Million Dollar Girlfriend {N.H fanfiction}

One word to describe being Niall Horans Girlfriend.

And it's not for all obvious reasons you might think.I can handle the hate,I can handle the fans and I can handle having no privacy too.

What's complicated it that he doesn't know the truth...


4. Chapter 3

Niall's POV

"Niall,thanks for coming!"Lou exclaims as I walk in the door,she gives me a hug as I reply,"no bother,congrats!","thanks!would you mind just going upstairs and sorting out my makeup!Im really tired!"she says,and yawns whilst in the process."sure!"I say and head upstairs.I enter the makeup room.When I walk in I see a beautiful Girl,around my age,he hair was ombrè and she has beautiful light makeup.She was wearing a black knitted jumper with black high waisted skinny jeans,and dr martens."Hi I'm Paige"

Paige's POV

Lou told me to stay in her makeup room and she'll get Niall up there.

While putting away her makeup millions of thing come into my mind.

What if I fall for him?

What if he falls for me and I hate him?

What if it's not a month?

What about if ...,.

A hear the door creak and I'm snapped out of my thoughts.I turn around,a boy with quiffed blonde hair and blue eyes appear in front of me.

"Hi I'm Paige","I'm uhhh I'm-I'm Niall"he says and offers to shake his hand which I do."Nice to meet you Niall,what brings you here?"I ask,"Well Lou is my bands hair and makeup stylist"he says casually."Band?"I question,"yeah I'm in one direction" "that's cool,I really like boybands"I say,"Tell me about yourself"I say, "Well,my names Niall Horan,I'm 18 years old.Im from Mullingar in Ireland,but I now live in London,now tell me about you"he says in one breath."I'm Paige Edwards,also 18,I umm I live in an apartment just down the street,and I met Lou when I was her---model in her course"I nod,"You certainly have the looks for a model"he says with a grin,"thanks"

"Do you mind if I get your number?"he asks shyly,"ya sure".He hands me his iPhone 6 and I add my number,"Ill text you"he says,"Alright it was nice meeting you Niall"I say,"you too Paige"he says and gives me a warm hug.

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