Case Closed (A Detective Conan Story)

Conan Edogawa AKA Jimmy Kudo is on the case. Murders, Kidnappings and Thieves. Though he's been shrunk into a kid his mind is still sharp. Follow him case by case.


3. For The Lost (Ch 2)

“Everyone this is Freya Edogawa she's a new transfer student” said The Teacher “Please make her feel welcome.”

“Edogawa” said Amy “She's related to Conan.”

“He didn't tell us he had a sister” said Gorge

Freya sat next to Amy.

“Hi I'm Amy” said Amy.

She didn't say anything.

“How rude” said Mitch.

“She doesn't talk much” said Vi.

'I can't believe I'm in elementary school' Thought Freya.



“Brie Knight” said Booker typing on a computer “I remember this case. Teenager and her parents went off a bridge. The teen was driving her parents died but she survived somehow. After waking up from a week long coma she had no memories of anything she didn't even know her own name. Then she disappeared when the police named her a suspect and believed her memory loss was fake. That's when her uncle hired me to find her believing she killed her parents for her inheritance. I then found her at a teen shelter trying to regain her memory. The police found her and brought her back to the scene of the crime relieving the scene sent her into a state of shock and her memories were never recovered. Furthermore she never stepped forward to claim anything she returned to the teen shelter. The case went cold.”

“Oh my” said Vivian “It sounds like she’s been through a lot.”

“Brie is still the prime suspect” said Booker “But there's no evidence of it her bruises were coherent with the back seat belts though she was in the driver’s seat. I didn't look into this case much at all. I was hired to see if she was faking her memory loss. She wasn't.”



“You want me to find two people” said Richard.

“Yes” said A woman “I know no one cares what happens to these kids but me. I run the teen center downtown. Two of my teens have gone missing. They've been with me for three years now. This is Heath Tsung, He's eighteen years old and he's been there with his younger brother for four years. And this is Brie Knight when she came to us she had no memory of anything that hasn't changed since she’s been there.”

“Maybe she got her memory back” said Richard.

“Neither of them would leave without me or one of the other staff knowing it” said The Woman “They signed out last Wednesday night and never came back. If they stay out past ten they call and let us know they haven't called. Something had to have happened to them.”

“Are you going to take the case dad” asked Rachel.

“Why should I I'm not going to get paid” said Richard.

“Two people are missing” said Rachel.

“So what two runaways ran away from a teen center” said Richard.

“Inspector Meguire I’m looking for these two teens” said The woman “I tried Richard Moore but he refused to help I can't pay him is why I'm sure.”

“How long have they been missing” asked Inspector Meguire.

“About a week now” said The woman “I've been getting excuses so this time I came straight to you.”

“These names look familiar” said Inspector Meguire “I'll put their names into the computer and let you know what I come up with. It could take some time though.”

“Thank you” said The Woman “These aren't bad kids. Some just need a little guidance. Some have nothing left. They don't deserve to be ignored.”

She left.



Freya and Conan walked home together. There was glass everywhere.

“What happened?” asked Conan.

“Someone broke every window in the office” said Rachel.

“Are you alright?” asked Freya.

“I'm fine” said Rachel.

“Those delinquent brats” said Richard “It's not my fault why are they coming after me.”

“I was told they came to you for help but you turned them down because they couldn't pay you” said Detective Santos “You didn't help them so they blame you for the events that followed.”

“Well I'm going to march down there and arrest everyone in there until I know who did it” said Richard.

“I'll bet every one of those kids has an air tight alibi” said Detective Santos “Kids like that tend to stick together.”

“I don't care” yelled Richard storming out of the office.

“This can't be good” said Conan.

“Does he do that a lot?” asked Freya as they followed after him.

“Can I help you?” asked a woman opening a door.

“I need you to get all of your kids together” said Richard.

“We don't have time for this” said The woman.

“Alright when was the last time you seen Heath” asked Inspector Meguire.

“The day before he disappeared” said a boy “are you sure it was Heath, it could have been anyone.”

“His brother made a positive ID” said Meguire “it's ruled a homicide so we have to question everyone.”

“This isn't real” said a girl.

“What's going on” asked Richard.

“Richard glad you’re here” said Inspector Meguire “Two homicides; one was shot to death the other was killed in a hit and run.”

“Brie Knight and Heath Tsung” said Richard “I was asked to find these two earlier.”

'They killed me' thought Freya 'I'm right here. It must be someone who looked like me.'

“They were found dead the same night they went missing” said Detective Santos “We only found Heath because Brie was in the middle of the street in front of the building he was in.”

“We've been questioning everyone” said Inspector Meguire “But no one can think of anyone who would want to harm Brie. Now Heath on the other hand used to run the streets selling drugs and god only knows what else. So far only one person isn't here. Jason Quinn he’s also been missing since Wednesday.”

“His name popped up a lot when you were questioning people didn't it” said Harley walking in “I'll bet every single person in this building told you he was crazy and he's clearly obsessed.”

“How did you know that?” asked Inspector Meguire.

“I'll bet they believe he even knew her” said Harley.

“Also true” said Inspector Meguire “How do you know that.”

“Last Monday before he went missing Heath contacted me” said Harley “He asked me to look into Jason Quinn. He suspected he knew Brie, he was right. Jason did know Brie the name alone I knew because of how many restraining orders she and her family had against him.”

“Why didn't he say something?” asked a boy.

“He didn't want anyone to know” said Harley “Also I did some digging into her parents deaths. Some believe she was driving others think she was in the back. She was in fact driving.”

“She had buries all over her indicating she was in the back” said Richard.

“I looked at the traffic cameras from that night” said Harley “There's something only a few knew about her. She never wore a seat belt, not properly anyway. That's why it seemed like she was moved in to the driver’s seat. If someone were to do that the car would have sank faster. Her parents and she would have drowned long before the police arrived. But they died at the hospital when they were expected to recover.”

“You don't know what you’re talking about” said Richard.

“You’re the one who don't know what you’re talking about” said Harley.

“There was more than one accident that night” said Conan “wasn't there.”

“If I remember right there was one other accident of unknown causes” said Inspector Meguire “Two adults and one child. The adults recovered just fine but the child slipped into a coma.”

“So let’s ask the child what she seen before she blacked out” said Harley.

“Don't be stupid” said Richard “That child could be anywhere by now.”

They started arguing.

“Freya do you remember anything from that night yet?” asked Conan.

“No” said Freya.

She left the building.

She couldn't remember anything which was strange because people said she had and excellent memory.

“Strange don't you think” said a voice.

She turned around.

“Who are you?” asked Freya “You.”

“Me” said Jason

Freya screamed when he grabbed her.

“Freya” said Conan “Where is she?”

“Call the police some guy just grabbed a kid and took off” said A man.

Another picked up a phone.

“He was one step ahead of us” said Harley.

“Why would he take Freya?” asked Rachel “She’s just a kid.”

“She saw his face that night” said Conan “The night of my parent’s accident she was awake when they got there.”

“I don't think that hit and run accident she was in after running away from the hospital was an accident after all” said Richard.

“Where would he take her?” asked Inspector Meguire.

“He killed my brother didn't he” said a boy closing the door “Brie saw him do it so he killed Brie to make sure she couldn't tell anyone.”

“We don't know all the details” said Inspector Meguire “You'll be the first to know when we do.”

“I'm not sure if this will help” said the Boy “But I heard him talking to Brie one day he tried to tell her they met before and how in love they were. He said he would take her where they first met.”

“Do you know where that is?” asked Detective Santos.

“No but Brie dose” said The Boy “Her room is right across form mine. She used to write everything down so she wouldn't forget again.”


 “You even look like her” said Jason tying up Freya “It's sickening knowing my life is in the hands of a child. Sorry but I can't take the chance of you remembering that night. But you did once you saw me you know everything. You haven't got to live much, so I’m sorry to have to cut your life short.”

He pointed a gun at her.

“It's nothing personal kid” he said “But you’re not taking my life like she did.”


Freya had her eyes closed. But she opened them as he hit the ground.

“That takes care of him” said Gin.

“What about the kid” asked Vodka.

“I doubt she seen anything” said Gin “If she did she would have looked this way.”

Police surrounded the building. They were shocked when they got to the room where she was. Jason was shot in the back of the head. Freya was taken to the hospital to make sure she was ok.



“Are you ok now?” asked Conan as they looked at water.

“This is where they died my parents” said Freya “I don't remember all of it but I remember that night now. He was standing in the road he had a gun. I pulled the wheel to avoid him and then nothing but water.”

“Don't worry” said Dr. Agasa “He can't hurt you anymore. The rest will come back in time.”

“He's right” said Conan.

They watched the water some more.


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