The ice Princess ( R5/ Ross Lynch)

The Lynch's are on a holiday with chrismas in Canada. In the place were Stacey lives. What happend when The guys go on the ski runs with there sled and Ross crashes in to Stacey.

Got to read to find out.

I'm not so good in Descriptions


7. Chapter 7

~~Ross woke up because he heard laughter coming from downstairs. "HAHA are you oke?"Ross heard what he fought was Rocky. He stood up so that he could check out what was happening.

" Yeah I’m oke........stop laughing it's not funny" The voices became clearer and he now saw a strange guy that looked a bit like Stacey. In front off him stood a girl but he could only see her back. Rocky was helping a girl up who think slipped. When he saw her clearer he recognized her as Sophie.

"hey Sophie what are you doing here and why where you on the ground" Ross asked right that moment. Stacey turned around and saw something she was not expecting a shirtless Ross. God Ross is hot was the first thing that came to her mind. Ross notice Stacey checking him out and he couldn't help but smirk.

"we came to bring you guys the breakfast you ordered and Sophie slipped" Tyler said to Ross even though Ross had no idea who he was. "And who are you?" Ross asked a little scared that he will say that he is Stacey's boyfriend.

"ummmm this is Tyler my brother....Tyler this is Ross" Stacey snapped out of her trance and looks away from Ross his shirtless body

" so your the guy that bomb in to my sister yesterday" Tyler said showing anger in his voice.                   "yeah that's me" Ross scratches the back of his head nervously.

"Tyler don't be an overprotective ass he did gave us Hot chocolate and apologized" Sophie protected Ross

"Anyway..... We came to bring breakfast and answer questions before going to the morning after dinner to get some breakfast our self" Stacey tried to break the awkward silence.

"well we don't have any questions right this moment but maybe we will think off one when we are all eating breakfast. here and not with you three at the morning before today restaurant" Stormie took the basket and brought it to the big table.

"we don't have to stay I mean it's your breakfast and there is not enough food for al off us"-                       "it's oke mom and i forgot we ordered breakfast so we made pancakes". Rydel interrupted Tyler and dragged him with her to the table.

Stacey didn't realize she was staring at Ross again until" Ross stop teasing this pore girl and put on a shirt. I think her eyes are going to plop out" there's not a tomato redder then Stacey's cheek and not a river wider than Ross his smirk after Stormie said that." HAHAHA i like you very much mama Lynch" everybody had to laugh especially after Stacey hit her BFF at the back of her head for saying that. After Ross came back from putting a shirt on everybody was eating breakfast.

"what are you guys going to do today we are going to work if you wondering" Riker looked at Tyler, Stacey and Sophie.

"we are going to the gym and in I have no idea what Tyler is going to do, but with work you mean R5 right? We looked you up this morning your really good and I saw you in Disney channel you guys are really good and your show is so funny. Especially Dez. Dez is the dude with red hair right?" Stacey said really fast.

"hihi yeah Dez is the guy with the red hair. I'm glad you like my show and our music. And yes with work we mean R5. But why do you have to go to the gym don't you already snowboard like everyday?" Ross said a lot slower while eating his pancake.

"we do like your music and we have to go to the gym because for snowboarding you need to be able to control your hole body especially in the half pipe and if we want to stay on the cheerleading team we have to stay flexible. Naomi is in the half pipe today and we already had to pass out yesterday and go to the normal ski run. So today we are going to the gym?" Sophie answered Ross

"And I’m going to the ski rent because i have to work today" Tyler said

"Well oke maybe we will see each other a other day" Rocky said and left the table to get dressed upstairs.

"Yeah maybe we will" Stacey found her self saying.

They said goodbye and went on with there day.

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