Million Dollar Girlfriend {N.H fanfiction}

One word to describe being Niall Horans Girlfriend.

And it's not for all obvious reasons you might think.I can handle the hate,I can handle the fans and I can handle having no privacy too.

What's complicated it that he doesn't know the truth...


2. Chapter 1

Paige's POV

Another ordinary day on the streets,sitting on the wet and cold pavement.My long blonde hair,that hasn't been washed,or could in 3 months,keeping my head warm.And my leggings and jumper,again not washed in 3 months,warming my body.I was sitting there watching the world go by,when 2 men and a woman stopped in front of me.

"Hello young lady"the woman said,"Umm hello"I say confused."would you be interested in a job?" One of the men asks me."Yes,yes anything!"I exclaim standing up."How about pretending to be Niall Horan's girlfriend".

I had heard of Niall Horan before I was on streets.He's in a band,he has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.

"His fake girlfriend?"I question what I heard,"Yes you fall for him and then you ask him out and yeah"the woman says,"Will he know it's fake?" "No,not for a while anyway"a man says,"How long does it have to last?" "A month and we'll see from there"the other man says."But we will give you a home,a makeover and 1 million dollars" "a million dollars!"I exclaim,"yeah,are you in?"the woman asks."Definitely!"I nod.The smile and lead me to a limo.

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