A New Chance

She grabbed the headcollar and lead that she always kept in the boot of the car and ran over to the poor horse.
And from then on, she gave her A New Chance.


1. Found

Ashley Luna played the same song again in the car. She had her big blue headphones on, and they matched her dark blue eyes perfectly, like spaghetti and bolognese. Her mum was driving her up to see her little Shetland pony, Beam, who she had had since she was three years old. She used to ride him but had outgrown him, and refused to let him be sold on. So that he still got to have his fun of being ridden, she let the riding school borrow him a few times every weekend. They loved him so much as he was a very sensible little pony, so she did not pay very much to have him stabled, fed and fully tacked.

She stared at the hills outside the car window. They were lush shade of green, and the sunset made it look more beautiful than usual. The water in the river was rippling and the sun reflected off of it. It would have made a perfect photograph, until she saw something that made her heart skip a beat, and terrified her.

"MUM PULL OVER RIGHT NOW!" she shouted, taking off her headphones immediately. Her mum swerved over, going slightly on slopes. "What is it?!?!" Her mum said as Ashley scrambled out of the car. Ashley grabbed the head collar and lead rope she kept in the back, in case of emergency, and grabbed a carrot from her bag. Her mum climbed out of the car too.

"What is it Ashley!?" exclaimed her mum.

"There is a skinny horse at the top of the hill and she has been abandoned and tied to a rock. I am going to rescue it!" She said as she pulled her wellies on and went to the top of the hill, her mum walking behind her.

The horse was weak and skinny, and distressed at being tied to a rock which she had gave up trying to move. She had a old rug on to try and cover some of her skinnyness, but the amount of holes in it showed her rib cage. 

"Its okay girl, i'm here and i am going to help you" Ashley said as she slipped on her clean head collar and clipped on the lead rope. "Pass me the scissors mum" she said, and cut off the rope that tied her down. "Good girl" she said as she stroked the horse.

"Well what are we going to do now? A fifteen hands high horse is not going to fit in the car!" her mum said. 

"Quickly drive to the yard and ask them to clear out a stable because its an emergency. Try and see if you can get soom food prepared in there too, and a nice warm rug or sheet or something like that." she said to her mum. "When you come back, bring a horse trailer!" she called as she saw her mum nod. 

Her mum passed her a helmet, just in case, some food and a brush. 

"Its okay girl, its just going to be you and me for a little while."

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