The ice Princess ( R5/ Ross Lynch)

The Lynch's are on a holiday with chrismas in Canada. In the place were Stacey lives. What happend when The guys go on the ski runs with there sled and Ross crashes in to Stacey.

Got to read to find out.

I'm not so good in Descriptions


4. Chapter 4

~~Rocky,Riker,Rydel and Ryland saw the crash and were waiting for Ross and the two other girls to come up again. They saw Ross in the elevator between two girls with snowboards.


“ooh Ross the lady men has scored “ Ryland shouted and everybody laughed what made Ross blush a bit. Stacey looked at him and fought it was cute. “ At least he is a nice lady's men unlike OTHERS” Sophie shouted back at Ryland what made everybody laugh even harder and Ryland blush instead of Ross.


” lets get some free hot chocolate” Stacey and Sophie both screamed at the same time and boarded out of the elevator followed by a walking Ross. “FREE HOT CHOCALTE?!!!” Rydel shouted with excitement in her voice.” you got to pay for your own hot chocolate I didn't crash in to you” Ross said to Rydel.”What if you did?” Rydel asked Ross.” you still have to pay for your own hot chocolate” a smirk appeared on Ross his face.” Thats just rude your rude Ross” Rydel said to Ross trying to sound mean but she had to work really hard not to laugh.


They walked to joey's and set down and ordered hot chocolate.”So what are your name's and stuff like that” Rocky asked as the hot chocolate was served.” My name is Stacey I'm 17 years old and live here in Quesnel” Stacey answered. I'm Sophie and the rest is the same as stac” Sophie took a sip from her hot chocolate “ AAAAAAH that's hot I just burnt my tong” Sophie screamed and spit her hot chocolate all over Rocky. Everybody laughed “ I'm all covered with hot chocolate””I'm sorry I can be a bit clumsy. Sophie blushed. “ Yep you can be so now you know who we are we would like to know who you are” Stacey said popping the P. “ I'm Riker””I'm Rydel'” I'm Ryland”” I'm Ross but you already knew that”” and I'm gorgeous'. Everybody laughed because off Rocky.


“ So what are you doing in our fantastic Quesnel?” Stacey asked. “we are here with our family' Rocky answered. “ speaking off family where are mom and dad?' Ross asked while looking around trying to see if he could see them.” they went for a walk around the mountains they got bored off watching us having fun” Riker answered.


” So where are you guys from” Stacey asked. “ we are from California but originally from Colorado we moved to LA like 5 years ago” Rydel answered.” So you know how to skate I love to skate don't do it so much but I do love it. I just to do it a lot but that stopped when””SOPHIE STOP TALKING!!!!” Stacey interrupted Sophie which made everybody in the diner look at her.” Sorry I was gabling nothing to worry about just go back to living your life” Sophie screamed so everybody went back to there live. “Wow girl what was that all about?” Rocky turned to Stacey. “ nothing I just wanted Sophie to stop talking and if I said in normal she wouldn't stop?” Stacey answered quickly taking another sip off her hot chocolate hoping that they would chance the subject. All the Lynch's were a bit shocked but shook it off.



“I'm sorry Stac I should not have done that” Sophie whispered in Stacey her ear.” No you shouldn't have done that now I look like the bad guy but cuz I'm not I will forgive you” Stacey gave a quick friendly smile and they went back to they conversations with the Lynch's.

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