Just another school

Jenni moves school a lot because off her Parents. When she moves for the 4th time this year she ends up at Mountain high.
On her first day she made a few friends and meets the eyes of the school's bad boy, Tyler Salter.
Soon Tyler and Jenni get along and for the first time ever Tyler wants to kill every guy that even looks at Jenni.
Tyler finds out that Jenni isn't your normal teenage girl.
One moment she is bad and snaps at him when the other moment she lets her long hair cover her red cheeks.
Jenni and Tyler get feelings for each other but Jenni is to scared that what happend in the past will happen again.

Tyler does his best to figure Jenni out but that's harder that he thought

i suck at descriptions i really do but please read it would mean a lot.
Hope you like it
-xxx- Batman his side kick


2. Chapter 2

~~Tyler's Pov:

The door off the classroom was being opened right in the middle of Mr.Merlier his instructions and for the first time today I paid attention.

This hot girl with dirty blond hair walked in. She was wearing ripped black jeans with a white top that said "bad girls are more fun" and a black leather jacket. May I just say she looked breath taking. And taking Tyler Salter's breath is very hard.

So when the breath taking hot awesome wearing top girl decided to speak in knew sure that I had to get her number.

"hi sorry I'm late, I think i got lost on my way to school" The soon to be new contact in my phone said.

" you think you got lost how can you think you got lost don't you mostly know when you get lost" Mr. Merlier decided to bark again.

" it depence" she answered

"on what". and so the conversation begins

"what kind off teacher you are"

"what do you mean with that"

"well you can be the strict teacher, the strict teacher that sometimes suddenly decides to be cool, the teacher that lets there emotions get the best of them, the teacher that cries, the teacher that can be strict but also cool, and the teacher that doesn't teach,  the teacher that is cool and everybody respect and the teacher everybody listens to because he/she is hot. Your clearly not the last one". Yep she just turned into the coolest new girl.

"while I’m the cool teacher that everybody respects but that doesn't have anything to do with you getting lost or not". Mr. Merlier his comment made me laugh he is so not that teacher he is more the teacher that can be strict and mostly is.

" you can't say what kind of teacher you are your not your own teacher so you don't know what it's like to  get class from you" She said as a matter of fact.

"he is the strict teacher that sometimes suddenly decides to be cool" Ethan shouted who was sitting next to me as always

"Nobody asked you anything Mr.Richmond so be quiet" Mr Merlier said strict

"No you should thank him he told you what kind off teacher you are so now I know my answer" the girl looked at Ethan with a nod that said thank you.

Why did she nod at him why not at me.

What did my mind just said oke lets just pretend that not happened I don't get jealous I don't have to. I'm Tyler Salter every girl wants me and every boy wants to be me.

"so what is your answer" Mr. Merlier saved me from my own crazy fought.

" I was late because my parents couldn't bring me and I didn't know the way to school being new around this newbourhoud and everything"

Yes she is new around here that way I can show her around.

" While because it's your first day i will let it slip but if your late next time....." Mr. Merlier was being caught off

" I will get detention i know the lady at the reception already told me"

"Right. even though your late and disturbed my class why don't you tell us a little something about yourself". Now that was the best question Mr. Merlier ever asked.

"I'm Jenni Lockwood I'm 17 years old i just moved here and this is not the first time that I’m the new girl". Jenni answered yeah I can now say jenni instead of breath taking hot awesome wearing top girl.

"how many times have you chanced schools" Mr. Merlier asked

"This year 4 times and in my life I have no idea I lost count". Woow she changes school a lot

"Why do you change schools so much get kicked out all the time" My other Best Friend Dylan said who was sitting on the other side of me.

Ethan,Dylan and I are always sitting in the back because if you fall asleep or your not paying attention the teacher won't see.

" No my parents have a job that makes us move a lot" now here attention was pointed to Dylan.

say something than she will look at you.

Why does my mind keeps saying does stupid thinks but i know my mind is right i mean it's my mind of course it's right.

so I decided to say something." must suck being the new girl all the time"

Yeah oke that wasn't so bad at least you didn't make yourself look like a complete loser.

Now I know that whatever said that is not me. because I know that what ever I do I will not look like a loser.

"Why does everybody keeps saying that being the new girl doesn't suck" she snapped

" Sorry i only fought it would suck" I defended myself but didn't shout like she did man I most of hit the wrong bottom


" Miss Lockwood why don't you take a seat and I will go on with my class. Mr. Merlier pointed to the seat next to this girl that I think was called Megan.

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