The voodoo doll

Mandy loves Michael,
Michael doesn't like Mandy,
Libby loves Michael,
Michael likes Libby
Will they be torn apart......


5. voodoo Mandy

I'm home after a long day of school. Ariel and I walk home and find a box with holes on my front stoop. There's a letter it says:


I know you're alone and I feel bad for you,

So I got you some company.


You should know who.

I open the box and inside is a little German Shepard! On the collar it says: Cody. It has my address and everything. He is adorable!!!!!!!! Ariel immediately fell in love with the puppy and she started cuddling and playing with it. We sat with Cody and did homework. Once we finished I grabbed the dog leash that came with Cody and we walked him to the boys house. Mikey wasn't in the garage but everyone else was. Vaden was also gone with Jessica at the movies or mall or something. Ashton picked the puppy up and started hugging him, Calum was rubbing his chest and Luke was hugging Ariel while petting costs head. And I thought I would never see this, "ooooooh who da cute puppy!!!??? You are yes you are!!!!!!" Ashton says the Calum adds, "oh yea da puppy wuppy so cute oh yea so adorable!!!!" "You're almost as cute as Ariel yes you are oh yes you are!!!!" Luke comments we all start laughing then Michael walks out.

"WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!" Michael yells. "Mikey you ok?" I ask. "Leave me alone and my name is Michael! Why are you even here?! I don't like you at all!!!" I stand there shocked. I start tearing up and run home. Them Ariel, Luke, Ashton, and Calum follow. We run inside, I trip on the stairs to my room. I just sit there and cry. My face is buried in my hands, Ashton puts Cody next to my and Ashton sits next me and rubs my back. "Don't worry Libby, we know something's up so we'll find out what's going on." Calum says.

Ariel and I are in my room and I'm depressed. I'm not crying ....... As hard. Ariel is telling me what she thinks that happened, "I bet is was Mandy!!!!!! I'm gonna get her back!!!" "How are you gonna do that?! She has more on her side, it probably just wasn't meant to be for me and Mikey- I meant Michael l." I sigh and Ariel doesn't give up. She walks out the door, to the boys. I watch out the window as she slaps Michael and runs back to my house. Michael is chasing her and she runs in, closes and locks door. Michael pounds on the door, the other boys try to pry him away.

Ariel and I are about to go to sleep when we hear a knock, not coming for the door, coming from the window. It's Ashton and Calum. "Coming." I say. I open the window and help them in. "Did you know I have a door?" Then we laugh. I sit down and I guess I look a little depressed because, "we have news about Michael, he is being forced some how." Ashton says, "yea and it's Mandy forcing him." Calum says "I KNEW IT!!!!" Ariel yells "and where's Luke?" "Watching Mikey" says Calum. Ariel frowns, then she smirks her idea smirk and I hide under my bed. "Libby and I will spy on Mandy, you spy on Mikey!!!!" "Why, why did she have to be so mischievous?!"

It's Monday and I can't believe it but Ariel tricked me into following Mandy home from school. It was easy, until we reached her house. Everyone was home at her place, just our luck. Then the boys can drives up and in it Mikey is driving, alone. The well dressed family hopes in and once they leave Ariel and I sneak in. We go to Mandy's room and I find 2 dolls. One looks like Michael, and one looks like me.........

Ok y'all keep commenting read and likening and I will write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay zunnicque!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

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