The ice Princess ( R5/ Ross Lynch)

The Lynch's are on a holiday with chrismas in Canada. In the place were Stacey lives. What happend when The guys go on the ski runs with there sled and Ross crashes in to Stacey.

Got to read to find out.

I'm not so good in Descriptions


2. chapter 2


Stacey was with her best friend Sophie in the mountains. Like everyday they went snowboarding.

Stacey and Sophie were pretty good, they did enter a lot off competitions. They lived in Canada so they snowboard when ever there is snow. In the holidays they snowboard everyday making sure there ready for the Firework competition.

The Firework competition is the most important competition in Quesnel. ( A/N I made the Firework competition up and maby my story doesn't fit Quesnel I have never been there just needen a place)

last year Stacey was second she lost from Naomi Fox. Naomi was the queen bee from Quesnel and made it her live mission to make Stacey's live a living hell. So you can guess that Stacey and Sophie don't really like Naomi.

" Soof could we not go to the have pipe today Naomi has practice and I'm pretty she wants to know my moves and I really don't want her to" Stacey said to Sophie who was just graping her board out of the elevator. " Ugh.. Noami stupid daddy girl' Stacey laughed of Sophie her reaction.

The girls put on there boards and make them self ready to go snowboarding. " oke we could go to the mountains next to the toboggan it's always quiet there" Sohpie said while standing up


"yeah cool they got a nice diner there were we could get lunch later today" Stacey happily said. The girls snowboard away.

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