Just another school

Jenni moves school a lot because off her Parents. When she moves for the 4th time this year she ends up at Mountain high.
On her first day she made a few friends and meets the eyes of the school's bad boy, Tyler Salter.
Soon Tyler and Jenni get along and for the first time ever Tyler wants to kill every guy that even looks at Jenni.
Tyler finds out that Jenni isn't your normal teenage girl.
One moment she is bad and snaps at him when the other moment she lets her long hair cover her red cheeks.
Jenni and Tyler get feelings for each other but Jenni is to scared that what happend in the past will happen again.

Tyler does his best to figure Jenni out but that's harder that he thought

i suck at descriptions i really do but please read it would mean a lot.
Hope you like it
-xxx- Batman his side kick


1. Chapter 1

~~Today was monday and for the 4th time this year I Jenni Lockwood am the new girl. It's not because i get kicked out, that was once last year Long story. It was because my parents move around alot for there work and it's not like they don't have a heart and leave me behind. I don't know exactly what they do for work but I do know they work for a bank. The bank they work for decides to move all the time for safety and everything. Not that I mind my parents make alot off money like millions, oke not millions more like a million anyway we got money.

I also don't think chancing school is that bad. I make one friend who has a few friends that look cool and if i move again i only have to say goodbye to that one friend and she will tell her friends.                    

I know not that nice but i after saying goodbye so many times i got sick of it. And if I stay to long i get into alot off trouble last year proves that same long story.                                                                                  

So you get the memo I love my parents job eventhough there never home I like being alone so yeah.

So for the 4th time this year I walked the school in as the new girl. Nobody was starring at me because school already started a half hour ago i was late. I walked to the reception that was next to the main doors. At the reception was a lady who was in I think her late 40 can be 30 i'm not so good in guessing ages. She was typing something on her computer. How are they always typing something they always have something to type.

Anyway i pushed the little bel to get her attention. She looked up and stopped typing

i know right.

"hi i'm jenni lockwood i'm new here" is said as polite as i could.                                                                 

"and why are you late" oké she could have said hi first or at least a bit nicer.                                           

"my parents couldn't bring me and I got lost because I didn't know the way" that answer was half true. My parents couln't bring me but I didn't get lost I just wanted to get some coffee and because I couldn't walk in here with my coffee I had to drink it in the cute little coffee shop.

Just to tell you something about myself. I wouldn't call myself a bad girl but i'm also not a sweet A+ student. I'm just Jenni Lockwood can't really put a lable on me.

"because your new i will let it slip"

like Always

"but next time you will get detention like everybody else that is late. your books are in your locker and i will call somebody to show you your locker and bring you to you class what is match" She said a bit nicer this time. She called somebody and aksing for a girl named Anna.

Great it's to early in the morning to socialize I hope this girl is a girl that doesn't talk.

"will print your schedule and a map off the school". I think i got at least 20 school maps at home. For some weard reason I save them. The lady behind the desk typed something on her computer and a few seconds the machine behind her springs to live. Spitting out a few white papers with inkt on them. After the machine died again the lady hands me the papers and I thank her.

After a little while a girl who looked like a sweet A+ teacherspet showed up. Than out of her way to big smile came a high anoying noice that said "hi I'm Anna you must be the new girl your late but I guess you have a good reason for that, it's not like you want to be late on your first day. you don't have to tell me eventhough I am curious. Anyway follow me I will bring you to your locker and your math class eventhoug you missed half off the class". the ear crushing sound finally stopped.

"so what is your name?" aaaaah it's back wait she asked me a question

great luck is so not on my side i fought i just told the universe that i was not in the mood to socialize grrrr.

"i'm jenni" I gave her as short as posible answer.

"i'm Anna it must suck to be the new girl?"

Why are we starting a conversestion.

"it's not i am it alot and it's not so bad." we stopped moving and were now standing in front off a locker that didn't have thinks stuck on it like the others.

"this is your locker your code is still 0000 you can change it by....

I know how it works not the first time i did it now i already got my match book while you were talking if you turn around than i can change my locker number and you can bring me to class and don't say a word because I don't think my ears will survive this much longer" I interupted her.

She did as she was told and i changed my code to 1402 because that is the date off valentine and i just love valentine i don't know why i only had a boyfriend once and that didn't end so well same long story.

She brought me to my class whitout a word not that I mind. We finally got there and i walked my math class in.

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