1. Emotions

    My friends and I laugh. We smile and we talk. Have fun. He looks at me with eyes that mesmerize. Then they drop me off at home. 

  My house was a lifeless thing really. Depressed. I walked through the door and was met with a wall. "Worthless, lifeless, lonely, depressed, stupid, hated." The words were carved into it. The words started to move toward each together, forming a cloud. 

   The cloud moved over my head and started to storm. Emotions fell from it like drops of rain, filling my head. I crawled to my room and was enclosed by a dark corner. No one wants you. You're hopeless. Lonely. Stupid. I looked to the drawer, home to a blade stained with my blood. The thought of sliding it across my skin, releasing the emotional pain in a pool of crimson red. A gorgeous color. It sounded realistic but I shook it from my head. 

  I looked up to clear my eyes and shook my head. I whispered to myself. 

  "I can't do this anymore." 

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