Just another school

Jenni moves school a lot because off her Parents. When she moves for the 4th time this year she ends up at Mountain high.
On her first day she made a few friends and meets the eyes of the school's bad boy, Tyler Salter.
Soon Tyler and Jenni get along and for the first time ever Tyler wants to kill every guy that even looks at Jenni.
Tyler finds out that Jenni isn't your normal teenage girl.
One moment she is bad and snaps at him when the other moment she lets her long hair cover her red cheeks.
Jenni and Tyler get feelings for each other but Jenni is to scared that what happend in the past will happen again.

Tyler does his best to figure Jenni out but that's harder that he thought

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6. Chapter 6


~~~~Tyler's pov:
Jenni looked really uncomfturble when we asked that she started to sweat.
"You don't have to tell us if it's too private." I said because I felt sorry for pushing her.
"Yeah she Does I really want to know" Ethan said.
"Ethan shut up she clearly doesn't want to tell us about it”. Dylan got the memo.
"Fine I bet she doesn't even know anything about her car" stupid Ethan
"You really want to take that bet" Jenni looked at Ethan with a face that says 'bring it on'
"Oh come on you’re a girl what do you know about sport cars" this time it was Dylan that opened his mouth.
" I guess your right I mean how can a girl know that her Lamborghini aventador can go 350 km/h, it take's 2,9 seconds to go from standing still to 100 km/h it uses 17,2 litter for each 100 km. it weighs 3472 pounds. It has a 6498 cc 60° V12 engine which delivers 700 horsepower. The forces are distributed through a Haldex clutch on all four wheels. The Predecessor is Lamborghini Murciélago and the successor is Lamborghini Huracán. There are 2000 Aventador's produced. And the car cost like 440000 dollars. I mean girls don't know such thinks.
Me and the other two guys looked at her with are jaws on the ground while she just walked into the building like she didn't just became an even hotter chick.
"Wow I’m glad I didn't bet" I said breaking the silence
"Wait the bet was still on that means I own her money dam" Ethan whined.
"Come on let’s just go inside" Dylan suggested.
We walked inside and were greeted by Jenni
“Took you long"
"Ha-ha very funny" I said to her.
I walked to the reception and the others followed.
"Hi how can I help you guy's" the lay behind the counter said. She looked to be around the 30 and she was giving me a look that I think was meant to be flirty.
Bah, like I know I’m hot but I don't do chick that are older than me. Or at least 10 years older.
“Good afternoon my name is Jenni and this are Blue eyes, Brown eyes and Green eyes. We are here because we would like to volunteer here for our community class." Jenni greeted the lady with a big smile.
"Oh how nice we can use a few extra hands let me just get my boss". The lady walked away through a door and left us in the pink lobby.
If you hadn't notice the owner likes pink.
After waiting for a few minutes the Lady from earlier came out of the door followed by an older lady that I knew all too well.
"Tyler is that you?" Betsy came walking over to me and grapped my cheeks.
“Yes it's me" I smiled.
“Look at you all grown up. Still looking handsome I see. It feels like yesterday that your mom walked in her with you. You were so little and always wore your black leather jacket. I can see that that hasn't change. I still remember that you let this girl wear it because she was cold. The little girl had a crush on you ever since." Betty said
"Always the lady man even at Daycare" Dylan laughed.

"Oh yeah that sure is true every girl had a crush on him. I remember that there was this one girl, what was her name again R....Rachel no not Rachel
"Romy her name was Romy Lester" I helped Betty.
"Oh right Romy. She was one of the only girls that didn't had a crush on you from the beginning. But you did had a crush on her ever since the day she hit you with a water balloon. You were always with her all the girls were so jealous especially Samantha...
"Wait you had daycare with Samantha. Why did we not know that" Dylan oh so rudely interrupted Betty.
"She sure was and she was so in love with Tyler. Every time Romy and Tyler were playing thoghter she would just glare at them. When Romy finally liked you back you two were so cute. I still got pictures of when you got 'married' you were wearing this really cute tux and she had a beautiful white princes dress. Romy let me do her hair and make-up and you had your hair all fancy. You two were so cute".
Awwww can I see the picture's" Jenni said with that face and voice girls do when they think something is cute.
Pay attention man she wants to see pictures of you and Romy at daycare. AND YOU ARE WEARING A TUX IN THEM.
"NOOOOO" I screamed” you don´t want to see those. I mean we didn´t came here to see some pictures of me wearing a Tux" I tried.
"No we didn´t but I really want to see those picture´s" Jenni looked at Betty with a pouty face.
Well if she is going to play that game so will you. Jenni doesn´t has a shot Betty loves you.
I listened to my mind and gave Betty one of the best pouty looks I got.
"Well if you really want to see them I can easily get them for you. We can talk while looking at them"
Well so much for love
"This is going to be fun"
"Shut up Ethan"
"Hahaha lighten up, you said you were a cute kid so it´s your own fault you made her curios"
"Exactly Dylan is right so light up Tyler. We are going to see how Samantha looked when she was young" with that Ethan followed Jenni and Betty who just disappeared behind the door. Dylan and I soon followed.
"Here they are, let´s take a seat" Betty grapped a big box filed with photo albums. Jenni and Betty took a seat on the big couch in the big office.
I looked around the office. It was a little smaller than I remembered, but that´s probably because I have grown a little bigger.
The big office used to be the scariest place ever, when I was little. It was the place all the grown-ups went to. I had been there a few times mostly with Romy when we broke the rules.
"Awww so cute" I got snapped out of my fought by a high pitch voice. I looked at Jenni who had that face again.
"Green eyes you used to be so cute espeacely in a tux" Jenni looked at me and I went to stand behind the couch so I could see the picture´s.
It was a picture of me in a tux with white flowers in my hand and a big smile on my face. Betty turned the page and the next picture caught me of garde.
It was a picture of Romy and I smiling at each other. Romy looked so beautiful in her white princess dress. I remember that when she walked in the room wearing the dress my mouth literally fell open.
“Woah Romy looks beautiful" Dylan suddenly spoke. I forgot that Dylan and Ethan also know who Romy is.
"OMG is that´s dom mean version of Barbie. She sure has change" Jenni pointed at a little girl who was wearing a pink dress with flowers on them and sandals with socks. She was a little chubby and had piggy tails in her hair.
"Ha-ha omg we have to take that picture with us. Selling them we can make some serious money with that." Dylan High fived Ethan.
“That’s mean, Oke mean version of Barbie isn't my favourite person either but selling those pics is really mean" Jenni surprisingly stood up for Samantha.
"Your no fun" Ethan pouted.
“But she is right, now what did you guys wanted to ask me" Betty asked
"Oh we were wondering if we could do some volunteer work for school here" Dylan asked Betty
"Of course I could use some help. When do you guys want to start"?
"We well we fought we could start next week if that's oke with you?" I asked.
"Sounds good to me I will see you guys next week" Betty walked us out
Jenni walked over to her car and Dylan, Ethan and I walked to my car.
Dylan and Ethan were going to hang at my house like Always
"YO Jenni I guess we will see you tomorrow" I yelled
"Yeah I’ll see you tomorrow" with that she got in her car and drove away.
"I swear I'm getting one off those" Ethan said next to me and I nodded.
"Well find out who her ex is and ask him" Dylan said as if it was the most logical thing in the world
"Yeah that was weird who gives there girlfriend a car. I mean what happened it most off been big because she got really nervous and shit like that”. I asked out loud
"I don't know man but I sure going to find it out" With that Dylan got in the car and Ethan and I soon followed.
I started the car and soon we were of to my house.



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