Naruto and Hinata chronicles


2. The Reunion of friends

Hinata slowly wakes up to see kiba hugging her. " k-kiba where am I?" Kiba looked at her," you are in the konoha prison hospital.... Why did you join the akatsuki.... What made you do it?" Hinata sighs and says," naruto called me a lowlife just to impress his girlfriend Sakura..... " kiba turns red in anger," I'll kill him! You're in jail because of him! " hinata stays quiet. Kiba walks out to find Sakura and naruto walking to the jail to see hinata. "I hope hinata is ok!" Naruto and Sakura say to each other not noticing kiba. "She dosent want anything to do with either of you!" Kiba said as akamamaru growls at the two sick couple. They looked shocked," but we are her friends" naruto said his voice shakey. "Friends wouldn't call each other lowlifes do they? And they wouldn't attempt to kill them either!" Kiba said angrily. Sakura says angrily," don't talk to us like we are scum" kiba looks at her," well what I see is two people that are worst than scum! Because of you two hinata is hurt and might not make it! If she dies I will kill both of you!" They both gasp. "B-b-but..." Naruto was cut off by kiba," don't come near her". He walks back to hinata but the two follow him.

(Hoped you enjoyed this chapter I'll be making them mainly everyday)

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