Case Closed (A Detective Conan Story)

Conan Edogawa AKA Jimmy Kudo is on the case. Murders, Kidnappings and Thieves. Though he's been shrunk into a kid his mind is still sharp. Follow him case by case.


2. Another Shrink and Secret Identity (Ch 1)

'What do these people want' thought a girl with long black hair 'why are they chasing me I don't know who they are?'

“Come on out little girl” said a man with long hair wearing all black “There's no place you can hide. Come out now and I'll make it quick.”

“What are we going to do if she runs into a crowd of people we don't even know what she looks like” said another man.

'Now's my chance' thought the girl running as fast as she could.

She wasn't watching where she was going and ran right into an oncoming car.

“Damn it” said the man with long hair.

“Nowhere to run now” said a woman dressed in black

The girl was lying face down on the street her hair covering her face.

“How about a fair well gift” said the man with long hair?

Something fell out of his pocket he didn't notice. He put a pill in her mouth and forced her to swallow it.

“I'm sure she would have died if we just left her there” said the other man as they got into a car.

“Better safe than sorry” said the man with long hair “Who knows someone could have found her.”

Hours Later...

“Is she alright” asked a woman stepping out of a car “Did someone hit her and leave?”

'She's been shot' thought a man with short black hair 'Her cloths are bigger than she is. What's this?' he picked up the case and opened it there were several pills inside it. “Vivian we need to take her to the hospital.”

“Alright set her in the back seat Booker “Is that hers?” she picked up a wallet “Brie Knight. I wonder if it's her older sister or something.”


“Thank you for bringing her in” said a doctor “She's in rough shape but she'll live.”

“That's good” said Vivian “Booker she's going to be ok. What's wrong?”

“I'm not sure that little girl is actually a little girl” said Booker “I found these next to her. I don't want to hand them over yet just in case.”

“Well can go in and see her” said Vivian.

“Yes let's go” said Booker.

She was awake.

“Are you alright little girl?” asked Vivian.

“Do I know you?” she said “I feel different then I did before.”

“Here” said Booker holding out a hand held mirror.

“That's not me” she said “What did they do to me?”

“We found you in the street” said Booker.

“I was hit by a car” said The Girl “I couldn't move they made me take something. I felt like I was going to die.”

“I know what needs to be done” said Booker “Vivian I need your help. What's your name?”

“I don't know for sure” said The Girl “But a long time ago my hospital papers said I was Brie Knight, I don't understand what's happening.”

“Just stay here” said Booker “Please or those men may come back and finish the job.”

“Ok” said Brie.

They left the room.

“What do we do?” asked Vivian.

“Well they may come to check if it worked or that someone reported her dead” said Booker “I'll call Inspector Meguire and see what we can't do. She needs a name so they don't become suspicious.”

“Oh my” said Vivian “How about Freya Edogawa. I'm sure Jimmy won't mind, he'll play along.”

“Alright” said Booker “I'll tell her what's going on then she can tell the Doctors who she is.”

“Alright I'll go get ready” said Vivian “I'll call Jimmy and let him know what's going on.”

“Alright I'll fill her in” said Booker going back into the room.

“Conan the phone is for you it's your mother” said Rachel.

“Hello” said Conan answering the phone.

“Jimmy I need your help” said Vivian “So listen don't say anything until I say so alright.”

“Alright” said Conan.

He listened.

'This is weird' thought Jimmy 'another person shrunk. Of course they want to protect her.'

“Now I need you act surprised and excited then have Rachel bring you here.”

“Really” said Conan loudly “Are you sure? Is she ok? Ok I'll be right there.”

Conan hung up.

“Conan what's wrong?” asked Rachel.

“My sister is awake” said Conan putting on his jacket “I have to get there right now.”

“Wait calm down” said Richard “Since when do you have a sister?”

“Since the day I was born” said Conan “She was in the accident with my parents. Since then she's been in a coma they said she would wake up but the longer the likely it would be, she didn't they started to change their minds. She's awake now I have to go.”

“Wait I'll take you” said Rachel “Come on dad.”

“Alright” said Richard “I'm coming.”

They went down to the hospital.

“Richard what are you doing here?” asked Inspector Meguire.

“We came with Conan” said Richard “What brings you here?”

“A hit and run” said Inspector Meguire.

“I'm sorry but I don't have time for this” said Conan “Excuse me what room is Freya Edogawa in?”

“214” said a nurse checking a chart.

“Thank you” said Conan.

“Hold on their Conan” said Inspector Meguire.

“Let me go” said Conan.

“She's in rough shape” said Inspector Meguire.

“What do you mean she just woke up she should be healed by now” said Conan.

“No she woke up several hours ago” said Inspector Meguire “When she did she was all alone I'm guessing she got scared and ran out hospital and into an oncoming car. A couple found her in the street where the person left her. When she was brought in it took her a little bit to remember her name. Your parents are on their way.”

“Oh my gosh” said Rachel 'I can't imagine what she's been through and then wake up all alone afraid and then get hurt all over again.'

“Conan” said a woman's voice.

“Mom” said Conan.

“Are you Mrs. Edogawa?” asked Inspector Meguire.

“Yes I'm Fanny” said she said “This is my husband. Bret. Is Freya alright, can we see her?”

“Yes this way” said Inspector Meguire “She's lucky. This is her doctor.”

“She is very lucky” said The Doctor “She has some memory loss but it seems to be clearing up. It could take a few days though. I warn you though she has no memory of the first accident. We want to keep her here just in case.”

“That's fine as long as she's ok” said Fanny.

“You two look identical Conan” said Rachel.

“I would think so they are twins” said Fanny “Conan is ten minutes older.”

'I wasn't told that' thought Conan.

Rachel and Richard went back home leaving Conan in the hospital.

“I wonder if they're going to take Conan” said Rachel.

“Good riddance” said Richard “That nosy brat needs to be with his parents. Not with us.”

“Dad” said Rachel.

Gin walked into the hospital.

“Police are looking for a suspect in a black car matching this description” said A reporter “This car was involved in two hit in runs one involving a young child. The child is alright but the name isn't being released due to age. The other hit and run victim wasn't so lucky and was declared dead on scene.”

Gin looked at a chart belonging to Freya Edogawa. It show she had been in a coma for some time now and how she was hit after running from the hospital when she woke up alone.

'It's Gin' thought Conan 'what's he doing here? Why is he looking at her chart? She's defenseless ok time to play my part.'

'Someone's outside' Thought Booker writing something down.

“Where is Conan?” asked Fanny “He should have been back by now.”

Gin backed away from the door. He backed right into Conan making him drop everything in his hands.

“Hey watch it” said Gin.

Conan started to cry loudly.

“Shut up kid” said Gin as people began to stare.

The door opened as Gin ran away.

“Conan” said Inspector Meguire “Are you ok.”

“Yeah some creepy guy was looking at Freya's chart” said Conan “I think he hit her with his car.”

“Did you get a good look at him?” asked Inspector Meguire.

“Yeah” said Conan.

“What happened?” asked Vodka.

“Some brat caught me looking at a girls chart” said Gin “he saw my face. There were lots of people in her room I guess the police were waiting for her to wake up to finish her statement.”

“I thought the kid we hit was a boy” said Vodka.

“We need to check” said Gin.

“It’s the drug that shrunk us” said Vi.

“If I use it little by little I should be able to make an antidote from it” said Dr. Agasa.

“But will he stay his teenage self” said Vi “We need a true antidote.”

“Let's get to work” said Dr. Agasa.



A few days later Brie was released from the hospital. Dr. Agasa was working on a cure. But it may or may not work. It was going to take a while for it because they weren't sure if it was what shrunk them in the first place.

“Here we are” said Rachel “This is dad's office. Feel free to look around.”

“We're not keeping her” said Richard.

“Come on dad I'm sure she won’t be any trouble at all” said Rachel “Besides she needs to be around things that remind her of before the accident.”

“Which one?” asked Richard.

“Dad” said Rachel.

“Why are there parents dumping them on us?” asked Richard.

“For starters Freya's hospital bill is through the roof” said Rachel “They're going overseas to try and pay for it. Mrs. Edogawa will be here soon.”

'Who am I now Brie or Freya' Thought Brie 'I wonder who I was before, I lost my memory. Should I become myself again? It's not like I was doing anything with my life anyway.'

Booker paid Richard her living expenses, while he paid Jimmy's. He didn't have to but she didn't know who she was.

'Not to much longer and this will be over' thought Jimmy.

After some time Fanny came and dropped off two checks one for Jimmy and one for Freya.

“Here you'll need these as well” said Fanny giving Rachel two cases “One for home and one for school. I've written down everything. No matter how fine she says she is it has to be done after every meal. She's a good a kid she's just afraid of needles.”

“I understand Mrs. Edogawa” said Rachel “Don't worry she's safe with us.”

“You didn't say she had special needs” said Richard.

“She can't help it dad” said Rachel “She was born with it. Besides it’s really not that much to do. Come on Freya let me show you where you'll be sleeping.”

Freya followed Rachel to her room.

“Don't worry Freya you'll do just fine here” said Rachel “I cleared off some shelves for you.”

“Thank you” said Freya.

There was a futon mattress on the floor. Freya unpacked her new clothes placed them on the free shelves. It was going to be difficult living as a kid again but maybe this time around would be better than the last. After unpacking she went back into the office Richard was talking with someone.

“So you want me to guard you” said Richard “But you don't want people to know I'm guarding you.”

“That's right” said A girl “I know someone is following me I just don't know who or why. I keep getting these in the mail. There riddles and codes. I don't know what they mean.”

Freya looked over Conan's shoulder when he took the codes from Richard. She knew what it meant.

“I know that riddle” said Freya “The answer is mind of the bat.”

“How do you know?” asked Richard.

“She's right” said Rachel “it's in reference to Batman I think.”

“Each one is different” said Richard.

'Inside the dark cave filled with bats I'll make you mine again' thought Freya 'That's the hidden message in each answer. I wonder if she has an old lover.'

“I know what it means” said Conan.

“Be quiet” said Richard hitting him on the head.

“Father he's just trying to help” said Rachel.

“It’s say's inside a dark cave filled with bats I'll make you mine again” said Freya.

“No it doesn't” said Richard.

“Wait I know what she's talking about” said The Girl “It's where my first boyfriend and I had our first kiss.”

“You had your first kiss in a cave filled with bats” said Richard.

“We didn't know until it got dark” said The Girl “But how dose this person know that.”

“Don't worry I'll make sure your safe” said Richard.

Richard fallowed Miss Quinton. It got boring really fast.

“Detective work is boring” said Freya watching everyone eat.

“Freya you need to eat something” said Rachel.

“What is it?” asked Freya.

“It's good for you” said Richard.

'She's got a point' thought Conan 'I'm not sure what I'm eating either. I don't blame her for not wanting to eat.”

Freya didn't eat anything which made Rachel worry a little bit. They stopped and got her something else but it was covered in grease so she couldn't eat it.

“Father she diabetic she can't eat stuff like that” said Rachel.

“It's cheap” said Richard “i already know I can't afford to feed her.”

“Her parents just paid us for watching them” said Rachel “You can get her something she can eat.”

It took a while but she finally got something to eat that wouldn't give her a heart attack.

“Nothing's happening” said Rachel “How long is this going to take it's almost dinner time.”

“So take them back home and feed them” said Richard “I still have a job to do.”

“Come kids lets go” said Rachel “Let's go have dinner.”

They ate dinner without Richard he didn't return home until after midnight.

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