Fast Mate

Jackson Curtis is one of the most powerful alphas in
America. He had a strong pack and Rouges would think twice before trespassing his theory.
He never really thought much about finding his mate he
would just let fate do what fate does best.
When fate finally showed Jackson couldn't be happier
his mate.
What he didn't know was that his mate wasn't as normal
as she may seem.
Lucy Gold isn't normal. She has secrets that nobody is
allowed to know, a past that nobody wants to have and a build-up wall that is impossible to break. But this doesn't stop Jackson. He wants to know everything about
this girl with gold hair. He wants to know why she is so protective over her little sister. What happened in her past to make it so hard for her to tell? What her secrets are. Why she has
a wall as high as the Mount Everest. Why she doesn't want to shift and how she can run so fast that she out runs his best warriors in human form.

And he won't rest until he knows everything about his
Fast Mate


2. Chapter 1

I walked out of the underground prison covered in blood and I loved it. The feeling of power was just amazing. The guards nodded their head respectful at me.


one of them, Mitch, said.          

"Get someone to clean up the dead rogue,”

I ordered the nodded. I walked out of the pack house wanting to make my way over to home to take a shower and get the blood of when something or someone stopped me.

'Jackson we arrived at a pack house close to us. The Alpha isn't here neither is the Beta, but for the rest it looks absolute normal' Dylan my Beta told me through mind-link.

'Oke, I want you to get everybody out of the house and separate the Omega’s, Delta’s, Beta children and the Alpha children in a line. I want to know how strong they are. Wait until I’m there. If someone tries to get away kill them'. I answered

'Will do'

I shifted in my wolf grabbed some shorts with my mouth and ran towards Dylan. I couldn't take my car because that way I wouldn't be able to smell him, and I would be there faster if I ran. I was running through my woods able to recognize every single scent. I saw a few pack members the nodded respectful. I was almost at end of my territory. I could scent Dylan and know he wasn't far anymore. 

When I finally saw them Dylan had already scent me. He was holding what looked like an 18-year-old Alpha son.

A really amazing scent tinkled my nose and my wolf was going crazy it kept screaming 'mate mate mate'

I pushed it away I didn't have time for some weak mate. I walked towards Dylan and the Alpha son.

"What do we have here Dylan. A soon to be Alpha on the run. Leaving your pack while they are being attacked not very great leadership"

I laughed. The boy growled,

"I was trying to help my best friends younger sister. Throwing 4 year old she-wolf around that's just wrong".

I laughed again this kid was funny right before his death.

"You’re going to regret using that voice because it's going to be your death"

his whole pack started screaming and growling. At least they’re loyal. I walked towards the alpha son and gave him a good punch in the face and he fell to the ground. I was going to throw another one when suddenly I heard someone scream stop, but that wasn't why I stopped. The scent from earlier suddenly became very strong. I couldn't help myself as my wolf forced me to turn around. Right there in front of me stood the most beautiful girl alive, and she was all.

"Mine" I growled really low, suddenly her eyes widen as she realized we were mates.


My mate, I mean Lucy

Such a beautiful name

Turned away and looked at the boy behind me who was being held back by 3 of my man.

"No Sebastian I'm not going to stand here and let them kill you!!!!!!"

I was still shocked by how beautiful Lucy was, and the fact that she was all mine. I couldn't really understand what was happening. Dylan noticed and took over.

"And how are you planning on stopping an Alpha"

Dylan Challenged Lucy which my wolf did not like but I wanted to know what she was going to say. A playful look appeared on her beautiful face.

"A game" She replied now that got me interested.

"A game?" Dylan asked and raised his eyebrows.


"I’ll run away and all you guys accept mister Alpha have to do is try and catch me. If I reach the school on the other side of the territory without being caught by one of you, you let me and my friend go. If I do get caught you can kill us both"

Now I did not like this game. My man are very fast and Lucy stepped out of the group 'Delta" no way was she faster than a Beta.

"NO" I growled everybody was now looking at me.

" This is how we are going to do it. If you’re faster than my man except my Beta your friend gets to live. If your not he dies and you’re coming with me."

"Deal" Lucy said

"I'm not done, if you’re faster than my man minus my Beta. You still have to out run my Beta and me. If you win you’re aloud to stay if not your coming with me. Now we have a deal"

Lucy soled and I thought I saw fear cross her eyes but it was gone before anybody else could see and the playful smirk was back. 

"Well let's run" She turned to look at the wolves she had to race against. I didn't see any fear in her eyes. She must be really confident.

I nodded at the man. They went towards the woods and waited for Lucy who was taking her sweet time. When she finally joined us all my man had already shifted. I turned to Lucy who was still in her human form and lifted my eyebrow.

"Aren’t you going to get ready,” I asked.

"What do you mean I'm already ready" She gave me a confused look. I realized she wasn't joking. That got me even more confused.

"You're going to try outrun my man in Human form?" Is she crazy or something is like she want's that boy to die. 

"Yep but if it's get to hard I can always shift" She smiled which brought my wolf pure happiness because she was smiling at us.

"Well oke. Get ready you got a head start from 60 seconds. 1.2.3 GO" Just like that she was gone I had to give it to her she was really fast. If she shifted she could probably win from man and I don't easily admit someone is faster that my pack. After 60 seconds my man followed her and I had to control myself      not follow them and make sure my mate was safe. 

I made my way back to the alpha son who suddenly looked scared.

"What is it don't think she can win and safe your ass" I asked. He looked the fear still on his face.

"No Lucy is going to win that I’m positive of, she'll walk trough fire saving me. But out running an Alpha after she just ran. I don't think Lucy is able to do that. She might be fast but that's just impossible even for Lucy".

After he said that I just wanted to kill him right that second. Talking like he knows everything about my Lucy. He probably does know more than me but I'm planning on changing that. 

I heard a little girl scream 'Lucy' and turned around, Bad move. Alpha son think his name is Sebastian

Who cares what his name is he'll be dead in an hour

Anyway what I was trying to say before my wolf oh so rudely interrupted was that the Sebastian dude took that move as a sine that he was aloud to move and ran towards the little girl.

"Sshhhhh cupcake it's going to be alright you know how fast Pikachu is" He tried to calm the little girl but all I was thinking about the weird nicknames I mean seriously Pikachu.

"As fast a lightning,” the little girl answered back.

"As fast as lightning. She’s going to win without any questions asked. So calm down you know Pikachu she will do everything in her power to keep you save, just like me" 

'Pikachu what the hell?'  Dylan mind-likened me and I just shudder just and looked at him

'I'm just as confused as you are' 

' Must be some inside joke between the three of them’ I growled at that my wolf not liking that our mate had some inside joke with someone that wasn't him.

'Shut up Dylan'. But he didn't

'Well Pikachu is really fast, she might actually win from them and not to menschen she's hot’ now my wolf definitely didn't like that and neither did I. How dare he talk about what is MY MATE like that.

' MINE' I growled really loud. Dylan looked scared good he should know his place.

'Sorry didn't know she's your mate'

'Well now you do' with that I turned back to Sebastian and the little girl. The little girl was now in Sebastian's arms he was rocking her back and forth and she stopped crying. I walked to the pack house and ordered Dylan and the guys that stayed behind to guard the pack. Inside I looked for something that could get me in contact with the alpha. I smelled wolves one being a Luna in the basement Dylan and my other warriors wouldn't be able to smell them because they were in one of those special cells where the smell is blocked out. To bad I'm an Alpha and can smell 50 times better than a normal wolf. I made my way over to the basement and found the Luna surrounded by 3 men.

"Well if it isn't the Luna. Are these man keeping you locked up. Pore girl" that made her bodyguards angry and attack. It took me about 5 minutes before they were all dead.

"Now let's call your mate and see what he is willing to do to keep his dear Luna and son safe”?

"STAY AWAY FROM MY LITTLE BOY" the she-wolf screamed

"Whoa you got some longs woman. Now let's do this the easy way oke don't want anybody to get hurt now do we?" I gave her my oh so famous Jackson Wood smirk.

After what seemed like hours but was probably not more than 30 minutes. The pack and the land were mine. What people are willing to do for there loved one's it's amazing.

"YOUR A SICK WOLF YOUR THE REASON HUMANS FEAR US!!" The Luna screamed. I gave her a big grin.

"If I were you I would show a little bit more respect towards you new Alpha She immediately shut up.

I'm starting to love the feeling of power more and more.

I walked outside and the packs old Luna followed. One’s we were back I told her to go stand with her son what she happily did.

"Well people welcome to the eclipse pack" Everybody began shouting and screaming there alpha would never give up his pack. You know bullshit like that. I mean seriously there pack isn't that strong if I wouldn't of took over the pack some other Alpha would have done it. 

"SHUT UP" I used my Alpha voice so they didn't had a choice. When they were quit I went on with my awesome speech. "Good, now I'm Alpha Jackson and I AM your new Alpha and you will...." I didn't get to finish my sentence because the amazing scent from my beautiful mate was back.



Omg it took me forever to type this it has been done for two months but I just didn't had the time to type it. So here is the First chapter hope you like it please comment and Vote. And I would really like some feedback.


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