The voodoo doll

Mandy loves Michael,
Michael doesn't like Mandy,
Libby loves Michael,
Michael likes Libby
Will they be torn apart......


6. we found the voodoo

"Ariel and I found some dolls that are similar it me and Michael." I tell the other boys and hold up to dolls. Around Michaels neck on the doll there's a heart necklace. "We will find out if Michael is wearing a necklace like the one on the doll." Luke says. Ashton, Calum, and Luke go inside. Ariel goes home while I go to my room.

I'm laying on my bed and I hear a pounding on my door. The pounding won't stop. Then Ashton taps on my window. "We need to get you out of here!" "Why?! What's going on?!" Then the door breaks down. I run to my bedroom door and lock it. Then the pounding begins. Ashton helps me out the window and I close it. Then Michael breaks the door open as a quickly get down.

Ashton is driving me out of town. "Where are you taking me? Where are the others? What's going on?" "I don't really know the boys are taking care of Michael and I'm getting you to safety." Then we pull up to an abandoned gas station in the middle of the highway. I get a text, it says: from Michael, You saved me from the voodoo curse but Ashton is under one run away from whew you are now!

I turn to Ashton. I take a good look, he does look different and has a weird necklace on. I text back, ok but one problem I'm in the middle of nowhere. I get a reply, is it on the highway? Are there any buildings near by? I reply, out on 46 by an abandoned gas station. Then Ashton grabs my phone as a send the message. He throws it to the ground shattering it into millions of shards. I try to run back toward the town but he grabs my hand and wraps me in his arms. I try screaming but he puts a hand over my mouth. Then he carries me inside and locked the doors. He throws me to the ground.

Someone emerges from the shadows, it's Mandy. I get up, I run toward her and tackle her. Ashton pulls me off of Mandy and throws me against the wall. He helps Mandy up, she walks toward me. She notices a bag around my shoulder. I remember 'the dolls are inside!" She grabs the bag and opens it.

Luckily I accidentally left Michaels at home, but mine was still in the bag. She pulls it out and says, "oh goody you brought me a toy!" She pulls the dolls hair, it hurts my head! I scream in pain as she pulls the dolls arm. I run up to her to grain the doll and she flings it across the room and I go flying with it. Then there's a pounding at the door it's Mikey, Calum, Luke, and Ariel. Mandy heads toward the door, I notice the doll, grab it and tackle Mandy. We start punching and kicking. She grabs the doll and twists the leg of the doll. I fall to the ground in pain, my leg is hurt very badly. She comes toward me, the doors open and Mikey shoves her away.

Mikey helps me up and hugs me, and I hug back. Then I feel like in being punched, Mandy still has the doll. She opens a portal like galaxy abyss, "when I throw the doll down this black hole Libby will follow and will forever he lost! Muhahahahahah!!!!!" "Fine Mandy what do you want?!"Mikey says angered, "you lover boy!" Mandy says. Mikey hugs me tight then walks to Mandy. "I'm tired of you-----" "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" Ariel was cut off by the scream of Mandy as she fell through the black hole.

I hug Ariel, then we remember about Ashton. "Uh oh!" I say Luke runs from the kitchen, "Luke you were back there the whole time?" "No I just went back there. I broke the necklace in the doll and burned the doll. Ashton runs up and hugs Ariel and me, then Calum, Luke, and Mikey join in the hug. "Guys we really should get out of here." I say in mid hug. We all let go and walk out the door. We all pile into the van, I lean against Mikey, knowing it's ok now. He puts his arm around me, "that's the last we will see of Mandy" Mikey laughs, "for now!" I say weird and we all laugh.

Hey guys thnx for reading!!!! I will write another book very very very very berrrrrry soon!!!!!!! Stay zunnicqueπŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†(btw next book called Mandy is back......with help!)

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