Just another school

Jenni moves school a lot because off her Parents. When she moves for the 4th time this year she ends up at Mountain high.
On her first day she made a few friends and meets the eyes of the school's bad boy, Tyler Salter.
Soon Tyler and Jenni get along and for the first time ever Tyler wants to kill every guy that even looks at Jenni.
Tyler finds out that Jenni isn't your normal teenage girl.
One moment she is bad and snaps at him when the other moment she lets her long hair cover her red cheeks.
Jenni and Tyler get feelings for each other but Jenni is to scared that what happend in the past will happen again.

Tyler does his best to figure Jenni out but that's harder that he thought

i suck at descriptions i really do but please read it would mean a lot.
Hope you like it
-xxx- Batman his side kick


4. Chapter 4

~~Tyler pov:

Jenni walked to het locker and I saw her getting her drawing stuff.

"You got art class now?" I said from behind her what made her jump like 10 feet in the air and she let out a loud squeak.

" AAHHHH you scared the life out of me. You know if you want me dead you could have just say so, that way I could have prepared myself before you murder me." she had her hand over her heart and was taking deep breaths.

Her comment made me laugh like crazy.

"Stop laughing it's not funny" she pushed my chest and I think it was meant to hurt.

"Oke but it was funny. Anyway before you got scared and started to say I wanted you dead and everything, I asked if you got art class?" I pointed at the art stuff she was holding.

" Yeah I do can you tell me where that is or do I somehow have to figure out this map of your school." She got a map and started looking at it with a cute confused face.

" I will show you I got art now anyway so you can follow me". We walked to class together.

As we walked in the classroom there were a lot off easels set up.

Yeah I love painting

"You want to sit with me cuz I don't think you know..." I was interrupted by someone

"Hey Jenni come stand with us" one of the two twins waved her over.

Why does she know them and can't they see that she is with me. Who do they think they are George and Fred Weasley?

I ignored my mind and looked at Jenni. Who looked at the twins than at me.

" I think I’m going to stand with the twin 1 and twin 2 maybe you can stand with us as well, I mean you did asked first". She smiled the most beautiful sweat smile at me and I nodded, even though I don't know the twin and for some reason I really don't like the fact that Jenni likes them.

It’s cuz you jealous

I’m not jealous mind; I don't even know the girl.

"Yeah sure" we walked to the twins. She stood next to the twins and I was on the other side of her. Our teacher walked in and put her stuff down.

" Oke class good to see that you all found a easel. Today is the first day and I want you guys to paint a forest. You can use whatever material you want. Good luck."

 At the end of class I was really happy with my painting I looked at the painting off Jenni.

"WOW your really good at painting!" she painted a beautiful forest with water and a side walk it had a lot off red in it.

"My painting is good? Have you looked at yours? It’s breath taking" I looked at my painting it was a good painting for the little time that we had to make it. I used a lot of green.

"Thank you"

" So Jenni what are you going to do after this beautiful school day" one of the twins asked

" I still have to unpack my stuff why do you have something better to do?"

" Well Megan, Stacey, Charlotte, John and we are going to do to KATE'S you want to come"

"What is KATE'S?

"KATE'S is a place where everybody from school hangs out after school. It’s a little coffee shop not far from here." I found myself answer

" Ooh if everybody from school hangs out there that means it's normal to go there and I’m not in the mood to be normal so when somebody finds something original to go to give me a call." With that the bell rang and Jenni walked out of class.

"Hey jenni wait" I ran after her when I was finally walking next to her I asked what class she had.

"Oh I have biology I think. Well I hope I really like that class."

"Oh oke I got English but biology is in class room 204"

"Thanks bye"


I walked to my English class and took my normal seat. The teacher began to speak but I didn't listened I was thinking of an original place where I could take Jenni.

"Hey Dylan do you know a place that almost nobody knows of or go's?"

"Dude why do you need to know that?" he answered

"I just want to know if you know a original place" I said as if I haven't been trying to think of a place for the last ten minutes.

" Maybe the warehouse a little out off town you know the one on the top of the hill not many people know about that place." Ethan my man answered

"But isn't that place like impossible to get to last time it took us 2 hours to get there, I mean that is the reason why we never went back." And Dylan had to crush my dream.

"Yeah but that was because we were lost I think if you know the way it will only take like 45 minutes." and Ethan is the man of the hour.

"Thanks dude's" I fist bumped them.

"But why do you need to know" Dylan asked

" Is it because of a girl because if she is hot that means she has hot friends and if that is the case I totally want to be part off your plan." And Ethan his hour is over

"Yeah it's a girl and no you can't be part off my plan"

" Ooooh can I guess the girl? Let me think is it Brittany or Lola or Dianne I bet it's Rose.

"Mr. Richmond, Mr. Salter and Mr.Defeo what is so important that you have to talk during my class" Mrs. Kalford shouted from the other side of the classroom.

"You see Tiffany we wondered if you could maybe tell us something about your private life I have a feeling I don't know anything about you." Ethan used his flirt voice

This is going to be fun

"Oh well I am single and I have 5 cats who's names are Abraham Linchon, Tina Turner, Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley and Lava girl. We all live in a really sweet apartment and I don't have any kids" Mrs. Kalford said really happy

By now the hole class was laughing

" Do you maybe have any pictures of you cats?” I asked a if I really cared.

" Yes I have" Mrs. Kalford happily showed us the picture off her cats still no clue about the fact that the hole class was laughing at her even Anna was laughing the teachers pet.

Mrs. Kalford showed us pictures of her cat all dressed up as the person there named after. Man I have never laught that hard.

Dylan was high fiving us.

Mrs. Kalford turned to the class and finally notices that she was being a laughing stock. She turned really angry.

"Are you oke Tiffany" Dylan asked acting worried


The whole class started to say that it was our fault.


I never really have been good at controlling my anger.

" Mr. Salter another detention if I were you I would keep still and pay attention in class you are going to need it" mrs.Kalford said as if I was dom.

Oh she did not just say that

" Oh oh that was not smart of her" Dylan said while looking at me worry in his eyes

" Chill Tyler she did not mean that she is just angry take a deep breath you already have 2 detention and you know your going to get into a lot off trouble if you got to go to the principal's office again" Ethan put his hand un my shoulder to keep me down

I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. Ethan was right I can't go to the principal's office again.

But I was bumped cuz I couldn't ask Jenni to the warehouse today or tomorrow because I got detention. Maybe I ask her later this week.

After English I had community class. That is next to art and PA my favorite class. Because we don't really do anything but sometime community service a lot off time we don't have this class and because it's the last class of the day that is really chill. Plus the teacher is chill and the class isn't that big most off the class are nerds and those kinds that do a lot off volunteering.

I walked to Mr. Elmore his class and took my seat next to Dylan and Ethan who bought had this class as well.

The bell rang and two seconds later the door opened again and in ran an out off breath red looking angry but really hot Jenni.

" Is this Mr. Elmore’s class”?

" Yes it is can you tell me why you look like you just ran 500 miles and want to kill somebody?" Mr. Elmore asked the question I wanted to ask myself

"YES, I FOUND IT TAKE THAT DOM MEAN VERSION OFF BARBIE" Jenni did a type of happy dance and but her fist in the sky. When she realized the whole class was looking at like she was crazy and Dylan and Ethan were laughing there ass off she stopped and looked at the ground with red cheeks (totally hot if you must know)

"Miss you want me to ask my question again and who do you mean with 'dom mean version off Barbie'?"

"Oh yes I would love to, I look like I just run 500 miles because I had to run across the school only to find out that I was on the wrong side off the school and the class I had to get to was really close to my locker and my locker was close to the class I had a few minutes ago. Now you ask yourself why would you run to the other side off the school only to find out you were already really close to the place you needed to be. That is a very good question. The answer to your really good question is because my new biology partner is a dom mean version of Barbie who decided to 'help me with showing my new class'. See what I did there with my fingers yeah the bitch send me to the other side off school and now I’m late and ready to kill the dom mean version of Barbie that made me have a really bad biology lesson because she wouldn't shut up about the some dress she was going to buy and made me do all the work. And normally I love biology and I’m in a really good mood when I’m come back from biology but know I feel the need to kill somebody." She finished

"Sounds like Samantha to me" Dylan says what I was thinking.

" Yeah I think so to but I like the she gave her better" I answered

"I fought you loved her I mean she has been your girlfriend like a million times and she is always around you" Ethan said with a teasing tone

"Shut up"

"Well Miss it's oke you can take you seats." Mr. Elmore said

" You believe me because the only thing that I was thinking when I told the story is that he is never going to believe that. I mean teacher always have this special power for believing the wrong story."

"I believe you I mean I have met Samantha and the girl you just described sounds a lot like her"

" Your cool Mr. Elmore"

" Please call me David"

" Oke David my name is Jenni"

"Oke Jenni take a seat and than I can start my less".

jenni took a seat to far form me if you ask me.

"Oke class I want you all to make a group off 4 people and think off a place where you can volunteer to work. But I do want you to meet people at this place that are not in the same age category as you are."

Dylan, Ethan and I looked at each other and smiled.

"Now who is going to be number 4" Dylan looked around

I looked at jenni who was talking to other people but it looked like that was a group off 5.

"Hey jenni you want to join our group it looks like you group is to big" Ethan shouted at Jenni who nodded and said something to the other people before walking over to us.

"Hey green blue and brown eyes" she greeted

" Hey, you do know we got names right" I laughed at the nicknames she gave us

"Yes I do but I already trying to learn a lot of names so for now you guys are stuck with green, blue and brown eyes until your getting new nicknames or you own names"

"Oke will do anyway where are we going to volunteer?" Ethan asked

" How about with the elderly" jenni suggested

" No way I’m not going to work with old grumpy lady's that pinch my cheek"

"The homeless"

" Do you know how much they smell”?

" Your a real diva brown eyes"

That made Ethan and me laugh because Dylan is the biggest diva off us all.

" I am not, your idea's are just stupid"

" Well why don't you come with an idea"


"I'm not going to volunteer at prison. If you must know I’m not planning on going to that place anytime soon" Ethan answered

" You guys are impossible, you know lets just volunteer ate the daycare I mean kids are sweet and funny and when they sleep we don't have to do anything" Jenni threw her hands in the air in frustration.

We looked at each other and smiled.

"That doesn't sound so bad" Dylan spoke for us

"Yeah we can go to my old daycare I’m sure they want to see there favorite kid again" Jenni looked at me in disbelieve ones I said that.

"What I was a really cute kid I mean look at me"

" Talk about a big ego" I wanted to say something back to Jenni but David walked over to us

" So guys you already know where you want to volunteer"

"Yes we do we want to volunteer at my old daycare" I smiled at David

" That is a good idea Jenni your oke with being the only girl in your group"

"Yeah why wouldn't I be?" Jenni looked at David like he was crazy

" No reason just asking"

"Well we are going to call Tyler his old daycare" Dylan got his phone out off his pocket.

"Why call it is way nicer to go visited and we have a bigger change at getting the job if we show our face"

"Yeah we would love to do that put we got detention"

"Who gave you detention?" David

"Mrs.Kalford" Dylan Ethan and I said at the same time

"oke I will talk to her and say that I will stay with you for detention and than you guys can go to the daycare to ask if you can volunteer there instead of detention" my Favorite teacher off all time lady and gentleman, David Elmore.

"We made her really angry so I think she wants to see us pay for the joke we did" Ethan was being smart and again crushed my dreams.

"Well I think that the lonely cat lady has a crush un me so I think I will make it happen".

David walked out off the classroom so that he could go flirt with Mrs. Kalford.

"Man that is the best teacher ever" Jenni looked at the door David just disappeared behind in disbelieve.

" We know" my bro’s and me said at the same time.

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