Basically my everyday thoughts.
Warning: This is just things I write in school and it can be anything!


2. Written to a summer love

I never felt that way before, like if someone just walked straight up to me and ripped out my heart to put all the pieces back together again.
The funny thing is just that we barely ever talked, we barely said one single word to each other but still it’s a feeling I can’t deny.
Maybe it was the way he smiled at me, the way he touched my skin, the way his warm breath felt across my neck, the way he made me feel like I was good enough, the way every little dark thing in the world slowly started to light up when his eyes met mine or maybe, just maybe it’s was the little moments that made me feel like I was beautiful.
I honestly can’t tell what it was, but I do know one thing, whatever it was, it’s too magical ever to let go of. 


He was a precious guy that I only had for summer.

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