The ice Princess ( R5/ Ross Lynch)

The Lynch's are on a holiday with chrismas in Canada. In the place were Stacey lives. What happend when The guys go on the ski runs with there sled and Ross crashes in to Stacey.

Got to read to find out.

I'm not so good in Descriptions


1. Chapter 1

The family Lynch were on there holiday in Canada. The guys have been playing hockey all day and Rydel and Stormie have been taking pic's of everybody. It was getting dark Rydel and Stormie were backing Brownies when the boys walked in " hey mom mmmm.... that's smells amazing" Riker said while looking in the oven. " thank you dear how was hockey who won? Stormie asked. "We totally won Ross shouted. "No you did not Ryland and I totally won" Rocky interrupted." No way that last one didn't count. Riker said. "wait wasn't dad there so that this wouldn't happen" Rydel suddenly said. "DAD" all 4 boys shouted. "tank you very much Rydel" mark said sarcastically while looking at his Daughter Rydel looked back with a innocent smile on her face. " I'm sorry Ryland and Rocky but that last one didn't count" mark said. "JEEH WE WON WE WON WE WON YOU LOST YOU LOST YOU LOST" Riker and Ross sing while dancing around the room." oh come on dad that is so unfair" Rocky said. Rocky don't blame your dad you made him referee so if he said that it didn't count than it didn't count end off discussion" Stormie said with a strict voice. Rocky wanted to say something but he fought it was better to stay quiet. Riker Ross and Rydel giggled a little bit but after Stormie also gave them a strict look they stopped. "So what are we having for dinner" Ryland said to break the awkward silence. " glad you asked Ryland were having Lazanga made by Rydel and me" Stormie happily answered. " wait Rydel helped you with cooking. you know what I will just order a pizza". Rocky said with a smirk on his face, which made everybody laugh including Rydel. " So if you guys go put on some fresh clothes and shower Rydel and I will set the table" Stormie said while pushing all the guys out off the kitchen.“Dips on the shower” Riker shouted while running to the bathroom.” dips on the oder shower” Ryland shouted while walking to the other shower. After dinner the Lynch's decided to play games. In the middle off a game Stormie suddenly asked, “what do yo guys want to do tomorrow?”. “Hockey all the boys shouted.” Were not going to play hockey tomorrow. We played Hockey today the hole day” Mark said. “We could go see what we can do on the mountains” Rydel happily said. “ yeah oke that sounds like fun” Ross said. After the game ended it was already pretty late and because they wanted to go to the mountains early so they decided to go to bed. All the kids had there own room and Stormie and Mark had one Room together. The next morning everyone woke up early to go to the mountains on time. “mmm..... do I smell French toast?” Ross said while walking the living room in. “yes sweety you do your the last one so hurry up and go sit with you siblings” Ross did as his mother said. After breakfast they went to the mountains.

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