Just another school

Jenni moves school a lot because off her Parents. When she moves for the 4th time this year she ends up at Mountain high.
On her first day she made a few friends and meets the eyes of the school's bad boy, Tyler Salter.
Soon Tyler and Jenni get along and for the first time ever Tyler wants to kill every guy that even looks at Jenni.
Tyler finds out that Jenni isn't your normal teenage girl.
One moment she is bad and snaps at him when the other moment she lets her long hair cover her red cheeks.
Jenni and Tyler get feelings for each other but Jenni is to scared that what happend in the past will happen again.

Tyler does his best to figure Jenni out but that's harder that he thought

i suck at descriptions i really do but please read it would mean a lot.
Hope you like it
-xxx- Batman his side kick


3. Chapter 3


Jenni's Pov:


The math class was easy and boring, except for the girl next to me her name was Megan and she was really cool.


When Math class was over we had lunch because math took the entire morning


Megan walked with me to my locker cuz I forgot the way. When I was in front of my locker. Megan said she would be right back but first had to go to her own locker.


When I closed my locker I saw that the guy with the pretty green eyes walked in. He was surrounded by the two guys that were sitting next to him in class.


I looked around the hall and saw at least the hole school staring. I did understand it a little I mean there hot. They were all wearing ripped dark blue jeans


They guy that said that the math teacher was a strict sometimes decides to be cool teacher. He was wearing a black V-neck t-shirt and completed it with a black and red baseball jacket. He has brown hair blue eyes and was well build.


On the right walked the guy that asked if I get kicked out of school a lot. He was wearing a grey V-neck t-shirt that said Boston 55. He had brown hair and brown eyes. The short sleeves of his shirt showed his biceps perfectly.


The last guy was the guy with the green eyes who I snapped at.


Still have to apologise for that


Anyway he was wearing a white V-neck t-shirt with a leather jacket. He has green eyes like I said before and dirty blond hair what looked really soft. His body looked sexy the white shirt was a bit tied so you could see his six-pack and muscles’.


You’re staring, stop staring. There coming your ways stop staring.


I listened to my mind and turned around quickly putting my stuff in my locker and getting my bag.


The green eyes was standing 2 lockers next to me putting his stuff away. I walked over to him.


"Hey green eyes" I said to the guy with green eyes not to the one with blue or brown but for some reason they all turned around.


"Do you mean me?" green eyes pointed at himself.


"No I mean the guy with blue eyes" I said sarcastic
 this made the blue and brown eyes laugh


"Anyway I just came over here to say I’m sorry for snapping at you earlier I didn't mean to". He looked surprised that I appoligised. Why is it surprising that I apologised.


"It’s oke I guess you heard that question a lot thanks for apologising". Right that moment Megan came back.


"Well oke I got to go see you later green, blue and brown eyes" I walked over to Megan. I think they said something but I was too hungry to wait.


As Megan and I walked the cafeteria in some people shouted at Megan and waved for her to come over. She smiled and waved to the line for the food. What I think mend that we first will get food what was no problem with me.


As I was standing in the line waiting for people to move so that I could buy my sandwich and smoothie. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw her.


“Hey how has your day been so far" her painful voice said.


"Good I met a girl that I’m going to sit with so you can do your own stuff" I said a bit sweeter than I wanted to. That she is still talking to me after what happened this morning beets me.


"Oke than I will just leave" that is the best thing I ever heard coming out of her mouth.


"How do you know Anna?" Megan asked making me turn round and realising that we're almost at the end of the line.


She showed me my locker and brought me to math this morning" I simply answered.


We paid for our food and walked to the people that waved at Megan.


"Hey guys this is Jenni she is new. Jenni this is Stacey, Charlotte, John, Emily, Tyson and Luke". She pointed at everybody while saying their names.


"Hey it is going to take me a while before I’m going to know who is who especially you two". I pointed at the two guys exactly the same.


Everybody felt in a big laughter what I didn't get because I was dead serious.


"Want us to wear name cards"? One off the twins said (thinks there twins).


"That is a great idea do that" I said down and took bite of my sandwich. Mmmmmm I love food.


I talked to everybody and got to know them. The twins are really funny making me laugh like crazy. I still don't know their names but I know almost all the names off all the other people eventhough I’m going to forget them tomorrow.


"Hey Jenni I wanted to ask you something before you go" I nodded and Megan and I walked out of the cafeteria.


"Why were you talking to Tyler before lunch"? She asked.


"Who is Tyler...? Oh you mean green eyes, I wanted to apologise because I snapped at him in class" I simply answered


"What did he say back"?


"Thanks for apologising and that he understood


“Tyler said thank you to you"?




"I can't believe Tyler Salter has a sweat side


"What do you mean"?


"Tyler is the typical popular Bad Boy


 I shook it off said goodbye and walked to my locker without getting lost.

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