Fast Mate

Jackson Curtis is one of the most powerful alphas in
America. He had a strong pack and Rouges would think twice before trespassing his theory.
He never really thought much about finding his mate he
would just let fate do what fate does best.
When fate finally showed Jackson couldn't be happier
his mate.
What he didn't know was that his mate wasn't as normal
as she may seem.
Lucy Gold isn't normal. She has secrets that nobody is
allowed to know, a past that nobody wants to have and a build-up wall that is impossible to break. But this doesn't stop Jackson. He wants to know everything about
this girl with gold hair. He wants to know why she is so protective over her little sister. What happened in her past to make it so hard for her to tell? What her secrets are. Why she has
a wall as high as the Mount Everest. Why she doesn't want to shift and how she can run so fast that she out runs his best warriors in human form.

And he won't rest until he knows everything about his
Fast Mate


1. Prologue

"You’re going to be okay honey, just breath." John tried to keep his mate calm. 

  "I'm trying John she just won't come out." Marisa was trying to give birth to her baby for the past 5 hours,and up until now it wasn't looking like there was going to be a baby anytime soon.   After another hour Marisa was losing power; she felt her body giving up.   John saw how his wife was slowly fading away, closing her eyes. "No Marisa stay with me..." It didn't take long before the monitor stopped beating, and the only sound in the room was the long high peep coming from the machine. John hugged his mate praying for her to come back.  "Don't you dare leave me alone, we were going to grow old together. See our baby grow older and older. You were going to get grey hair, but dye it, and I was going to tell how beautiful you looked no matter what. You can't leave me. Please come back."Suddenly John was thrown to the other side of the room.    A gold light appeared around Marisa, so bright John had to cover his eyes. After what felt like hours the room turned darker and John looked up to see Marisa with a baby girl in her arms. "Turned out the Moon Goddess agrees with you about the me not leaving you part. Even though the me getting grey was just a big lie. I will never become grey." The voice John fought he never hear again spoke with a big smile on her face.    He ran to his wife and hugged her carefully so that he wouldn't hurt his mate or his pup. "Beautiful isn't she?"    Marisa looked down to the little girl in her arms. "Yeah she's beautiful, our little girl. Our little angel."   "You talked to the Moon Goddess?"   "Yes I did, promised her to keep this little one safe no matter what. Because the Moon Goddess helped give birth to her, she is a little different that the other pups. She's special John, we have to keep her safe no matter what." John looked at Marisa, who handed the little angel over to John.    The second she was in his arms he knew he would do everything he could to keep her safe.     So this is my new story it is the first one about werewolves and everything hope you like it. I don't update very fast but I try my best to update as much as I can.    Please vote and comment

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