The ice Princess ( R5/ Ross Lynch)

The Lynch's are on a holiday with chrismas in Canada. In the place were Stacey lives. What happend when The guys go on the ski runs with there sled and Ross crashes in to Stacey.

Got to read to find out.

I'm not so good in Descriptions


6. Chapter 6

~~The next morning Sophie wanted to surprise Stacey so she woke up early. Sophie drove to Stacey her house and her brother opened the door.

“hey Tyler how are you' Sophie happily asked.

“ I was oke until a certain girl woke me up by jumping on my bed like she wanted to tell me something and then you rang the doorbell” Tyler answered with his sexy morning voice and hair.


Sophie always fought Tyler was hot and Tyler fought Sophie was hot as well but they never wanted to date, They did ones kissed but they both felt like they were kissing Stacey. Since then they were just friends.


“she is awake that is early but I'm happy about it. Can I come in?” Sophie didn't wait for Tyler to answer and walked in.

“ your already in so sure you can come in. I will tell Stac your here” Tyler walked upstairs and a few minutes later Stacey came back down stairs what was an old t-shirt from Tyler and some short sweatpants.

She had a big smile on her face


“why are you so happy” Sophie asked and Stacey went to sit next to Tyler on the island in the kitchen.

“because for some crazy reason I woke up this morning very early and decided to go down stairs cuz I couldn't fall back to sleep. When I was zapping channels I remembered that Ross said he played on this Disney show, So I went to see if he was on. Then my amazing luck came flooding to me because he was on. I watched the show and it was very funny. I looked him up and also that band they told us about yesterday R5. There really good. So now i'm happy because I crashed into a famous Rockstar. Stacey finally finished completely out of breath.


“ Wait who is Ross and you are not dating a Rockstar and the most important question Why did you had to wake me up?” Tyler said yelling the last part.


“Ross is a guy Stacey crashed into but that's not the point what do you mean R5 are really good got to show me” Sophie started shaking Stacey her shoulder.


“ the laptop is on the couch you can just look it up I'm going to make some breakfast you...”” Hold it right there” Tyler interrupted his sister. “Why did you had to wake me up!” He asked her ones again.

” Because I wanted to tell you what I just told you. Now do you want some breakfast” Stacey walked to the frige to look if there was something inside.

“ I don't think we have anything we could go get some breakfast at the morning after supper” Tyler suggested right that moment Sophie walked back in with the laptop in her hands.


“Found them lets listen” She played the youtube clip from forget about you.


“There really good you girls met these people even the hot girl” Tyler pointed at Rydel.

“We didn't met them all. Everybody except the drummer and the Hot girl is Rydel” Stacey answered. “And we are going to see them now my dad said that we have to tell them about Quesnel and they ordered breakfast so we have to bring that as well” Sophie pulled Stacey out of the kitchen and to the door.


“wait Stac and I were going to get some breakfast and she is not leaving in my old t-shirt that she now calls a pajama” Tyler said.

“ you can get both get changed real quick and then we can all get breakfast after” Sophie said while putting herself on the couch. Tyler really wanted to meet Rydel and this was a nice excuse. After Stacey and Tyler got dressed and they drove to the place where did had to pick up the lynches there breakfast they were on there way to the lynches.

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