The ice Princess ( R5/ Ross Lynch)

The Lynch's are on a holiday with chrismas in Canada. In the place were Stacey lives. What happend when The guys go on the ski runs with there sled and Ross crashes in to Stacey.

Got to read to find out.

I'm not so good in Descriptions


8. Chapter 8

~~Today was the day Stacey and Sophie could finally go to the half pipe. Stacey couldn't wait she was out of her bed at 9 AM.
 Now I know that doesn't sound early but if your name is Stacey Ding that is really early. After she got dressed and had eaten she grabbed her board and made her way over to the bus stop.

You might be thinking why she isn’t going with the car or with Sophie. You see Stacey doesn't have her license yet, she is simply to busy with school and snowboarding and by the way her brother and Sophie can drive her around.

But if that isn't an option she can always take the bus like today.

Sophie couldn't pick her up because off some unknown reason, so she is taking the bus.

Stacey got on the bus. Once she got her seat she waited.

The bus stopped at one off the stops and people started to walk in. there weren't any seat left so some people had to stand.
 She spotted a well know guy with brown hair. They locked eyes and Stacey froze. She was trying really hard not to cry. Nobody was breaking the eye contact. So many things went through Stacey's head.

The bus took a sharp turn and the guy lost his balance which made him look away.

Stacey quickly stood up and let an old lady take her place. She looked down to scared to look up.

Once the bus stopped at Stacey stop she couldn't get out fast enough.

She spotted Sophie and walked over to her.

"Hi Stac, ready?" Sophie greeted

"As ready as I’ll ever be"

“Your oke?" Sophie looked worried and Stacey couldn't blame her. She probably looks like a ghost

"Yeah just bumped into 'you know' on the bus" Sophie did know what Stacey meant and looked at her with pity. Something only Sophie and Tyler do.

"Let’s just get ready for today"
 and that is what they did.

Once Stacey was at the top off the pipe she was all alone there wasn't any other snowboarder and Stacey had the pipe all for herself because Stacey and Sophie decide to look at each other so that they could see how it looked.

Stacey got ready to go down the half pipe. She did a few easy tricks with the biggest smile on her face. She loved to snowboard. Being on the board feeling the snow underneath. Hearing the snow crack when you slide over it. Feeling the cold wind on your cheeks. The feeling of conquering a trick and knowing how to land. She just loves snowboarding.

"Oke Soof your turn"

Sophie and Stacey spent the whole day at the half pipe. One’s they were done they both went home Stacey luckily didn't bump into anyone on the bus and got home safe.

One's Stacey was at home Tyler was standing outside.

"Hey Stace where going out for dinner" Tyler said really quickly and pulled Stacey by the arm to his car.

"Is something wrong?" Stacey asked her brother quit confused as to why there going out for dinner normally one off them cook's or they order food.

“NO, no no no nothing is wrong" That was when Stacey saw the other car in the drive way and knew why they were going out for dinner.

Stacey stayed quit and followed Tyler to the car without a word they drove off to the restaurant. The car ride was quiet and Stacey didn't mind it at all. After 15 minutes Tyler parked the car in front of Lexa.

 Stacey and Tyler got out of the car and made their way inside off Lexa. A little bit off the tension left Stacey's body and she let her shoulders down. Something about this place always made her calm, maybe because it was her favourite restaurant. Not thinking any more about it Stacey and Tyler went to get a table.

They took a table next to the window. Only a few tables’ ahead Stacey saw a few blond heads that weren't from strangers.

"Hey aren't that the Lynch's" Tyler signed to the blondes

"Yeah I think they are"

"Let’s go say hi".

Before Stacey could say anything Tyler was already next to the Lynch's there table.

 "Hey guys how you are doing" Ross and the others looked up and spotted Tyler next to their table. Ross looked over his shoulder and saw that Stacey was also walking her way over towards them.

"Hey Tyler" Rydel said "oh and Stacey" Stacey was now standing next to her brother and looked at the lynch´s. She locked eyes with Ross and for some strange unknown reason there grew a smile on both their faces, but it didn´t take long for Stacey to come back to reality and reality was that she didn´t really feel like pretending like she was happy and had a perfect life. Right now she just wanted to be sad for a little. It was too hard to put the smile she always wears on her face. She was tired of pretending everything was oke she just wanted to be sad.

"Have you guys ordered already because we haven´t yet" but her brother wasn´t having that.

"No we haven´t yet. Are you guys alone" Riker said

“yeah we are" Tyler answered

“How about you guys come sit with us I’m sure we can make some room" Stormie asked and everybody smiled and nodded except for Stacey.

“Your oke with that Stacey" Ross looked at Stacey with hope

"I don´t know can I talk to my brother for a second " Stacey looked at Tyler who looked back confused and worried. He nodded and Stacey and Tyler walked away. Ross followed them with his eyes. A million questions where running through his head. Did they say something wrong? Did they do something wrong. Didn´t Stacey liked them. Didn´t Stacey liked him.

"What do you think is wrong" he asked his family

"Don´t know maybe she doesn´t feel good she did looked a little sad" Rydel answered. Ross did notes that Stacey wasn´t smiling as much as the other days but he doesn´t really know her that well.


"What is wrong Stacey why don´t you want to sit with them" Tyler Asked Stacey

"Because I don´t think I´m really much fun to be around right now" Stacey answered and she felt tears appear in her eyes. Tyler opened his arms and Stacey gladly walked in.

"It´s oke, but I think you need to get your mind off it. So maybe some distraction won´t be so bad" Stacey nodded her head but didn´t let go of Tyler just yet.

Ross looked at Stacey and Tyler as they were hugging each other. Stacey was crying and that was the most heartbroken thing Ross had ever seen. When Stacey and Tyler broke apart Tyler wiped the tears away and they made their way over to them. He knew his whole family saw that Stacey had been crying but as soon as they arrived every put a smile on their faces.

"So what are you guys going to order I think I’m going with the steak. I LOVE MEAT" Stacey said as she took a seat next to Ross. Everybody laughed.

"I think I’m going for the steak as well, and just so you know I have a thing for girl with a big Appetite" Ross whispered the last part to Stacey, which lead to her punching his shoulder. Ross chuckled and Stacey smiled.

"But seriously are you oke I saw you crying" Ross asked Stacey still whispering

"I'm oke, just had a rough day" Stacey gave Ross a smile to let him know she was oke. Ross didn't really believe her but he let it slip.

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