast but you and I both know I can't out run an Alpha especially an Alpha as big as this one" I wouldn't lie. That sounded lovely to my ears knowing she thinks I'm big (A/N thats what she said (sorry)) not that I didn't know it I'm the strongest Alpha of America, but hearing my mate say it did my self-steam good.

"But Lu...."

"Just promise you'll take care of her, at least until I find a way to do it myself"

 "Wha.." again was the Sebastian dude cut off, not that I mind I love to hear my mate talk and so does my wolf.

"Promise!" she growled Sebastian lowered his head and mumbled an 'I promise' I really wanted to laugh an Alpha bowing his head for a girl that was like half his side. It was a sight to see. I wasn't the only one that thought that Dylan was also trying to cover his laugh.

"Okay enough talk let's run" I looked at Lucy she nodded but before she came over she kissed the little girl on the forehead but that was not what had me angry, oh no what had me angry was what she did next.

She kissed the unmated Alpha loser's cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard Dylan mumble something likes 'oh no she just killed the dude' but I was too angry to react on it. My wolf was not happy right now. Oh no he was royally pissed.

I stormed towards Lucy picked her up threw her over my shoulder and walked to the woods.

"Hey why did you do...” I looked at her before she could finish her sentence and when she saw the look on my face she cut herself off.

I heard her mumble a quit 'what the hell is he angry about he doesn't have to race against somebody four times his own size' that made me feel a little bad but I soon thought about why I was going to race her and the feeling was forgotten.

Dylan came to stand next to me already in his wolf form. I stepped away from Lucy but I wanted her back in my arms the second her warm body fated away. I shifted into my wolf and saw Lucy looking at me with shock, awe and fear. I wanted to know what she was thinking of my wolf but I couldn't, not yet anyway.

Dylan growled at my mate and she turned around to face him. When she saw him the fear, shock and awe in her eyes left and the smirk was back on.

"Let’s run I'll count down considering the fact that neither of you can talk. I presume we're doing it the same as we did last time, so you have to wait 30 seconds and please don't cheat I already have it hard enough"

She isn't going to shift Dylan said in my mind

I guess not I nodded at Lucy and she started the countdown.

"3,2,1 go"

And just like that she was gone. Dylan and I waited 30 seconds.

When the most painful 30 seconds ever were finally over I gave Dylan a nod and we were gone. I felt my paws hit the ground and let my wolf take control. We soon found the smell of out mate and followed it. The feeling of the wind in my fur made me feel strong and fast. I love running.

It didn't take long for the mouth-watering smell to get stronger. I pushed my legs to go faster. When I finally spotted her golden locks she went even faster than before.

Damm she can run

Yeah I wonder how fast she is as a wolf

Me too

I cut off my wolf when I heard Lucy say


I was now standing behind her and in front of her were two fallen trees that she would never be able to jump over in her wolf form. She turned around and looked at me, fear was the only thing on her beautiful face and to say that my wolf was really happy with that would be the biggest lie ever.

She looked to her right and saw a massive three then she looked to her left and saw a growling Dylan.

"Well this just got a lot harder" she whispered.

Why won't she just shift that way she'll be able to jump over the fallen threes I heard Dylan in my mind

I really don't know it almost looks like she can't shift

But if she can't shift we wouldn't be able to sense her wolf.

It’s true what Dylan said, before a werewolf's first shift other supernatural aren't able to sense their wolf. It's a way to protect young werewolves.

I don't know man maybe she's scared or has a small wolf I reported back to Dylan.

Lucy saw we were distracted and did something that neither of us suspected. She ran forwards strait to me. She jumped on me and pushed herself up with her feet. She caught the tree branch above me and swinged herself to the ground behind me. I heard her hiss before she ran of again. I took me a little before I was over the shock but one's I did I looked at Dylan and mind linked him.

What the hell just happed !!  He shook his big head

I have no idea but you mate is getting away now that had me turn around and follow her scent as fast as I could. When I finally saw her she was stumbling. It looked like her ankle hurts.

She wasn't fast enough with a weak ankle and right before I caught up with her she stopped and fell backwards. I shifted really fast and caught her in my arms just before hitting the ground. She looked into my eyes and right before her beautiful eyes were taken away from my sight she whispered " she's safe" I had no idea who she mend but I had a feeling she mend her little sister.



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