The ice Princess ( R5/ Ross Lynch)

The Lynch's are on a holiday with chrismas in Canada. In the place were Stacey lives. What happend when The guys go on the ski runs with there sled and Ross crashes in to Stacey.

Got to read to find out.

I'm not so good in Descriptions


5. Chapter 5

~~After some hot chocolate Sophie and Stacey decided to go back to the ski run because they still had to practice and there were a few jumps on the ski run. The Lynches went to watch them because they didn't want to go sledding and they still had to wait for there parents to come back. “ Lets do this” Sophie screamed.

Sophie and Stacey both put on there ski glasses. As they board down they did some easy jumps but the Lynches couldn't be more amazed. “ Wow there really good” Ryland said in amazement

“ I know and they said they first need to warm up, I can't wait until there warm” Ross said.


After going a few times up and down while doing some jumps that for the other jumps they had to go to the half pipe later this week.


“You girls are awesome I can't believe that trick that you the 3th time you went down, I fought you were going to fall but you didn't” Rydel came running to the girls and rapping them to there surprise in a big hug. the girls put off there boards and helmed a stuff like that.” I saw you girls fall are you oke” Rocky asked concerned while picking up Sophie her snowboarded and caring it for her.” thank you and yes we are fine it isn't the first time we fell. We're just tired so we're going to stop before we break something” Stacey reassured Rocky.


“So where are you guys staying Stacey asked while putting her snowboarded in Sophie her car.

“We rent this house not far from here, they had a lot of houses that you can rent we got the one a bit more privet next to a big lake” Riker answered.

“Omg did you rent your house at Living Quesnel style” Sophie jumped up and down and Stacey had a big smile on her face while the Lynches just looked confused.


“yes...yes we did” Mark came walking to the kids with Stormie behind him.

“hey dad meet Stacey and Sophie the most amazing snowboarders in the world. Ross crashed into Stacey” Rocky teased Ross.

“are you oke sweety did he hurt you” Stormie asked Stacey.

She nodded “ yeah iIm oke thank you your son bought me and my friend a hot chocolate” Stacey was surprised how nice this lady was.


“ He better how could you be so stupid Ross” Stormie was now turned to Ross.

“Mom you didn't even know what happened” Ross tried to defend himself.


“That's true but Rocky said these girls are amazing snowboarders and I'm sure they know the rules, You don't have the best reputation in following rules” Stormie said what made everybody laugh but Stacey felt guilty.

“madame it was an accident and Ross already apologized so I'm cool' Stormie turned her attention back to Stacey and Ross was very surprised by Stacey and thankful he couldn't help but think what an amazing beautiful sweet girl.


“ well oke and please don't call me madame my name is Stormie, and dear why were you jumping up and down when you heard we rented a house at Living Quesnel style” Stormie was now turned to Sophie and so were all the other lynches.

“because my dad owns that company and the most amazing name you ever heard was the idea of this really hot amazing girl' Sophie said proud. “ and when may we meet this really hot amazing girl? Ryland asked even though he knew it was Sophie

“Well I can give you her number let me just write it down” Sophie went along with the joke and wrote down her number than gave it to Ryland.


Rocky was a bit jealous but he fought he could always just ask Ryland for her number later.



The girls said there goodbye's and left, Sophie dropped Stacey home and the Lynches went back to there house as wel

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