Naruto and Hinata chronicles


1. The disaster!

Hinata was on her way to see naruto. She was wanting to cheer him up from losing the Chunnin exams. She heard loud moaning coming from behind his door. "N-naruto?" Hinata said to herself. She knocked on his door, and naruto opened it. "Oh hi hinata! I'm kind of busy! Maybe we can talk later?" Sakura called out," who is it?" "It's just some lowlife" hinata started crying and she ran out of the village and she ran into itachi who had brought her to the akatsuki to join. Tsunade told all of the genin the news and everyone started crying, naruto ran away crying.

A few months passed everyone was depressed still. Itachi and hinata walked to the Leaf Village. Naruto sees them and he confronts them itachi steps back watch. Hinata looks at him coldly. "Do you like my new look" hinata said proudly. "Hinata, why, why did you leave the village?" Naruto looked at her sadly. "Oh I'm just some lowlife... Remember?" Hinata said. "W-what..... No!" Naruto took out a kunai, " I guess I'll have to end you if you don't come back now hinata". Hinata said with a smirk," No need for me to fight back when I know you won't hesitate to kill the one that LOVED you the most!" She said feeling emotion again. She stands there waiting to get hit with the kunai. Naruto through the kunai before she said that and he screamed out," NOOO!" The kunai hits her in the stomach and she falls to her knees in shock that he actually didn't hesitate to kill her. Naruto stays in shock looking at the young Hyuga," hinata no I'm sorry!!" He runs to her pulling the kunai out and holding her in his arms. Her eyes get heavy and she passes out.

(Hey guys Isaac here I hoped you enjoyed this chapter of naruto and hinata chronicles more is to come! Thanks :) )

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