Why Me ?

Mya Kutty has always been insecure about her body since she was always considered the fat friend and always knew it and with boys they never gave her a second look but what if the boy she fan girled about had found her beautiful

Her family values religious beliefs and things girls shouldn't do will Mya risk it

Will Mya be happy with someone or will this be another bomb waiting to blow up in her face leaving her in a ocean of tears........


2. Chapter 2

Melissa and I walk into school she walks infront of me flicking her wavy blonde hair while going to hug her boyfriend and yes even though she has a boyfriend to her that never meant that she couldn't flirt with any other boys.

Her boyfriend's name was Chris he had light brown hair and hazel eyes he played footy and always partied hard. I say bye to Melissa as her and Chris continued to suck each other's face off like wolves. I go into school as usual ear phones in and zone everybody out I'm a very social person I mean i have plenty friends it's just nice to get away. I see Taylor my bestfriend and go up to her and I talk about the morning bus ride and all she said was "what if what if what if"

"there is no what ifs ok he was staring at Melissa ok that's final" I say with determination all over my face.

The bell goes for Roll call so I drop Taylor off then I start walking to my Roll Call.

I hear people whispering and little giggles from behind then someone calls me from behind "MYA MYA STOP" I see Nichole a.k.a Nikki calling me I stop and turn Nikki with her long brunette hair not as dark as mine but a nice brown. "What happened" I say panicking "guess who came back last week unannounced" with excitement on her face "5 SECONDS OF SUMMER "we both squeal "oh my god how when why" is all I could say as you can see I'm a total fan girl but they were my band "I will tell you all the details 3rd period in Pe" so I go into roll call legit 1 minute till the bell and get my name marked off .

I hate year 9 it sucks I mean I can't wait till this year is over and done with lets see what I have planned out for today

1st period: Science

2nd period: English

3rd period: Pe

4th period: Food

5th period : Child Studies

it was going to be a grueling day but all I could wait for was 3 rd period. The recess bell goes and I meet up with Taylor and tell her she got so excited and said "you see things are looking up" "yeah I guess so I'm just wait for the bomb to hit my excitement" I add my usual negativity in the conversation. Taylor was always used to it me and Taylor never understood how we became best friends I guess we just clicked. "Taylor are you ever going to talk to him" I say, Taylor is friends with a guy named Sam and she eventually grew feelings and blah blah blah you get it well I always try convincing her to go and say something but she keeps it a secret, "what do I say to him hi we have been friends for so long and I'm going to ruin it cause I have feeling for you come on really" DING DING DING "ahhhhh really we just started talking "I say with disappointment on my face me and Taylor were in only 1 class together and we didn't even sit next to each other "it's 3rd period Anna "Taylor says I straight away say bye and bolt to Pe like a crazy women.


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